DNA Confirms Terrorist Leader's Death

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) — President Barack Obama says the United States has conducted an operation that’s killed the mastermind behind the Sept. 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden.

Speaking from the White House in a late night address Sunday, Obama said a small team of Americans launched a targeted operation that he approved.

According to an Associated Press report Monday morning, officials said DNA testing confirmed the death of Bin Laden.

He said no Americans or civilians were killed. Bin Laden’s body was retrieved after a brief firefight. Obama says intelligence showed bin Laden had been located at a compound in Pakistan.

Tom Ridge, the former governor of Pennsylvania and former secretary of Homeland Security, told KDKA-TV following the announcement: “I know there wasn’t a day that went by under President Bush and certainly not a day that went by under President Obama where the CIA and the military and all our intelligence capability was focused on finding Osama bin Laden. I know that there were a couple times apparently we came close to getting him.

“This has been a relentless pursuit of someone that brought horrible tragedy to this country, to nearly 3,000 families, relentless pursuit of someone who has killed far more Muslims than non-Muslims, relentless pursuit, the demonstrated resolve of America and the particular skill and sacrifice and courage of our military and our counter-terrorism officials to make sure that those responsible for the horror associated with 9/11 would finally end up being held accountable in the most fatal kind of way and that’s exactly what we did.”

KDKA AM’s Larry and John got the latest from the Associated Press’ National Security Advisor Sagar Meghani live from the Pentagon Tuesday morning.

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