Pitcairn Dog Poisonings Under Investigation

PITCAIRN (KDKA) — Police in Pitcairn are investigating a rash of canine poisonings in a neighborhood which have left at least four dogs dead and two others recovering from the effects of ingesting poison.

Were they all accidental or was it a string of canine crimes?

Dog owners in Pitcairn say they don’t believe what happened to their pets was an accident. John Schmitt told KDKA-TV that his 6-year-old dog, Dakota, recently had to be put down because he was poisoned.

“If the cops find out, I hope they get him before I get him because it won’t be – it ain’t going to be pretty if I get a hold of somebody,” he said.

KDKA’s Ralph Iannotti reports:

Schmitt’s neighbor, James Laird, owns a mixed beagle named Molly. But, Laird was lucky. His pet survived.

“I think it’s somebody getting their kicks, maybe hates dogs or something,” he said.

One of the first dogs in the neighborhood that died was owned by Alta Spara. She called the poisonings a disgrace. Her dog, she explained, was part of her family.

Meantime, dog owners are worried. Beverly Cechman owns show dogs. She and her husband were going away this weekend. She says she’s going to keep her four dogs in the house, locked up, until they find out what’s really going on.

KDKA’s Heather Abraham reports:

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One Comment

  1. Dog Lover says:

    I hope John Schmitt DOES find him first…..

    1. DIANA says:

      No you don’t,because then John Schmitt would be in jail. Let the police deal with it.

      1. FedUp says:

        Only if he gets caught. The legal system will not dole out the punishment that whoever is doing this deserves. The person(s) doing this should be forced to remember their cruelty every single day for the rest of their lives.

  2. Street Slang says:

    This is wack! who does this to an animal, if they had balls they’d do it to their “enemies” People are scared/lame so they pick on the helpless. I hope they get hurt………

  3. Diana2 says:

    A fitting punnishment for this creep would be to make him/her to injest the same poison he made those poor dogs eat. Let that criminal suffer just like they did!!

  4. Bev says:

    I would like to know if a necropsy was done on the dogs that died to find out exactly what type of poison was used. Also maybe an investigation into what stores in Pitcairn carry the products that could have harmed the dogs and see if anyone remembers the items being purchased. I feel terrible about the dogs and the owners they all have my sympathy. I hope the PItcairn police talk to a alot home owners in North PItcairn and are deligent in their investigation as I know they will.

  5. MsCynic says:

    When they catch them (IF they catch them), someone should make them some ‘special’ treats, so they can spend several days on IV fluids not sure if they’re going to live of die….

    Someone KNOWS who’s doing this – step up, and turn them in!!!!

    1. Street Slang says:

      I love animals more then people!

  6. trash-be-gone says:

    Stop poisoning the dogs and start poisoning the trash that has invaded this once peaceful and QUIET small town.

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