Former CAPA Teacher Waives Preliminary Hearing

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A former local teacher, accused of stealing computers from a school and participating in a bank robbery, was in court Tuesday morning.

Her lawyer talked about her troubled past and addiction to drugs.

Former CAPA teacher Philicia Barbieri is in the Allegheny County Jail. She is charged with stealing computers from CAPA, burglarizing a neighbor’s home and helping her 28-year-old boyfriend, Alvin Carter III, rob the Fifth Third Bank on Penn Circle in East Liberty.

The motive in all the crimes was to allegedly pay for heroin.

“She understands the seriousness of what occurred here and the impact it’s going to have on her life,” Attorney Pat Tomassy said.

Tomassy spoke after waiving Barbieri’s preliminary hearing on bank robbery and other charges.

“She had a $100 a day habit. That’s a lot of money for a school teacher. It happens all the time, happens all the time. People who would never ever think about violating the law become addicted to these drugs and commit felonies,” Tomassy said.

Tomassy pointed out that Barbieri’s six-month slide from promising young teacher to an alleged bank robber and heroin addict was helped along by her boyfriend.

He said Barbieri a victim of heroin and Alvin Carter III.

He also had a hearing this morning, which was continued. The judge denied a request to reduce his bond and he remains in the Allegheny County Jail on $25,000 bond.

Barbieri will spend the next 90 days at a drug treatment facility to get clean before the court process begins.


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One Comment

  1. Dah! Winning says:

    Don’t smoke crack and rob a bank unless you are a educated school teacher so they can Lindsay Lohan you (slap you on the wrist) and go to rehab. I know Alvin fells stupid because she is not standing by him at all.

  2. mmaletta says:

    So blame the boyfriend-Helped her along with her addiction? PLEASE!!! She did all that she did including the drugs because that is what she chose to do!!! People kill me when they blame someone else for a grown persons actions!!

  3. Oh yea says:

    Is it me or is she kinda too hot to be cracked out.

    1. mmaletta says:

      The only thing hot about her is the needle she sticks in her arm, or her nostrils when she snorts the heroin!!!

      1. Oh yea says:

        How is a needle hot ? I thought i was weird

  4. Sara Sams says:

    I say Life in Prison for both of them.. Im sick of all the Crime in this Country !!!

    1. bill says:

      Then move to the Mideast let me know how that works out for ya

  5. Dah! Winning says:

    There is no excuse for being a junky yes, but there is no excuse for an educated white school teacher to blow it all on a bum. He probably got her addicted to drugs through an old trick called skin popping.

    1. johnny69 says:

      interesting comment! I wonder if she ever did drugs before she began dating a hood?

    2. Live in Pittsburgh says:

      Odd how you know so much about “old tricks”. Does is really make a difference what color she is or what her education level is? Common sense is not that common. And this was just lack of common sense. People learn right from wrong when they are children. Ya know, that “voice” in your head? Seriously, my 9 year old saw the wrong in this and he is NEITHER white NOR a college grad. He’s a 3rd grader!!! As far as her choice of male companions… well, that’s her problem. I’ve dated a few people whom I found out later in the relationship that they had some sort of “problem”. So I chose to leave. When one guy asked me to steal PS one’s from a store and hide them in my trunk, my non-white non-college educated self said “this is so very wrong”. Obviously you have a slight touch of racism in your system. That and an over-whelming state of delusion to actually state that he made her become a junkie. Because she obviously does not have the ability to think for herself right? Does she have no free-will? Who makes you become anything?
      Well, I’ll let you in on a secret. One day all us African-Americans sat down and decided that we were going to bring down white society by making them junkies, making them steal computers and making them rob banks. Darn, you found out the master plan. Now we have to sit down and think of another one. Curses!!! Foiled again!!!

  6. 1-2-3 says:

    What a waste of a college education and the people she could have helped as a teacher.

  7. hindsight says:

    Great lesson learned for all those students entering the creative and performing arts where drugs are commonplace.

