Police: Alleged Robber Wanted Wedding Videos

BUTLER (KDKA) — A robber armed with a sledgehammer apparently wanted just one thing – wedding videos.

Police say Zachery Gallo runs a video production company on Virginia Avenue in Butler where he stored videotapes.

Police were called there after a man, identified as Patrick Risha, Jr., of Belle Vernon, allegedly broke in with a sledgehammer, demanding a video of his sister’s wedding.

Risha’s father, Patrick, Sr., the former superintendent of the West Mifflin School District, walked his daughter down the aisle on the video. He died a week later.

According to the criminal complaint, Patrick Risha, Jr., came in with the sledgehammer, demanding all of the hard drives and computer equipment and footage from the wedding.

The victim says he suggested DVDs of the footage instead. The complaint says Risha told the victim if he had all of the footage he was looking for, that would be the last he would see of him.

A warrant was issued for Risha’s arrest. He’s been charged with robbery, burglary, criminal trespass and terrorist threats.

According to the complaint, he got the video of his late father.

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One Comment

  1. MrHOP says:

    Why didn’t he just ask for it?

    1. Kate says:

      Probably because it would have cost him a few bucks and he’s too big a piece of garbage to pay for it.

  2. Noah says:

    MrHOP I am guessing there is more to this than that.

  3. johnny69 says:

    sounds to me like one of those photogs that take the peoples money and then never get the pics developed, just was in the news last week.

  4. oldwipersnaper says:

    I’d bet west mifflin tax payers payed for that wedding,Thank God I don’t pay taxes in that district!

  5. Cat Ploonan says:

    Maybe there were compromising pictures of a new senator from the Mon Valley area not suitable for publishing in the Daily Snooze.

  6. Denise says:

    This videographer has taken several couples’ money, and never gives them what they paid for. I know one couple who has been trying to contact him for almost a year and has filed a lawsuit! ! I can’t blame the guy for wanting the footage of his late father. I bet the other brides wish they’d have done the same thing.

  7. Bean says:

    If u wanna say that they paid for it because the late Mr.Risha worked in that district and was paid a “salary” for hid duties then that’s correct but that’s where the money came from! He was not a thief So do not portray him as one. This videographer should have followed his part of the agreement and did his job! When he states the video will be ready by a certain time then he should follow his word. He decided not to and I can understand why something like this happens. The wedding was this past October and I believe 7months is more than enough time to edit a video and get it to it’s rightful owner as promised!

  8. bee says:

    It was wrong taking so long to do the video, but breaking someone’s door down with a sledgehammer and stealing isn’t the smartest way to go. This guy broke down someone’s door with a weapon. Doesn’t he know thats illegal??? Does he think he is above the law??? Reality: if he didn’t get the product he should have sued, not committed a crime.

  9. Sandy says:

    A very sad story and certainly not a fair ending.  The person who should have been arrested is the  videographer who had no problem STEALING money and memories from multiple families.  It is very sweet that this brother cared so much for his sister that he took matters into his own hands to ensure that some of the sadness that this bride is burdened with may be appeased by having the memories of the last time she had with her Daddy.   

  10. Tomaka says:

    If the videos were found and some of them, I understand, were even on dvd when they were taken then it doesn’t sound like the videographer stole anything. It sounds like this guy with the sledge hammer just felt that he was above the law when he’s breaking in and threatening someone with a weapon. Videos late or not, it’s a civil matter that should have been dealt with in ways that don’t involve violence.
    Fact of the matter is, the videographer should have had the work done on time, but this crazy guy certainly did not have justifiable reasoning to break in and threaten someone.

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