Ohio State Must Fire Tressel

By: Jeff Hathhorn

I was fooled, I thought Jim Tressel was somehow above the normal lying and cheating that is so prevalent in college sports.  I bought into the sweater-vest.  It turns out the man some call the “senator” was just another crooked politician.  He lies whenever it suits his needs and I guess that’s ok with some fans, not me. Ohio State needs to fire Jim Tressel or prove they only care about winning and losing and could not care one bit about integrity or the education of those at the university.

Tressel brought a lot of good to the university, players said they enjoyed playing for him, he brought back some game-time traditions that really endeared him with the students and fans and he won, 106 out of 128 times as the Buckeyes head coach.  His teams won a national championship, BCS bowl games, Big 10 championships and always beat arch-rival Michigan.  That’s not good enough, he purposefully withheld information so he could win more.  He should have dealt with the problem, not try and cover it up.  As Jim Colony mentioned to be today, this story has a “Watergate” feel about it and this crook also needs to leave office.

Do other coaches cheat, yes.  Have other coaches committed more egregious errors, yes.  But I want more, I’m an Ohio State grad and I want a coach that wins and does it without a lot of the bull.  I thought that man was Jim Tressel, it is not.

When Tressel won his national championship there was talk in Columbus of re-naming streets for him, now Ohio State just needs to change the name on the head coach’s door.


One Comment

  1. george hanes says:

    Jim ain’t no Joe Pa!

  2. JD says:

    The Ohio State is going down Ha! Ha! Ha!

  3. SS says:

    LOL at the haters. Alot of PSU folk in this town dyin to see the Buckeyes go down. What is comical – is that they wil probably just hire Urban Meyer and whip up on PSU’s azz even worse than before.

    As for Jeff Hathorn – who wrote the article…..if you are such a big BUCKEYE – why are you not even a supporter of the local alumni group? Sounds to me le your true colors are showing – anyonecan write a BS article….

  4. Banana says:

    I am a Buckeye and am greatly disappointed by coach Tressel. This all began with Jim Tressel’s bad decision to let Steve Bellisari play in the bowl game the first year he came on; after Bellisari got a DUI. Rules are rules… Ohio State didn’t make the rules but they agreed to abide by them. In a competitive environment it only takes one competitor to cheat to cause everyone to cheat to even their preceived “playing field.” Heck, it only takes a suspicion of cheating for this to happen. I feel that any accomplishments the OSU football team experiences from this day forward will have a black cloud hanging over head- as long as Tressel is coach. It is a sad, gloomy day in Columbus, Ohio 😦

  5. figureitout says:

    Banana – you must not be much of an OSU fan. If you were, you would know that 1) Bellesari was benched for the game previous to the bowl game, and #2 – still was not allowed to start the bowl game or play the entire first half – which cost them the game…..

    1. Banana says:

      All I remember is I didn’t agree with the decision…sorry if I don’t recall the exact specifics..it was a FEW years ago. I am a fan of winning but I have never been a die-hard Tressel fan. It seems like there have been problems EVERY year since he came on board. I am sick of people saying- “he can’t contro; what these kids do.”- B.S. There must be a no tolerence policy…if the kids believe rule-breaking won’t be tolerated..they won’t do it. NCAA football is big money…you want to be NCAA…you have to play by their rules; like it or not.

  6. Jack says:

    Who will investigate NCAA for allowing these players to play in last years bowl game, despite knowing of this situation? What message does THAT send?

    If you’re looking for morals, steer clear of the NCAA.

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