Trial Begins For 1st ‘Greensburg 6’ Suspect

By: Trina Orlando

GREENSBURG (KDKA) -The trial began Monday for one of the six suspects charged in the death of a Greensburg woman last year.

Angela Marinucci is the first of the “Greensburg Six” to go to trial.

Police claim Marinucci, along with Ricky Smyrnes, Melvin Knight, Robert Masters, Amber Meidinger and Peggy Miller tortured and then killed 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty inside of a Greensburg apartment last year.

Prosecutors are seeking a first-degree murder conviction and a jury of six men and six women is hearing Marinucci’s case.

In an opening statement, District Attorney John Peck showed jurors a poster of the Greensburg Six. He told them that all were involved, but that Marinucci was the instigator.

He said Marinucci wanted Daugherty dead because she was jealous of her relationship with Smyrnes. Peck said that testimony would show Marinucci had previously stated that she wanted to see Daugherty dead.

In an opening statement for the defense, attorney Mike DeMatt told jurors that Marinucci was a 17-year-old high school student at the time. As a result, she would not have been able to convince others, who were in some cases twice her age, to carry out the ultimate crime of murder.

DeMatt said that while what happened to Daugherty was no doubt awful, Marinucci was not the one who did it.

He said she and others were manipulated by Smyrnes, who was the mastermind. He said testimony would show that Smyrnes was pursuing multiple women and made a conscious choice to kill Daugherty so that he could be with Marinucci.

The first witness for the prosecution was Rebecca Clark.

She was being driven to work by her father, Ray, early in the morning on Feb. 11, 2010, when she saw two men dragging a garbage can through the snow.

She later called police after seeing on the news that a body had been found in a garbage can at nearby Greensburg-Salem Middle School.

The second witness was Daniel Grant.

Grant is the man who found the garbage can under his truck in the Greensburg-Salem Middle School parking lot.

Prosecutors showed crime scene photos, which Grant identified for the jury. The judge is expected to release those photos this afternoon.

The third witness was Adam Jack, who is a forensic expert who used to work for the Westmoreland County Detective Bureau.

He described in great detail the multiple stab wounds to Daugherty’s upper-left chest area that punctured her heart and lung. He also described injuries to the rest of her body.

He said that her hair had been cut and was shaved in some places. There was a clear plastic garbage bag over her head and a black garbage bag over her feet. Her hands were bound with holiday lights, while her feet were bound with holiday garland.

The victim was clutching a white bath towel and her face had been painted with red nail polish.

Jack explained these injuries to the jury with the help of graphic autopsy photos.

While reviewing the photos, the judge stopped prosecutors mid-sentence and suggested the court recess for lunch.

Marinucci was sobbing at the defense table and a juror teared up in the jury box.

The trial is expected to last for two weeks.

KDKA-TV’s Trina Orlando is in the courtroom and will be tweeting updates on breaks. You can follow her updates at

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One Comment

  1. Boots says:

    Evil wench! I hope they stick it to you the way you six did to Jennifer. No sympathy for you whatsoever!

  2. Thomas J Duttine says:

    No trial needed…just hang this evil b**ch!

  3. Jim says:

    Do one to others then inject them all

    Why waste any more tax payer money on them.

  4. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Don’t worry. They’ll find some stupid loophole somehow and she will most likely walk. Isn’t our judicial system just wonderful.

  5. Scott says:

    Shoot them all in the head and be done with it, they are nothing but a waste of human flesh.

  6. Duane Damage says:

    I was a victim of a violent crime myself and the guy got away with it by pleading “Mentally Unstable”. I hope this isnt the case with this trial. Jen was a nice girl. I didnt know her personally but I said Hi to her a few times out in the street.
    The justice in Westmoreland county is terrible and our DA aint all that. Please let justice prevail here.

    1. Frustrated says:

      @Duane Damage: Sorry you were a victim of a violent crime & hope you are healing. Yes, justice in Westmoreland Co is terrible; i.e., Kill for Thrill a.k.a. Travaglia and Lesko. Hope justice prevails over this terrible crime done to a mentally challeged human being.

  7. deserie says:

    hang the evil pigs

  8. Dee says:

    My heart goes out to Jennifer’s family. I can’t imagine having to sit thru a murder trial, let alone 6 trials.

  9. They all deserve the death penalty!

  10. servanoftruth says:

    6 of the most e vil people who have ever llived. No one tried to save t he women or offered to stop what was happening. And it is obvious by looking at their photos. They lok like murderers. And looking at Angela’s picture it is obvious that there is no light or life in her eyes. She is void of humanity. If you are related to her in any way, then you must ask yourlsef the question…why? What happened to this girl that she could be part of a group that would torture and murder an innocent person? If you are her parents then YOU are as guilty as she is. You created a monster and set it loose on society.

  11. lyndsey says:

    i think they all should be put out in a field that is fenced in and then have people go there and do to them what they did to jen and then i think that they should kiil them

    1. Boots says:

      I would have to agree with you, Lyndsey! Let me be first in line!

    2. Duane Damage says:

      A good old fashioned lynching. Its what they did in the 17 / 1800’s. Now we have “Rights” protecting animals like that. They said if that one guy would have been in jail like he was suspossed to be, this may have not happened.

  12. C-LYTE says:

    I have no sympathy for these 6 sick individuals, I myself beleive in an eye for an eye but unfortunatley our justice system only beleives that in certain cases, they tortured, sexually assaulted, humilliated and killed this woman… so its only fit that they encounter the same harsh resolve, i feel so bad for this womans family having to go through 1 painful trial and to have to go through 6 painful trials is torture for them also, Ive run the streets most of my life and im imune to alot of things ive seen over the years, but this just brought me to the brink of tears

  13. J says:

    I hope they give her some nice concocted lunch mix during their lunch break

  14. bobba booey says:

    interbread trash. just tie them together pour gas on them and light them up. let them suffer

  15. Val says:

    They are not human`s the animals are better than them !!!!!!!

  16. Frustrated says:

    The laws just have to get stricter.

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