Pens Broadcasting Changes?

By: Mike Vukovcan

Pittsburgh (KDKA)- Rumors are spreading that the Pittsburgh Penguins plan on making some changes on their television broadcast team. Are they just rumors?

I’d say yes. My feeling on that is, why fix something that isn’t broken?

For the fourth consecutive season, the Penguins ranked 1st in the NHL’s local TV ratings.

Ratings for Penguins games on Roots Sports have led the NHL’s local marks in the United States for four straight seasons. During the 2010-11 campaign, Roots Sports scored a new record, as the team’s telecasts averaged an 8.68 in the Pittsburgh DMA.

The Penguins also attract the NHL’s largest average TV audience with over 101,000 homes tuning in to watch each broadcast. Pittsburgh is the NHL 22nd largest market.

Does that sound like something that needs fixed?

Contracts of both Paul Steigerwald and Bob Errey have expired.

Since the Pens season ended vs. Tampa Bay, rumors have been spreading that the team might be looking to add Mike Emrick to the broadcast.

Emrick, is the top announcer on both Versus and NBC, while also serving as the top voice for the New Jersey Devils.

Emrick’s deal with the Devils is also expired.

Just to be accurate, the decision on the broadcasters will be made mostly by Root Sports.

By the way, when announcing their recent long-term extension with the Penguins, Root Sports praised the jobs done by both Steigerwald and Errey.

In my opinion, this is a story could end up being a non-story because I’d be surprised if Steigy and Bibster aren’t back for next season.


One Comment

  1. Nancy Wooding Fawcett says:

    Please leave the team in tact we love them!

    1. Carl says:

      Go back into the kitchen!

  2. Karla says:

    I love Steiggy and Bob!!! Don’t change a thing and certainly DO NOT BRING Mike Emmrick in……

  3. Pat Baker says:

    Steigy needs to go. I don’t like to listen to him. The other guy also isn’t good
    to listen to either. The only good TV announcer was Mike Lange. He needs to
    be back on the TV.

  4. Jojo says:

    A play-by-play guy who tells rambling stories like a color guy, and who often gets players’ names wrong isn’t suited for an announcer gig. Let him sit on the porch with his brother John while sipping Lipton sun tea, exchanging random stories to each other like 2 Alzheimer’s patients.

  5. Cletus says:

    I think that they should put mike Lange back on tv. He is the best I like Paul and bob they are good but I think mike is the best.

  6. Dominic M. Johnjulio says:


  7. Dominic M. Johnjulio says:

    Only change I want to see is Mike Lang brought back to the TV side!

  8. j.c. says:

    stigie errey talk too much. shut up when goals &assistts given. Real tired of them. Lang back great. Emmerck good too.

  9. B W says:

    Curious how Bob Smizik had a “Defense of Steigerwald,” post on his blog a week ago and now we see this.

  10. John says:

    i would like 2 see steigie gone but keep errey he is ok. what i would really like 2 see is Mike Langle back on the tv side with emmerick and if they do end up keeping steigie and errey y dont they put them on the radio and put the raido crew on the tv side.

  11. Chris says:

    I grew up with MIKE LANGE announcing, I think he is the best announcer for the PENGUINS! It was a down right SHAME when Fox decided to change an awesome thing! EVERYTIME ESPN or any other organization plays a highlight of the PENGUINS, they almost always use his radio call…. If everyone else uses him for TV,… Why doesn’t FSN/ROOT/KBL… or whatever else you want to call it follow suit of what the people want?

  12. Todd Schiffhauer says:

    Get rid of Steigy – My dad worked side by side with Mike Lang for years – Bring back Lang…its a no brainer

  13. Shawn says:

    I say Bring Back Mike Lange & add Mike Emrick bc lets be real about this, real professional announcers should always talk about both teams, even if ya’re a huge Pens fan like Steigy is & former Penguins player in Errey, both of those guys have always talk about how great every player was on the Penguins team & ya don’t really ever hear those 2 guys talk about the opponents that the Pens were facin’ 2 play the game that night so that’s def. not professional there @ all. At least Mike Lange talks about the opponents & bringin’ in Mike Emrick will most def. bring in different character which us Penguins fans need when watchin’ the Pens!!!
    Plus, sorry 4 bringin’ Steigy & Bob Errey back into the picture here but has anyone other than me have noticed that whenever Bob & Paul talks about a particular topic, they’ve always seem like they don’t just make their points & move on, a lot of times I’ve noticed that they will talk about the same exact topic 4 nearly a half a period! That is way too long 2 be talkin’ about a issue…Move On Already!!!

  14. TIMSTER says:


  15. Bart says:

    time for them to go…they add nothing and completely talk over the play.

  16. Ryan Glover says:

    Sorry but Steigy has to go. I LOVE Errey. Errey is your color guy, he’s the personality that makes things interesting, and he adds insightful comments that require hockey knowledge.

    Steigy is your play-by-play guy, and he’s awful at it! He calls things that are flat out wrong! A puck hits the pipe and he screams, “Fleury makes a great save!”…

    Give me Mike Lange and Bob Errey, put Steigy on radio where no one can tell if he’s right or wrong…

  17. Ryan Glover says:

    That being said its not like the TV broadcasters are going to make a difference on whether I watch the game, I’m always watching!

  18. Tom D says:

    Doc Emrick is a fantastic play-by-play man. I liked his call on Flurey’s save on Lindstrom in Game 7. I think he’s the second best hockey announcer out there. However, if the Penguins are going to make a change in the broadcast booth, it needs to be Mike Lange going back on T.V.

  19. Tom S says:

    I’m with the rest of the Mike Lange fans. Noone is better than he.

  20. tinatalker says:

    you people love Errey? I think he’s taken one too many pucks to the head. Steigy leaves some to be desired as well.

    I’d go for Lange and Doc. Edzo is not bad with doc

  21. Skip Dawson says:

    I say Bring Back Mike Lange….

    1. John Eastern says:

      I agree.. Bring Back mike Lange

  22. John Steen says:

    I agree… Mike Lange is great..

  23. Linda Lipston says:

    I love Mike Lange

  24. jojo says:

    Bring back Mike Lange and Edzo!!!

  25. Walt says:

    I think Mike Emerick should do the play-by-play and then Peter Taglianetti do the color. Peter was great when he did color about a decade ago!

  26. marce says:

    put mike lang back on tv

  27. Tim from Upper St Clair says:

    They got to get rid of steigy – he is too sappy and gets away from calling the game – he broadcast games like he is talking to 4th graders – Errey saves the day – Erey and Lange would be a homerun

  28. ryan says:

    GET RID OF BOB ERREY!!!!! all he does is state the obvious and when he makes a point he ll talk about it for like another 10mins. He sucked when he played and he sucks now. Hes like that turd that wont flush

  29. Lou Gagliardi says:

    If it’s a “non-story” then why even report on it? I know the story’s old but the comment stands.

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