Rashard Mendenhall Loses Endorsement Deal

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Rashard Mendenhall has lost an endorsement.

Champion cut ties with the Steelers running back because of his controversial tweets questioning the celebration of Osama bin Laden’s death, the architect of the Sept. 11 attacks, according to USA Today.

He posted the following via his Twitter account, R_Mendenhall:

“What kind of person celebrates death? It’s amazing how people hate a man they never even heard speak. We’ve only heard one side.”

“I’m not convinced he was even behind the attacks. We have really seen no evidence to prove it other than the government telling us.”

In response to a question from a follower on Twitter Mendenhall said, “We’ll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take down a skyscraper demolition style.”

That tweet was later deleted.

Mendenhall reportedly had just inked a four-year contract extension with the brand.

Champion released a statement, saying in part: “While we respect Mr. Mendenhall’s right to express sincere thoughts regarding potentially controversial topics, we no longer believe that Mr. Mendenhall can appropriately represent Champion and we have notified Mr. Mendenhall that we are ending our business relationship.”

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One Comment

  1. Shannon says:


    1. Ralph Dietz Ret. U.S. Army says:

      Mendenhall,Leave The U.S. get Out! Your a Turd!

  2. Joseph Puskar says:


  3. STEVE says:

    now lets see the steelers send him packing

    1. Loves Crosby says:

      If they are smart they will

  4. I blame Conservatives says:

    It is now wrong to be skeptical of what the government tells us? We’re all in a heap of trouble

    1. Joe from Upper St. Clair says:

      911 was planned while Clinton was getting BJ’s in the oval office from and 18yo intern.. not to mention he cut military spending by 80% during his tenure. Wake up liberals..

      1. research says:

        FINALLY somebody smart thanks joe

      2. Joe from USC doesn't get BJ's says:

        “Capturing bin Laden is not a top priority use of American resources.” -George Bush September 14 2006

        “I truly am not that concerned about him.”-George Bush March 13, 2002

      3. research says:

        Joe you are the MAN

  5. Bad Santa says:

    Wish in one hand and poo in the other and see which comes true first.

  6. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

    Great news! He needs to learn to keep his big yap SHUT!

    1. Loves Crosby says:

      AGREE 100%

    2. jim says:

      grow up

  7. matt says:

    lesson here: we have freedom of speech, but think before you speak. now bring back fast willie to light a fire under his rear & get him to compete to his fullest.

    1. mary says:

      I agree think before you open mouth and insert FOOT

  8. Jeff S says:

    I think he needs to spend less time reflecting on his beliefs and more time on say… holding on to the football in the biggest game of the season!

  9. K Howley says:

    I am very disappointed in Champion for revoking Mr. Mendenhall’s endorsement. While i am as patriotic as any American and am relieved at bin Ladin’s demise, i can certainly relate to Mr. Mendenall. He was just expressing his Christian views and he is right. He should be commended. It is not for us to judge. That is God’s job. That is what Judgement Day is for. It is unseemly for us to celebrate another human’s death – no matter how evil he was. We should have faith that bin Ladin would get his just rewards. I guess Champion is not very Christian.

    1. sammyjo says:

      Hmm….what exactly does it mean to be “very Christian”? And, why should I aspire to be as such? I am so sick and tired of hearing “Christians” toot their own horn. Get over yourselves. Remember the Crusades??

    2. research says:

      Man im sick of ppl with all these diff religions period if there is 1 god y r there diff religion all hog wash to me thts y i say im not religious jst spiritual

      1. jim says:

        Boy, Research I can respect your opinion etc however you say your “spiritual” yet your posts “say” otherwise!!

    3. Boofreakinghoo says:

      sorry dude what he spouted was Muslim views not christian.

    4. Simple Man says:

      I didn’t read anything about Mendenhall expressing Christian views. When your a very public figure, you need to choose your words a little better, especially in lieu of the fact that he represents a city and an infamous organization. He’s entitled to his opinion, but he shouldn’t be announcing it to the world. I don’t blame Champion one bit for pulling his endorsed ads. They don’t want his open opinions affiliated with their merchandise. Smart move on Champion’s part.

