Obama Releases ‘Long Form’ Birth Certificate

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA)  Wednesday morning, President Obama decided to take action and address the “birther” issue by producing his ‘long form’ Hawaiian birth certificate.  In today’s address he hoped to quiet the issue but at least for the time being, the issue remains at the forefront.

Dr. Terry Madonna, Professor of Public Affairs and Director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College joined Robert Mangino to offer his expert analysis on the latest in this ongoing ‘birther’ debate.

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One Comment

  1. Brat says:

    reguardless was he shows or says that will not be proof till he shows it to everyone in the us. Also if he was born in Hawaii that was not part of us in 1961 when he was born

    1. Brak says:

      Hawaii joined the United States on August 21, 1959.

  2. Deb says:

    At this point who really cares! He will be voted out in 2012! He will be known as the 1st black president who did nothing for our country.. Where is the important news?? I have not heard a thing about Japan and the radiation leaks for quite some time. This country and our news team is very sad!!! Report and focus on the important issues!!!!


      want to hear about Japan mopve to japan! we have enough issues to worry about in our own country

  3. Liberal and Better Than YOU says:

    If you question Obama, then you are a racist.


    A Liberal

    1. HI says:


  4. Live in Pittsburgh says:

    First, RecallRepublicans – you are so right. We are way to concerned with other countries but what we need to do is fix OUR OWN HOME FIRST!! World news is excellent information but seriously Deb, do you think where Obama was born is a pressing issues anywhere else in the country?
    And as far as being the “first Black president who did nothing for our country” – you’re serious right??!!! Do you have any concept of what it takes to fix things that others have done on a governmental/country-wide level? Obviously not. How about this? Have you ever tried to fix your credit history? Can you do it instantly? Don’t think so. It takes years, hard work, dedication – among other things. As with any president, changes that come about during their first term generally happen b/c the wheels were set in motion prior to their being elected. But you wouldn’t know that b/c you are too concerned with the rest of the world, yes? Here’s a thought, what is important to you is not important to everyone else. The sun does not rise and fall on your definition of importance.

    1. Live in Pittsburgh says:

      I apologize, my comment should have said anywhere else in the WORLD not COUNTRY.


    1. The President looked very amused at showing his B. C., I’m personally glad he did I now have no doubts.
    2. Stop being such racists and judge him on his record and issue’s
    3. Change your registration to Independent because both Republicans and Democrats are limiting your freedom , Dems do it through forced government and repubs do it through your employer.
    4. Wake up before its too late.

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