Seamstress Recreates Kate Middleton’s Wedding Gown

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Now that the world has seen the dress Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, wore in her wedding, will it set a new trend for future brides?

Greg Cherico hopes so. He’s the owner of Anne Gregory, a bridal salon, and has been dressing brides for more than 30 years. He knows a good look when he sees it.

“I hope this is an indication that strapless is going to go away for a while,” he said.

Meantime, Janet Groom, the costumer for the Pittsburgh ballet, has been working on a replica of the dress worn by Her Royal Highness, since early Friday morning.

A Kate look-a-like, Dessie Xanakis, and others who resemble the royal wedding party, are taking part in a local fundraiser for the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.

Dessie isn’t engaged yet, but she says she would definitely consider wearing this dress on her big day.

Groom finished the dress in less than eight hours. She had hoped for a leak so that she could get a head start. That didn’t happen, so she and her team had to rely on pictures.

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  • Jason

    who the frick cares about the stupid wedding…people need to get a life!

  • SmartAlex

    I too would like to see strapless go away. It’s not a forgiving look on any woman above stick-thin. Kate’s dress was probably a little frumpy for most women, but it’s a style that all size women can look good in.

  • Beth Harbaugh

    Kate’s dress was very classy and elegant. Absolutely perfect for the occasion. The lace, the beading, the choice of fabric were beautiful. It was the choice of a confidant woman, not a girl. Now as to the copy, words fail. There was an appalling lack of attention to detail. I realize it was made on the fly but she could have at least gotten the neckline and bodice right, not to mention using a steamer or iron. And the lace, so incredibly cheap looking, certainly the fabric store had better.

    • Hockey Mom

      I totally agree Beth – this “lookalike” is ridiculous. It looks nothing like the original. Shame on KDKA for even making this a story.

  • Seeking balance

    Look a like is a stretch both for the dress and the girl. The dress is just a shame, and you can tell she did it in less than 8 hours. Very unimpressed by the lines of the dress, and the lace overtop did not remotely resemble the actual dress. But they do say any media attention is good attention, and young/desperate brides will probably jump on this (although I don’t know why).

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