  8. MADD about you says:

    Doesnt anybody drink anymore?

  9. RON O'neal says:


    Hey Numb Nutz… Heroin is a epidemic in the low to middle class white community. Don’t blame the blacks for this white chick getting hook on junk. What do think all these recent robberies in the white communities are from?

    1. Numb Nutz says:

      I didnt. You just told me. I thinks all the robberies were from Ron O’neal.

  10. Propecia says:

    I hope she didnt teach English. It’s spelled Felicia, not Philicia.

  11. J.T. says:

    She’ll get off easy because she’s pretty, white, and a school teacher. One of those is good, but all three means you are officially allowed to break the law:)

  12. RON O'neal says:


    Yea, I’m sure his parents are ecstatic too!!

  13. Insider says:

    Marty said the only reason she went to rehab and not jail is because the judge and her lawyer are best friends and fixed the case

  14. Ray tannehill says:


  15. Jeff says:

    Why is her face not shown on the front page, but Jeffrey Tumer’s face is?

    1. Dave says:

      Because Tumer is wanted by police. It helps to show the face of someone when asking for the public’s help in finding them.

  16. Marcus Wellby M.D. says:

    Once again the residents of Pittsburgh have proven all they do is act stupid on the internet, My are you all freakin idiots to just act childish and inane as you see which one of you are able to out stupid the previous person.So glad after I grew up and matured (which no one who responded to this article is) I went to college 4years got my degree and now I am actually doing something useful as a drug counselor and Doctor who was smart and got the hell out of Hicksburgh. Shame on all of you for making jokes aboiut someone who has most likely ruined their lives.

    1. Truth says:

      If you’re going to use someone else’s name, at least spell it correctly. It’s Welby.

      Oh, and “Doctor” is not capitlaized as a word.

      > aboiut
      Good job with that education.

  17. Richard says:

    I’ll bet her folks are proud of their little girl! Pretty, educated with her whole life ahead of her and she hooks up with some brother, gets hooked on drugs and now has criminal charges against her along with losing what was probably her first real job. You go girl! Lose the brother, lose the drugs, do your time, get the heck out of town and never look back! No drugs, no blacks…get it!!

    1. Huey Newton says:


      I bet she the one that first started to mess with “H”. That’s the new white drug of choice.

  18. Dr John says:

    I was in the right place but it must have been the wrong time

  19. Oh Really... says:

    So basically, she’ll get off because she’s a white female teacher on heroine! Our justice system is a JOKE! Had this been a black woman, who smokes crack- she’d have “the book thrown at her”! Not only did this junkie help rob a bank, she stole computers from her job, and robbed her neighbor! 90 days is a drug rehab?!?! Shame on her lawyer for making the comment/ excuse “watch who your daughter dates”!!! His advice should have been: warning signs that your daughter might be bangin’ the needle!!!

    1. Frank says:

      the race card….ok, so let’s look at the blacks that make KDKA’s articles every day. These people are REPEAT offenders that are back on the streets committing the crimes we read about. So spare me the “book being thrown” at them argument…or they wouldn’ve have been able to be on the streets committing their latest crimes.

  20. Oh Really... says:

    No, we’re looking at the white heroine junkie school teacher/ bank robber/ home invader!!! 🙂
    Like I said, if her drug of choice was crack, she’d be up under the jail! Because she “bangs the needle”, it’s “poor little white girl hooks up with the big bad black guy” and ruins her life! Oh please! She’s a grown woman, obviously “educated”, she knows right from wrong! Just like he does!!! THEY did the crime, THEY should BOTH do some time- IN JAIL, where the rest of the criminals go!!!

  21. Oh Really... says:

    Btw- she’s a repeat offender as well! Robbed a bank, stole computers from her job, and stole from her neighbor! Yeah, 3 strikes, hit her with the book! 🙂

  22. Al Capone says:

    Why not we let these other bozo’s do as they want because the people support them. Not me forget a mayor bring back the good ol days when the Mafia was large and in charge

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