    5. matt says:

      my guess is that if he stopped at “we shouldn’t celebrate death” and added I wish there was not so much hate in this country, he would have been fine.
      But when you go to the we have only heard one side of the story, or there’s no way a plane could take down a building conspiracy theory. Then you aren’t expounding christian values, you are talking about anti government rhetoric and people who have those views are entitled to them but probably aren’t someone you are going to pay 25 million dollars, so that people think of him when they think of your product.

  10. research says:


  11. research says:


    1. jim says:

      Believe in open mind. Maybe Rashard is Buddhist who don’t believe in killing anything. I don’t buy the conspiracy theory and don’t have a problem with the death of bid laden. Pittsburghers are stuck in their christian beliefs and that’s it….this City is not exactly the melting pot of the country. The 3 guys in the afternoon are goofy except for Josh. Those 2 definately fit into the Pittsburgh “mold”..

  12. buzzkill says:

    The constitution protects your freedom of speech but doesn’t protect you from being an idiot.

    1. research says:

      So how is he an idiot go to 9/11lies.org than open ur mouth

      1. You Know It!!! says:

        It should be THEN open your mouth. Go to webster.com THEN before you continue posting comments.

      2. jim says:

        Research is one of those guys who THINK they know everything. No reason to engage stupid.

    2. research says:

      @Youknowit!!!!! Ok good job buddy hurray spell check king or queen how bout you checkout 9/11lies.org also and THEN you speak about this subject so funny how ppl post things like that on here focus on the real subject and stop being a subject you are one of those ppl who really thinks our government cares about us hahahahahahahaha just go to 9/11lies.org you will see

    3. jim says:

      actually it does protect stupid….look around man!

      1. research says:

        Lmao if it did none of this shi! would have ever happened lol so how stupid r u

      2. jim says:

        I was pointing at you Research. you didn’t get it obviously.
        Sounds like you don’t like religion….we got that…..

  13. D Willis says:

    Most of these commites are Sick and Sorry!!! But everyone has the Constitutional Rights to SPEAK their Mind,Heart And Soul!!!! “I AM NOT A TERRORIST”!!!

    1. Richard says:

      Yes, everyone has the constitutional right to freedom of speech. Champion also is free to release him from their contract if his protected speech is contradictory to how they want their products to be viewed. He should have put a little more thought into how his opinions would be perceived before posting them. I for one am all grins that Bin Laden is dead, even if he were unarmed. In my opinion, he could have been on his knees begging for mercy and the outcome should have been the same. Way to go SEALS!

      1. Jim says:


      2. DIANA says:

        I agree 100%

  14. adda boy says:

    should have taken a class while at Illinois.

    1. research says:

      9/11lies.org check it out

  15. blahhh says:

    Constitutional rights protect you from the government, not private citizens or companies, he’s not being arrested for what he said, just losing sponsors. If these idiots want to spout off about their political views then they need to be ready to suffer the consequences. Look at what happened to the Dixie Chicks, they were the hottest band on tour at the time until they started running their mouth, career over, lol. I wonder why everyone loves Heath Miller and he never loses sponsors? Oh that’s right he just catches the ball and runs back to the huddle. He doesn’t dance around like a chicken with it’s head cut off or post his political views online, he does his job, thanks his teammates and goes home.

    1. research says:

      Lmao thts the problem right there with people so your saying that people should be scared to say what is true im pretty sure he knew what could happen so im pretty sure he invest his money sponsor money is good but its jst extra money these football players get paid well enough so u can keep being scared and being a pawn hahahahahaha man go to 9/11.org b4 u get mad at me for this post

      1. Dan says:

        Your inability to comprehend is second only to the annoyance of your continued spamming.

  16. HK says:

    How on earth can he dispute the destruction of the towers that we all watched in horror, live, as it happened?? He is as ignorant as the people who dispute the holocaust! Sad that someone so talented can be so uneducated and uninformed!

