Pittsburgh Area Gas Stations Could Face Shortage

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Gas prices continue to climb upward, but there’s an even bigger issue growing in Pittsburgh – a potential gas shortage.

Brenda Reiser, of Ellwood City, is on the front lines of the daily struggle to get gasoline to your gas station.

“I may go in in the morning and they say, ‘Nope you can’t have any,’” she said. “And then you just call and see if you can get it someplace else,” she said.

Normally, the Pittsburgh terminal in Coraopolis is teeming with activity as one truck after another is loaded and sent out for delivery. On Monday, it looked like the place as closed and the other Coraopolis terminals looked the same.

“Because there’s no gasoline in the terminals,” Don Bowers, of Superior Petroleum, said. “We went to six terminals last night to try to get a load, we were turned away we came away empty. Our station ran out of gasoline.”

The issue is with the main pipeline that brings gas to Pittsburgh.

“Buckeye Pipeline had a problem with a pipeline a couple – three weeks ago. That put the scheduling back about five days,” Bowers said.

And it’s still two to three days behind. So, local trucks are going to Ohio to buy gas that is up to six cents more expensive. By Sunday, when the Pittsburgh summer gas is required or fines are imposed, importing from Ohio won’t be possible.

There is no sign the pipeline problem will be resolved and we’re all going to see the impact.

“If it goes past Saturday, they’re going to see it by going to a station and they’re out of gasoline,” Bowers said.

As local non-summer gas supplies are further exhausted, expect to see prices climb to pay for that more expensive Ohio gas as the week continues.

The EPA has been made aware of the pipeline issues Pittsburgh is dealing with and could extend the deadline for starting to use summer gas. That would allow suppliers to continue to tap Ohio for gas until the pipeline issues are resolved.

If not, expect even more “no gas” signs to start popping up next week.

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One Comment

  1. Daniel says:

    Government regulation that causes problems for all of us.

    1. Bill says:

      For a minute I thought is was 30 years ago and Carter was President. High Gas prices and gas shortages.

    2. Jan Schneider says:

      hmmmm, gas prices in Saudi Arabie 9 cents a gallon, Kuwait 8 cents a gallon, Caracas 12 cents a gallon, if only the US was an oil producing nation, HEY! wait a minute we are !! See anything wrong with this picture Mr. Obama ????

    3. Dan says:

      Wrong! Government regulation has brought you clean air and water. Don’t like it? Move to a 3rd world country.

  2. Iburnalotofit says:

    Thanks for doing nothing to help Obama!

  3. REALiTY says:

    Hope and Change

  4. ken says:

    its all bull$hit there is no gas shortages

  5. Airdoc says:

    Does anyone really expect help from this administration’s EPA? The same EPA that shut down Shell’s drilling in Alaska because it might cause air problems ina village 70 miles away – 28 billions barrels that cannot be touched now. Don’t get mad and scream and yell because this EPA will get you for the illegal increase of that deadly CO2.

  6. Phillip Battista says:

    Blame the precious market economy republicans love to declare. You’re in a zone that had a pipeline issue (that had nothing to do with government regulation), now because we have a short-term shortage people are blaming the government. Well blame the pipeline corporation. The EPA is doing what it has to do in order to maintain our fragile ecosystem.

    The 28 billion barrels is theoretical, wouldn’t be available for upwards of a decade and combined with world consumption would last little more than five years. All this destruction would grant five measly years when we should be looking at solar panels, wind farms, and Electric vehicles.

    Bunch of damn troglodytes who don’t even understand the reality they live in. Stop demanding socialism over gas prices and hoisting tea party signs. You either want regulation or prices on commodities (socialism) or you want a market system (the current economy).

    1. constance says:

      Excellent comment. At last someone who has some intelligent input. Its just a shame that there are so few of you on this planet, or more specifically, this country. On a side note, I want to know why gasoline in Canada is only 1.39 a gallon? Why is it so high in the states, is it also the market system at work? I think so.

      1. Hoss says:

        Check your metric system conversions, Constance. Canada sells gas by the liter, not by the gallon. Calculate how many liters are in a gallon. Then multiply the cost of a liter of gas by the conversion factor of liters to gallons. You will probably find that the cost of a gallon of gas in Canada is significantly higher than in the U.S.

      2. Brad Lodovico says:

        It’s 1.39 a LITER in Canada and there are 3.79 liters in a gallon; way more than in the USA.

    2. Joe Kerr says:

      We have a pure market economy? Hardly. There are thousands of laws and regulations mandated by the EPA and the rest of the Federal Government. Damn Neo Marxists like you continue to spout \nonsense. In a true market economoy there would be no government regulation no gasoline taxes and no EPA mandates requireing dozens of different blends to be used only iin particular areas.

      As for the nonesense about taking 10 years to bring new oil sources onlinie and lasting only 5 years? It doesnt take nearly hat long – maybe a year or 2. And if the wells were set up 2,4 years ago they would be available NOW. As for lasting only 5 years. Sure if those new sources are all you use, but thats a smokescreen. .

      Funny how the current administration has all but banned new oil drilling/ development but iis helping the Brazilian national oil company Petrobras to develop their oil reserve ini waters 2-3 times deeper than in the Gulf, and as Obama put it last month “‘We want to be one of your best customers” Nice. What a guy!

    3. Dave says:

      Yes it’s theoretical, and it’s likely 7 years…which means had drilling been allowed 2 years ago we’d be just a year away from half way there. And in 5 more years you’ll still be saying “a decade away” when by then we would HAVE the oil. Other forms of energy are more than a decade away but people are still trying to figure out alternatives. You don’t stop because it’s a decade away.

