Butler Co. Teen Terrified By Alleged Death Threats On Facebook

WEST SUNBURY (KDKA) — A local teenager is frightened after receiving death threats on Facebook.

State police in Butler are interviewing 17-year-old Tonya Johnston. She says two nights ago, a jealous man started threatening her life on Facebook and through text messages.

Johnston read one of the threatening texts: “‘You should hide. Might be a smart move before you become a magician and have a disappearing act.’”

The Facebook messages turned more sinister, one man asking another: “We gonna have 2 stab some people u down?”

Another man responds: “…i’m only down for dead females.”

Another man jumps in: “I ain’t the only one who knows about proper body disposal. Down with the sickness. Of course you have to know the rules.”

Another man writes: “otherwise how would you get away with all the crimes we commit (or do we)?”

Tonya is terrified.

“I’m scared because I feel like I’m not even safe in my own house,” she said. “Like, I feel like I can’t really come home here. I should go and just stay somewhere else where he knows I’m not at.”

She believes the men could harm her and she wants them punished.

“They should get in a lot of trouble, go to jail, get fines, anything, to show it’s wrong and also get help,” she said.

State police say criminal charges could come soon involving the text message. The computer crime unit is looking into the Facebook posts and they will turn it over to the Butler County District Attorney’s Office.

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One Comment

  1. pulling for Tonya says:

    Ms. Johnston should fight this all the way, what’s the world coming to when you have to bully a minor to get laid. Or maybe it is a jealous girl who wants her out of the way, for some reason people hate nice clean girls who say no a lot.

  2. What Gives? says:

    Another Marty story that may or may not be true, stay tuned for the truth………

  3. G Gordon Giddy says:

    Why is Marty wearing a hazemat suit?

  4. Bea says:

    Don’t you have to give out your address online & give out your phone number to be texted? Isn’t jealousy an emotion that implies a bond of some type? It seems what is omitted here, & what this teen has missed is that she gave out a lot of personal information, to people she probably doesn’t know, & that there are consequences. It isn’t like there haven’t been stories to teens AND parents warning them of the dangers. It’s all fun & games until someone gets hurt.

  5. servantoftruth says:

    They should be arrested, fined and imprisoned. The message should be clear. You can;t threaten a life and get away with it. ou lose your liberty and a lot of money when you do.

  6. ENFORCER says:

    Yet another case of a teen girl with a Facebook account. Sweetie, give your i-phone to mommy and daddy and go open your school books. When you become an adult and realize that people should not talk to strangers then perhaps they will give it back to you. Strangers should not know any personal details of your life…where you live….go to school….etc.

    1. MOM OF 2 says:

      You should not be so judgemental of someone you dont know! You are extremely rude! Who gave you the right to criticize STRANGERS?! You do not know the whole story. This person was probably not a stranger it was probably someone she thought was her friend. Sweetie get off the computer and get a job, when you grow up and realize it is wrong to judge others pherhaps you wont leave such rude comments about a young girl!

      1. Sage says:

        Uh, didn’t you just do some judging yourself? That’s kind of what the comment section is for.

    2. Shut It Off says:

      I agree completely…shut the computer off & get rid of the cellphone & go out and play,kid

  7. Another Mother says:

    You shouldn’t judge a person unless you know the whole story. Maybe wasn’t a stranger. And no one should be bullied or threatend by ANYONE whether online or in person. People need to get back to something called respect. Kids today see too much violence and we all accept it as the norm. Not preaching, just too many negative people (as you can see from comments above). Hang in there girl, there are people who care.

  8. Cliff says:

    I bet that phone is in her hands from morning till night. TEXT! TEXT! TEXT! What a wasted youth,

    1. Shut It Off says:

      Exactly,take that damn phone off of her

  9. Mark Zukerberg says:

    See what happens when you “friend” Marry on facebook

  10. Wen Di says:

    It’s sad that our society thinks this girl has done something wrong – hello – she is the victim here. That’s ridiculous – what are you people thinking. Facebook is a good tool when used by NORMAL people who don’t think that have to abuse others to feel good about themselves. For some reason people always want to find fault with the victims instead of putting the blame on the nut jobs that prey on people.

    1. THIS GIRL'S A VICTIM says:

      I think this girl is a victim but i must say something to the teens

  11. KrisB says:

    I wonder if her parents know who she’s hanging out with?

  12. PaulK says:

    I wonder how many friends she has on FB, and she probably just accepts all friend requests with out thinking! If your a parent, and I am not you should maybe sit down with your child and explain or learn about privacy settings on FB and the danger of unmonitored internet use.

    Also a Friend is…
    1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
    2. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter: friends of the Boston Symphony.
    3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile: Who goes there? Friend or foe?

    look it up.

  13. Rich says:

    How about, like, you don’t have relationships with TOTAL strangers online? Like maybe putting yourself out there – all the pictures and personal information, like isn’t a real good idea?

    Like why do parents let their naive little daughters, like engage all these like strangers and like solicit? That’s exactly what they are doing. Sometimes you like solicit the wrong people…

  14. pulling for Tonya says:

    Wow if a person kicks a dog they are found within three seconds and get ten to twenty but if that same person were to threaten a minor with abuse, don’t worry citizens we are trying to find out who it is through legal channels.

  15. kayla says:

    So…Tanya was good friends with this person..they were friends outside of facebook so why don’t all of you judgemental people get the facts before judging and if you LISTEN to the report it says they were once friends..he just became crazy..so stop talking about her like that..she’s smarter than you think.

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