    1. Realitychk says:

      Checked out your site, research, thanks! By the way, your as dumb as a bag o’ hammers. I have some premier real estate near the salt marshes of Saskatoon going at a real bargain if your interested. Dumb ass.

    2. Realitychk says:

      Right on HK! Thanks.

  17. research says:

    Why are ppl so damn dumb bin laden is “dead” lol ok but now what. Ask yourself this question….Now that he is “dead” what changed in my life? Nothing at all will b the answer people act like because he is gone that solved everything wake the hell up stop bein blind. Its so funny how everybody says awww yea this should brings us together now but noone still is tryin to help our own ppl for example new orleans and most recent alabama with the tornadoes funny how media can control peoples minds

    1. Realitychk says:

      bullSh#$%t…there was enought money donated and raised after Katrina to rebuild New Orleans from scratch, and what happened to the money? Corruption all across the board, including your charitable organizations like the Red Cross. Don’t even go there, the American public responded in a huge way after this disaster and got F’d by people like you running charities.

      1. research says:

        Exactly dummy i hate those charity bs things too thts y i DONT agree with them myself they r scams but what im saying is tht if our government is sooooo great y does it take a charity they have the power and money to make anything happen lol but yet they let our own ppl suffer but wana rebuild other countries wake up stop being blind u narrow minded idiot

    2. Enough with the website!! says:

      And other than post the same damn website over and over, what have you done for anyone???

      I’m with Realitychk.

      1. research says:

        For you SMH lol i was actually in new orleans helping not sending money tht i would hav no idea where it was really going maybe u should check out the website and get some truth and i work with youth now and get paid zero dollars for it but im just 1 man all i do is spread the word and HOPE that ppl understand so what have you done besides probably send money than get mad because they did nothing but put ur money in their pockets hahahahaha but thats our great government but now with that what have YOU done to help???”

    3. Jim says:

      It absolutely does change something. It changes that fact that this POS that killed thousands of Americans has now been punished.

  18. Sonnytree says:

    this is exactly why parents need to make sure they are the ones that are role models for their kids and not these overpaid, run at the mouth athletes.

    1. Loves Crosby says:

      I posted sam thing the other day.. Its sad that these are the people that our kids have to look up to.. The Steelers have an terriost run off at the mouth idiot and a rapist and then they wonder why our kids grow up to be juvenile deliquents.

  19. jim says:

    grow up Bob. Maybe open your mind a little!!!

    1. research says:

      Thank u jim i 100% agree with u

  20. Thomas H. says:

    It is unfortunate that a Pittsburgh Steeler can comment on something he knows NOTHING ABOUT….Mr Mendenhall……If you want to get in to POLITICS? Take off the Pittsburgh Steeler Uniform and get some EDUCATION. Your remark was INSULTING to the U.S.A. and I am glad your Endorsements were
    revoked. Think twice about your statements and stick to the game you know will take care of you FOOTBALL. NOT POLITICS!

    1. research says:

      I wonder in this racist city if it was a white player would he get this much hate because Ben is still loved for the sh@t he did lmao

      1. Loves Crosby says:

        Ben in NOT loved by all.. Im a die hard Steelers fan and have been for many years but what Ben did was obserd and for the city of Pittsburgh and for the Rooneys and the league to keep him was down ight insulating and outlandish. So please dont caterogize ALL Steelers fans as loving BEn because WE DONT..

      2. research says:

        Good im glad to hear that made my day better

  21. research says:

    When this sh@t all crumbles i hope ur all happy lmao just keep believing in liars if u want to

  22. research says:

    When this sh@t crumbles i hope all u pawns are happy just keep believing in liars lmao

    1. jim says:

      what’s crumbling Research….you sound pretty bitter?

  23. MARIO says:


  24. EERS 2 Ya says:

    Good for Champion.

  25. Billy says:

    Mendenhall I support you all the way brotha and I’m a DIEHARD BROWNS FAN!!! You have the right to speak your mind and express how you feel. I for one do not think Bin Laden was behind 9/11 nor do I believe he is dead. Its funny how people change because there is a person of color in the White House. Just because there is a colored black president doesn’t mean the U.S. Govt. while change its long term agenda.