  7. we the people says:

    its time the people start to stand up to big gas companies

    1. Dave you're a moron. says:

      gas companies aren’t the problem moron. It’s the US governmental regulations. More specifically it’s the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

      1. Brian says:

        You’re right, it’s the OIL companies that are the problem. It’s a joke that we are still even using this dirty and inefficient source of energy in our so-called “advanced society” today.

        It’s simple people, sustainable society is the only way to go. For every minute that we don’t start thinking long-term effects of every aspect of our society, the more that future generations and the earth itself must pay for our laziness, greed, and short-sightedness.

  8. Mr. Bill says:

    Supply and demand are no longer the driving forces behind fuel prices.
    This changed when they started trading oil on the futures market.
    Now when somone fires a gun half way around the world, our fuel prices jump .20 cents before the day is over.
    Also, Alaskan crude is not refined in this country because our refineries are not set up to process soour crude oil.

    1. Joe Kerr says:

      People dont understand the futures markets at all. When trouble in Libya statted they thought the price increases were because of Libya when in reality it was Egypt several weeks earlier that was the cause. Trouble in several other middle eastern and African countries diidnt help the situation either.

      The bottom lline is gasoline use has not dropped even with high prices. People grumble and complain as they are filling their fuel tanks. Every weekend the roads are choked with people traveling here and there and most of them are not going to work on those days. When I walk a mile to the nearby business district to the local grocery store Im amazed by the number of large vehicles that zoom by with faded Obama ’08 or Save The Planet bumper stickers on them.

      Funny nobody seems to complain when futures traders get soaked during perioeds of declining gasoline prices. Like when prices went from well over $4.00 in mid 2008 and crashed to $1.80 or so several months later. Why did the prices fall? People reduced consumption. Things are a bit different now, with a growing world economy and nations like China/India/ ect hungry for oil theres alot more competition for every barrel of oil (whihc makes up most of the cost of gasoline – next in line iare Fed/State taxes. and thoe arent going down.

      If most people leave their cars aat home on weekends and elliminate undecessary travel and the gasoline storage tanks are at 100% prices will fall – not as much as last time (unless we sink back into recession or depression).

    2. Dave says:

      Gas is an inelastic commodity. It doesn’t follow true supply/demand.

  9. Edith Colling says:

    Correct information
    To Constance:
    You have to researched your information, gas prices in Canada are 1.39 per liter and there is approx 4 liters to 1 gallon

  10. http://www.gulfpetrolink.net/Peak_AlHusseini.pdf

    You don’t have to be a scientist to understand this paper. Just look at the graphs.

    That data – not the government, not the oil companies, not the environmentalists – is why oil will only go up in price, before it’s all gone. ALL GONE. And it’s not just gasoline getting you to work every day that uses oil…it’s in your shampoo, it’s in heartvalves and duct tape and on and on.

    So get real.

  11. use our own says:

    Fort McMurray has a huge oil supply. I was there for 2 weeks and the amount of US trucks going in and out was beyond counting.
    From talking to the companies, there is enough oil to take care of us for about 6000 years.

  12. trucking family says:

    so how come there are truckers bringing in gas from other states to certain gas stations? And it happens everyday.

  13. John says:

    The big oil companies stick it to us again. There is plenty of oil and gas!!


    President Obama picked Steven Chu to be our Energy Secretary. On March 21, 2011 he was interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News. Here is text from part of that interview. WALLACE: in 2008 you supported ramping up gas prices to coax Americans into more green energy cars and other uses, being more fuel efficient. You said this — and let’s put it on the screen — “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Where it is now more than $10 a gallon. In that sense, is the gas spike an opportunity for more green energy?
    CHU: Well, what I said — what I’m doing since I became secretary of Energy has been quite clear. What I have been doing is developing methods to take the pain out of high gas prices.

    We have been very focused in the Department of Energy on that. And, in fact, the entire administration has been very focused on that.

    So, the increasing of the mileage standards is one way of doing this. A very concerted effort in electric vehicles, where we think within reach, within maybe four or five years, we could be testing batteries that can allow us to go 200, 300 miles on a single charge in a mass-marketed car.

    So President Obama’s grand plan for us is to pay 10 dollars a gallon at the pump for 5 years till they can hopefully make all electric 200 – 300 mile cars. Then you can just go out and pay 50,000 dollars for a car!!! Problem solved.

  15. Sara Sams says:

    Their is no switch over from winter to summer gas… It a crock of bull. My friend works for a gas line company.

  16. Tammi says:

    Reality alert, gas is ABOUT.06 CHEAPER in Ohio. Boy they just keep trying to scam us consumers!!!!!!!!!

    I buy gas in OHIO all the time because it’s cheaper. SOMETHING MUST be done before we are all living in another great depression era!

  17. what up says:

    There is no gas shortage…….and never will be ! Don’t scare all the old lady’s with this kind of news,

  18. FedUp says:

    When my car needs gas, I fill it up. If the gas station runs out of gas, I’ll work from home. Simple.

  19. critter says:

    democrats at their best

  20. lovin the oldies says:

    So glad I have an older car that beats out even most hybrids today. I fill up for $40 and can drive over 650 miles before refueling. Makes me realize that newer cars are made to eat gas.

    1. DoesntAddUp says:

      At $3.89, $40 will get you 10.2 gallons. 650mile/10.2 = 63.7mpg.

      I don’t believe your tank only holds 10 gallons.
      I certainly do not believe your old car gets ~64mpg.
      I do believe you’re either confused or lying.

      1. Sarah says:

        When filled from empty, my car holds 10 gallons. Why is that so hard to believe? The 650 miles on the other hand………………

  21. Democrats suck says:

    Good job Democrats….good job.

  22. Darth Vader says:

    get rich or drive trying

  23. USA at Stand stil says:

    No Jobs, No money, No Gas, and that is what we are left with. We are drowning in money problems and D.C. is just standing their going duh……….

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