Bill Would Require Voters To Bring ID To The Polls

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – ACLU Legislative Director Andy Hoover joined Robert Mangino to discuss a new legislation that may require you to bring photo ID when you go to vote.

If passed, the law would go into effect in January of 2012. Hoover discusses why this might not be a good idea.

He believes that it is unnecessary especially since not everyone has identification. Listen in to Andy Hoover and Robert Mangino.


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  1. Sick Of Showing ID says:

    ID to get on a plane, now they are talking about ID to board a train. ID to vote….this is getting past crazy. Thomas Jefferson once said that a man who gives up an ounce of liberty in the name of security deserves neither liberty nor security. If they are going to require ID to vote then the ID should be free of charge and no hassles when going to apply for it. This would a form of a poll tax if you ask me unless it is free.

  2. JTD says:

    Federal law states that you must show national ID when asked to present it by authority. I’d say that voting for our representation SHOULD ABSOLUTELY require that we show our ID. States REQUIRE an ID card, so this does NOT amount to a poll tax.

  3. ALL4ID'S says:


  4. PA.. we are at your command. says:

    A lot of other states got to vote on this.

    -A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
    Margaret Mead

  5. Just Chip Us says:

    Big Government. Thanks for letting Lobbyists of corrupt oil, tobacco, natural gas and banks pay you enough money to to change the laws in their favor. Please let us show ID…. oh and If I lost mine or something please take away my voting privilege. When can you just chip us? we want nothing more than to be monitored and regulated.

    1. Just Saying... says:

      Chip us? Really? Your logic is insane. What is wrong with showing your Driver’s License/Photo ID to vote. There is nothing about a voter registration card that verifies I am the person the matches the name on the card. People have no problem whipping out their ID for alcohol purchases, but an ID to vote is over the line… You’re RIDICULOUS!


    It doesn’t matter in New York the COMMUNIST/DEMOCRAT party wanted to give ILLEGALS drivers licences

    1. RE-elect Obama says:

      If your a legit citizen you should have no problems showing your ID. And your the only Communist in this country.

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