Political Leaders Issue Statements About Bin Laden’s Death

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Many people are celebrating around the country after the death of Osama bin Laden.

On Sunday, President Barack Obama announced that a group of elite counter-terrorism troops had carried out a mission that resulted in Bin Laden’s death.

Now, local political leaders are responding to the news.

Governor Tom Corbett said justice had been vindicated with the death of Bin Laden.

“Nothing we say today can come close to matching the eloquence with which the actions of our armed forces spoke last night. Americans remember. There is no waiting them out. What happened on Sept. 11, 2001, will not be forgotten. The message remains: the injustice of terror will be answered by the justice of American response,” Corbett said.

Congressman Tim Murphy recently returned from Israel after meeting with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Among the topics discussed were concerns about terrorism in the Middle East.

Murphy issued a statement about Bin Laden’s death Monday morning.

“The death of Osama bin Laden at the hands of the United States military sends an unmistakable message to terrorists everywhere: America will not stop until the mission is complete. And we will continue this effort so long as terrorism remains a threat to freedom-loving people around the globe,” the statement said.

Murphy goes on to say that Bin Laden’s death may bring some closure to those affected by the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

He also cautions that terrorist groups are still active and that the United States must continue to combat them.

“A grateful nation today commends the work of our armed forces for their service and sacrifice for a job well done. Both President Bush and Obama are to be commended for leadership in seeing this effort through to the end. But we must also recognize that terrorist groups like al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and other terror cells remain active and engaged in terrorist activities, therefore, our vigilance to combating terrorism must remain. Now is not the time to let down our guard or to stop our pursuit of ending terrorism in all forms.”


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One Comment

  1. Kevin O'Connell says:

    Barack Obama deserves all of the credit, not the republican party and especially George W Bush & Tim Murphy. The repubs have tried to block everything Obama wanted to do. Bush and the republicans have to take a backseat to Obama, who got the job done when Bush couldn’t! This is a feather in Obama’s hat for reelection in 2012 . It’s a nightmare for the republicans.

    1. Gordon says:

      First, the plans used that lead to the death of Osama began under Bush. If the worsing recession under Obama is blamed on Bush, then the death of Osama by Liberal logic must be credited to Bush. Both things began under Bush, and you can’t blame only the bad on him and credit the good to Obama.

      And don’t forget: Obama voted against military action in Afghanistan while he was still the junior first term Senator from Illinois.

      And so far, this is the only good thing to happen during the Obama Administration. And for the record, I didn’t like Clinton. I didn’t like Bush. I don’t like Obama. And I’ll probably not like whoever replaces Obama.

      1. Loves Crosby says:

        AMEN Gordon..

    2. Loves Crosby says:

      SORRY Kevin I didnt vote for Obama and I DEFINITELY wont vote for him at re-election.. Everybody has their own opinion and mine is that he is nothing but a Muslim and eventually he will run the country into the ground as a matter of fact he already has started.

  2. a REAL american says:

    Actually Kevin, I would think the Navy Seals, and other armed service men and women, who actually carried out the mission, deserve ALL OF THE CREDIT!!! But that’s just me.

    1. Loves Crosby says:

      AGREE TOTALLY… Its the men and women who put their lives on the lines everyday who deserve the credit and if I recall Obama wanted all the troops pulled out when he came to office so I GIVE NO CREDIT TO HIM nor will I EVER

  3. Tim says:

    Gordon, if you are going to give credit to Bush for this accomplishment then you must by your own logic give him credit for 9-11! The single worst disaster in our nation’s history.

    What has Murphy done in all of this—nothing. He fails over and over to represent the people of his district instead he votes the party line each and every time.

  4. Mary says:

    Republicans (and Faux Nooze) are quick to calim a piece of the vicrtory pie, but, at the same time plant their usual seeds of doubt about Obama’s accomplishment in the minds of the terminally gullible. Just heard Hemmer say that they had better have a photo of the dead bin Laden because “somebody” is going to demand to see one. Probably that “somebody will refuse to accept as evidence whatever photograph is provided and demand to see the long form.

    I expect Trump will return with his bogus self-serving skepticism of anything and everything connected to Obama.

    1. OH MARY MARY says:


  5. JAS says:

    Come on people! If you watched any of the coverage when they broke into the TV channels last night then you heard that Obama immediately called Bush to tell him. He knows it was started on Bush’s watch and ended on his. They are both to be congratulated! I agree that the people that should be given all the credit are the armed forces and anyone that was involved in searching for him all these years, and especially those that carried out the mission.

  6. Kevin says:

    Bush did absolutely nothing to get Osama. Obama stated last night that “..under my direction….” And under Obama’s direction, we finally succeeded in getting Bin Laden. Bush made Saddam Hussein his major target and he basically forgot about Osama. Bush wanted to keep Osama alive so Osama would represent “the boogeyman.” It kept Bush’s “corporate war on terror” alive. As president, Bush was a moron and his republican minions like Murphy, were also moronic by blindly following this drunken, rich fratboy! Credit goes to Barack Obama and the democrats who elected him, not the rightwingnuts.

  7. JAS says:

    Kevin… of course he said under my direction…. DUH And saying that Bush wanted Osama alive… you’re one bizarre person…..

  8. stormie says:

    Rep. Murphy is correct when he say’s that we need to be as vigilant as ever since Bin Ladens demise because the threat is still within our country. And also I hope this huge matter clears up whether or not President Obama is loyal to the United States.

    1. wake up america says:

      I shocked yinz believe everything you hear with no proof. They threw his body in the ocean? No autopsy? fake pictures?

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