WEST SUNBURY (KDKA) — A local teenager is frightened after receiving death threats on Facebook.

State police in Butler are interviewing 17-year-old Tonya Johnston. She says two nights ago, a jealous man started threatening her life on Facebook and through text messages.

Johnston read one of the threatening texts: “‘You should hide. Might be a smart move before you become a magician and have a disappearing act.’”

The Facebook messages turned more sinister, one man asking another: “We gonna have 2 stab some people u down?”

Another man responds: “…i’m only down for dead females.”

Another man jumps in: “I ain’t the only one who knows about proper body disposal. Down with the sickness. Of course you have to know the rules.”

Another man writes: “otherwise how would you get away with all the crimes we commit (or do we)?”

Tonya is terrified.

“I’m scared because I feel like I’m not even safe in my own house,” she said. “Like, I feel like I can’t really come home here. I should go and just stay somewhere else where he knows I’m not at.”

She believes the men could harm her and she wants them punished.

“They should get in a lot of trouble, go to jail, get fines, anything, to show it’s wrong and also get help,” she said.

State police say criminal charges could come soon involving the text message. The computer crime unit is looking into the Facebook posts and they will turn it over to the Butler County District Attorney’s Office.

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