Teens Likely To Face Charges In Westmoreland Co. Vandalism Spree

GREENSBURG (KDKA) — State police sources say criminal charges are likely against four or five teenagers involved in a wave of vandalism in Westmoreland County this past weekend.

A car was stopped overnight and state police say they linked the teenagers inside to the vandalism spree.

Scores of cars, homes and business had their windows shot out by a BB gun in the Unity, Hempfield and Youngwood areas.

One man had the rear window of his SUV shot out. He said the hope the juveniles don’t get off scot free.

Some of the damage occurred in the Fort Allen section of Hempfield Township, a neighborhood still recovering after a tornado touched down March.

Greensburg state police are urging people who had damage to call them.


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One Comment

  1. servantoftruth says:

    Charged and then made to pay for al lthe damage, no matter how long it takes. They get jobs after getting out of juvie and every penny goes to restitution. Is there a judge willing to make that happen?

  2. s says:

    Today’s teenagers have so much technology & freedom at their disposal and all they want to do is exhibit violence and embarrass the community, I can hear the parents now ‘oh no not my son or daughter’ and not doing a thing about it.

  3. Tom says:

    Teachers who had these “kiddos” probably are sitting back saying, “Yep. Could have guessed this would happen.” Here’s hoping the judge doesn’t act like the schools and just give them a “talking to.” or blame things on manifestations of disabilities like they do in the schools. These kids need to pay for the damages and if they can’t, then make the parents pay. If THEY refuse, throw them in jail as well.

  4. thomas gentlemen says:

    Some peoples kids…hopefully the judge throws the book at them. It would also be wonderful if they were sent to a labor camp in north korea.

  5. Idiots says:

    Put a lien on daddy’s house and every month when daddy pays the bill he can kick junior right square in the pants

  6. Joseph Puskar says:

    make mom and dad pay…..let hem worry bout getting paid back later

  7. Joseph Puskar says:

    everyone with a broken windshield from penndot or a gravel truck should call an blame these kids….j/k

  8. South Sider says:

    Totally predictable, typical white redneck kids, thank you NRA. Thank god I live in the city.

    1. Dave says:

      Thank you NRA? Yea I see the connection too….not. You’re such an idiot.

    2. Simple Man says:

      You think the city is any better with gang bangers shooting pizza delivery people, innocent bystanders, etc.?

    3. Really says:

      Are you serious, how can you make the determination that they are “white trash redneck kids” and that the NRA has anything to do with something like this??? Just shows your intelligence level!! You’re probably a racist as well. Oh, and the city is so much better, no crime ever goes on there!

  9. ENFORCER says:

    Poor parenting bottom line.

  10. Abby Serafini 35 says:

    It is a shame. I am the mother of a 15 year old daughter and the reason she doesn’t do things like that is because she lives under my thumb. As a parent you cannot just throw your hands up when your child does not do what is expected of them. Hey parents lets remember we are the adults and anything our children do when we are not present is a refection of us. Don’t say you can’t control what your child does when they are outside of your home. If they have respect for themselves and for others there should be no issue. Schools are not babysitters and friends can not be blamed. Accountability is one of my favorite words ac·count·a·bil·i·ty   
    the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.
    Now that we all know the meaning let’s step up.

  11. piksb says:

    Put a lien on their trailer… and take away their smokes, free cell phones, beer, dish tv and stiller games… That would really punish them where it hurts…. …

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