Hampton Eat ‘N Park Unlocked For Hours

HAMPTON (KDKA) — When the Eat ‘n Park on Route 8 in Hampton closed on Easter Sunday, the doors remained unlocked and people went inside the closed restaurant.

Police say the people left a foul message on the hostess table written in crayon. Eat ‘n Park says they also stole Smiley Cookies.

The restaurant was unlocked for 12 hours because Eat ‘n Park says the locking mechanism broke.

“We just wanted to make sure that food safety was not compromised,” said Dave Zazac from the Allegheny County Health Department. He says they’re not investigating but are talking with Eat ‘n Park to make sure appropriate steps were taken.

A spokesperson from Eat ‘n Park says security video shows the intruders never accessed the food.

“They did not have access to food, and our routine daily sanitation procedures ensure that the restaurant is always safe for our guests and team members,” said Kevin O’Connell, Eat ‘n Park spokesperson.

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One Comment

  1. Mary says:

    Really? Nothing better to report other than some crayon scribblings and missing cookies?

  2. ralphie boy says:

    if this is the one at rt eight and saxonburg the dirt i the only thing holding it together

  3. chevelle64 says:

    must be a pretty good neighborhood if thats all they did

  4. BobinPgh says:

    Steal Smiley cookies! Wow, I guess they would not touch frownies!

  5. BobinPgh says:

    Does not say much for the food if they did not steal any!

  6. EastPgh says:

    Soon the media will be covering storm sewer clogged by leaves in Monroeville. Send the chopper, satellite trucks, film at 11.

    Sheesh, whatever happened to investigative reporting.

    1. steve says:

      Investigative reporting for the most part, is history. Too expensive. TV stations got hit hard financially in the recession and extra reporters…and the lawyers they need for investigative stories, got cut. Most reporters at TV stations now have to turn stories in hours, not days or weeks and investigative stories required many hours of work in most cases. No one forced you to read the story. YOU clicked on it. Some here might find the story interesting.

  7. servanoftruth says:

    Whats also disturbing is that there are peoplewho are walking around checking to see if doors are unlocked. THats why its important to lokc your doors. There are cookie munching weirdos checking your doors.

  8. JG says:

    The level of stupidity in our society today never fails to amaze me. In all of these comments, no one mentions the fact that whatever these people stole, THEY HAD NO BUSINESS BEING IN EAT AND PARK TO BEGIN WITH !! So many people have such a sense of ‘entitlement’ anymore, its truly bothersome. What made these people think they had any right at all to be inside of a business that was obviously closed? If they left the doors of their houses unlocked, does that give US the right to go in and right on their walls with crayons and steal their food? We are raising a generation of kids that have no sense of right and wrong and geeze, I wonder why?

    1. Kem says:

      Oh get over yourself. Vandalism and petty theft have existed since the beginning of recorded history.

  9. DIANA says:

    Never heard of a gastric bypass card.And what does that have to do with the story?

    1. Art Vandelay says:

      so it is somehow eat n park’s fault because you were too lazy to lose weight through diet and exercise

  10. Cookie Theft says:

    Breaking News? It happened 5 days ago and Now you report it? My goodness what next? More at 11

    1. Jim K says:

      Breaking News…. Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster questioned by authorities. More details at 6:00 PM.

  11. Joseph Puskar says:

    this is in hampton…. gibsonia……so yes good neigbhborhood……but if door was unlocked….didnt security system arm?

  12. stupidpeoplehater says:

    No arrests??? They entered unlawfully, defaced private property and stole!!! But yet people get thrown in jail for picking up a quarter on the floor at the Meadows Casino!!!

  13. erin says:

    isn’t it funny how nobody that went through that open door thought to call the Hampton Police? there were plenty of regular/non thieves that entered the restaurant and left but still no call to the cops?? what is wrong with people these days???? thought this was a “better” neighborhood than that.

  14. jj says:

    Apparently then you don’t need to be eating out

  15. AAAAA says:

    People still eat at Eat’n Park (and Kings Family Restaurants for that matter) ?
    Their food is no better than what you get out of a t.v. dinner.

  16. RomeWillFall says:

    Art, don’t you know that in our society today everything is someone else’s fault?? JG is absolutely right, we are raising a generation that has absolutely no regard for right and wrong. We live in a society where people call an ambulance for a sore throat, so it is no surprise that the sense of entitlement is so great that some would go into an obviously closed business and help themselves. The only reason they didn’t touch the food is that it might have required WORK in preparing it!! Calling the police would be too responsible. I have great fear of what this country is becomming.

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