PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — For those experts in national security issues like former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, Osama bin Laden’s death raises concerns.

“The broader world community, the western world community, will be on edge for sometime in the event that there is some kind of retaliation,” he said.

To avenge the loss of their leader, al Qaeda operatives may speed up their terrorist plans.

“It may encourage or precipitate of those who were planning on acting on acting sooner, not having the patience or the skill level that the 9/11 terrorists did,” Ridge said.

Duquesne University professor Father John Sawicki is an expert on al Qaeda and terrorism.

“Bin Laden’s death is certainly a victory for the United States, but it doesn’t really change the general make-up of al Qaeda, especially in terms of al Qaeda’s capabilities,” he said.

Sawicki says some al Qaeda may feel pressure to retaliate soon.

“But Al-Qaeda has shown itself able to play a patient game, so al Qaeda may well wait months maybe years before their so-called vengeance strike would come,” he explained.

Terrorist experts say America is better prepared than ever, but homegrown terrorists are a real worry which requires vigilance.

“Everybody has to be at the ready over the next several weeks,” Ridge said.

“Without a doubt, one of the best counter-terrorism advantages that an open society like a democracy here in the U.S. has is the willingness of people when they see something suspicious to get in touch with authorities,” Sawicki said.

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