4 Injured In Fayette County Crash

SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE (KDKA) – Four people were flown from an accident scene in Fayette County Sunday morning.

According to officials at the scene, a Ford SUV plummeted over a hillside on Casparis Road in South Connellsville shortly after midnight.

Rescue crews had to use ropes and ATVs to reach the occupants of the vehicle, which had fallen roughly 300 feet down the hill.

Two of the people inside were ejected when the vehicle came to rest.

“A hauling system was set up, and basically, we hauled them from the bottom up over the cliff,” said Asst. Chief Rob Leiberger, of the Connellsville Township Fire Department. “The whole scenario took about seven hours total from start to finish, very labor and time intensive.”

All four people inside were flown to UPMC Presby. Their names have not been released but they are in serious, but stable condition.


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One Comment

  1. Junior says:

    I wish people with no care would stay out of Cas-Paris. There are alot of people who truly enjoy riding quads and four wheeling their trucks out there. When people do stupid stuff like this, it makes it easier for officals to close Cas-Paris down for good. Just like the guy who said he was bit by a rattle snake and was only drunk acting stupid. This stuff is icing on the cake for game commision, connellsville twp. and hanson. Why be there after one in the morning anyways. Thanks for ruining it.

    1. PLK says:

      Your more worried about your pleasure than the people hurt? I pity you…….

      1. Junior says:

        Don’t assume i don’t care. Thats not who I am. I was just simple stating a fact. The area these people were at is blocked off with big rocks and mounds of dirt. So look at it how you want. It’s aimed at people in general. If its wrong for me to stand up for what i belive in, then yes pity me… For your assumption of me and others because of posting a simple comment I pity you… Thanks for ruining it.

  2. Jason Ryan says:

    I truly feel sorry for the people as well but I four wheel in cas paris myself and agree with Junior. This is just going to be another perfect example of why it should all be shut down and blocked off. Was there anymore info released on the people’s condition or names? I heard they weren’t from around here, atleast the vehicles plate wasn’t.

  3. CitizenM says:

    Junior is right, I would bet money they were drinking or something. You just dont drive off the look out, unless you are impaired.

  4. ENFORCER says:

    Nothing good ever happens back there but pot smoking and dumping off of stolen vehicles!!!

  5. Offroader says:

    I know the place too. And I agree with Junior.

    PLK should set up his own web site and call it:
    “The PLK Memorial Pity website for fools and drunks”.

    Keep in mind at least 2 people decided not to wear their belts and were ejected. A common Western PA occurrence. Fools.

  6. Jason Ryan says:

    Pot smoking and a junkyard aren’t the only things that go on in cas paris. I ride there once every week end as well as alot of other people and many other hike the are as well so for you sit on computer and never leave the house no outdoorsy people, accidents and stupid people happen everywhere doing all activities, beside most of the kids in connellsville don’t ride quads so they smoke their pot at the river, which you would know if you ever swam at the river.

  7. matt johnson says:

    i heard it was richie upton and he was drinking and probly everyone else was too. there are signs everywhere up there that says no motor vehicles past the caves there are even big rocks in the way to block idiots from driving back there

  8. ZippoMan says:

    Idiots. Pure idiots.

  9. Slick says:

    Three guys and 1 girl. I’m sure her parents are proud of how their daughter turned out. As for what caused the accident? Stupidity. Nothing more and nothing less.

  10. JMC says:

    i also agree with junior I hope that everybody is ok, but with that said it is just more ammunition to block casparis off to the world. I frequent the area in my jeep and there are signs up there those people drove past that say ” NO MOTOR VEHICLES BEYOND THIS POINT” so i don’t even drive back toward where the mines used to be. and there is alot more than “pot smoking” going on in casparis there enforcer. I know people that hike, camp, hunt morel mushrooms, ramps, ride mountain bikes, go mudding or jeeping or just go and walk around to be in nature and enjoy the peace and quiet. to close casparis off to all of Connellsville would be a travesty to the entire COMMUNITY that shares those woods in OUR backyard. people around here want tourism as an economy booster. then good close off some of the most beautiful places in this area to everyone. good idea

  11. im the bro of one of people in rhere says:

    4 ur info they wernt drinkn and the signs r down or he wouldn’t have went back there we 4wheeld back there a lot he was tryn to turn around

  12. JMC says:

    there are signs at the parking area for the state game lands once you cross the creek on the left .

    1. Fred says:

      Its against the law to ride a atv or any other motorized VEHICLE on game commission property and the look out is on game commission property.

  13. im the bro of one of people in there says:

    Ya that’s at the beginning if that’s the case no one would b quad riden either people need to no the facts about what happen b4 they run there mouth cause like I said no one was drinkn he was tryn to turn around

  14. KM says:

    Some of you people are pathetic….You need to quit running your mouths when you have no facts on what happen just gossip from losers with no life. They were not drunk, they were just out 4-wheeln. It was an accident and there lucky to be alive, so shut ur mouth unless you have facts to back it up!

  15. Stupidity says:

    obviously they were immature and did not know their limits. its one thing to get stuck but to fall over a cliff front first is ridiculous. I hope they don’t die simply for the fact of keeping it open. I’ve had amazing memories back there and someday i would like to take my kids there to experience what i did.

  16. the one says:

    There are empty budlight cans all through the expedition. was richie upton that owned the suv and was driveing.

  17. read this km and the bro of the moron in the truck!!!! says:

    uh ya km and the bro of the moron who was in the truck, good thing your giving a good example of what kind of people like you and your brother are, please learn to spell the right way and not like a HOOD. but most likely you are one. now SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!! anyojne can play that game son.

  18. Junior says:

    The fact of the matter is that this incident and others in the past could have been prevented. Four wheelen after dark is dangerous no matter where you are, or what you are drinking or smoking. Let alone in a stock ford suv that is not equipped to be on most of the trails in Cas-paris. Look out point is 30 minutes from the main roads. They had plenty of time to be out of there before danger struck. The goat trail they where on is posted with signs and blocked with rocks and dirt mounds. Its just that people are ignorant of the rules, tear down the signs or paint over them and make other trails around the blocked trails. Cas-paris is not only a great place to be for the trails. The scenery and wildlife is beautiful all over the mountain side. If this don’t stop happening, Cas-paris will be shut down for good. The daily courier mentioned there is a township meeting on thursday and this will be discussed.

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