    Public Enemy said long ago: DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!

    1. DIANA says:

      I am not a football fan. What he said was his opinion. I do not know his religion.But people are happy to know that evil is gone. My understanding is that Muslim teaches that if you do not believe their way you should be dead. I do not care if this football player was black, white, orange, or, yellow,pink or blue. Being in the public eye he should watch what he says.

      1. research says:

        U are ignorant im not muslim but the perspective u have is totally WRONG DO SOME RESEARCH IDIOT

    2. research says:

      I agree 100% bill

  26. Simple Man says:

    When you’re a very public figure, you need to choose your words a little better, especially in lieu of the fact that he represents a city and an infamous organization. He’s entitled to his opinion, but he shouldn’t be announcing it to the world. I don’t blame Champion one bit for pulling his endorsed ads. They don’t want his open opinions affiliated with their merchandise. Smart move on Champion’s part.

  27. susan says:

    The right to speak and the right to tweet, the right to sell your image for money, the right to terminate the sponsorship, the right to blog, and the right to agree or disagree. Champion was probably looking to save money and Mendenhall made it easy…Way to get your name in the spotlight and save a buck – Adv. Exec. at Champion

  28. Be Free says:

    I love the level of hypocrisy. I agree Champion has every right to pull their support; however, if he feels and believes what he posted that’s his Constitutional right. The American media goes into a frenzy when effigies and flags are burnt overseas. They portray the disgust that went with the images of others celebrating the deaths of Americans, yet as a society we are NO better. There were fires and rallies in the death of a man. Yes, he commuted vile evil acts and deserved to be punished. We as a society should strive to be better. We should hold our heads up proud and remember those lost and serving to protect us and not dignify this terrorist this mass murderer with such an out pouring. Why glorify him in death?

  29. God Bless our Troops says:

    Way to go Champion!! Now lets see how much Mr. Big Shot tweets his stupid head off!!! Big Dumb Mendenhall!!!!!!

  30. R. Gaudino says:

    Rashard needs to learn how to hold on to the football. The Steeler fans will have this Moron out of DA BURG real soon with his fumbling , humping,AND his IDIOTIC POLITICAL VIEWS. Rashard, how FN STUPID are you? Don’t you realize that Pittsburgh Steelers = AMERICAN.

  31. American 1st,/ Steeler Fan 2nd says:

    Pittsburgh Steelers are American as you can get. I don’t now how Steeler Fans can possibly cheer on this moron with his political views.
    Rashard Mendenhall, you are an idiot. The next Touchdown you score, I hope the Steeler Fans inside Heinz are booing and throwing things at you.

  32. Old Dawg says:

    Let’s face it Mendenhall really stepped on his Johnson this time. Lesson #1 kids, when you post on the net, Twitter, etc., it is there for all to see. You can’t erase it once posted. If you have peoples expectations you have to live up to, watch your mouth, it could come back to bite you.

    He really blew it on this one. And i must say, I question his beliefs, but he is entitle to them, misguided as they seem. Bin Laden was evil and needed to have his ticket punched. Just like another piece of evil during World War II with the ugliest little moustache!

    Rejoice. The SHEET-HEAD deserved what he got. And I know several Christians serving in the armed forces that agree. War is war, period. We did not draw first blood, but we will get our measure of flesh for justice and preservation of the freedom to live and yes, WORSHIP in this great land of ours.

  33. mike4444 says:

    Mendenhall is 100% correct:

    No aircraft hit World Trade Center building 7. But yet it fell to a pile of dust in 6 seconds.

    Since it is being claimed that the taliban and al-qaeda did 9-11 … how did the taliban and al-qaeda get the demolition explosives past security and into Building 7 … between 9 am and 5 pm on Sept 1 … and set all the explosives in the exact rights spots … when it takes TWO WEEKS to set the explosives to bring down a 47 story building.

    It is completely clear that WTC7 was brought down by demolition — watch the videos — how did al-qauda do this in a 9 hour period ? ? ?

    It’s all more deception to start another proxy war … to kill a large number of people … on behalf of anti-Christs.

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