Former Parole Officer Charged

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — For years, it was Paul Dschuhan’s job to uphold the law, but now he could be headed to prison for breaking it.

The one-time Pennsylvania State Trooper, then parole officer, was arrested last summer and accused of threatening a parolee.

But now his attorney tells KDKA’s David Highfield that Dschuhan is prepared to plead guilty to a charge just filed by the U.S. Attorney’s office.

“He’s depressed – a broken man. I’ve known him about 20 years and he’s just despondent as I’ve seen anybody,” said his attorney Robert Stewart.

Dschuhan was fired from the State Police in 2006 and later took a job as a parole officer based in McKeesport. That’s when the U.S. Attorney alleges that Dschuhan threatened to send a parolee back to prison if he didn’t burglarize drug dealers’ homes and give him the cash.

But Stewart says that’s not how it happened. That it was the parolee who came to Dschuhan with the idea.

“He thought it was easy money. This guy comes up with an idea. I’ve got credit card debt I can clear it up,” said Stewart.

He says Dschuhan will only admit that he offered to be the man’s alibi if he got caught.

According to court papers, Dschuhan also allegedly threatened to shoot the parolee in the head if he was being set up, even showed him a gun, but Stewart says it wasn’t an actual death threat.

“Our position is that it’s said in such a way that it’s a colloquialism. You might as well arrest me, how many times have I told my children, ‘If you don’t take out the garbage I’m going to kill you!'”

Dschuhan retired as a parole officer a couple of days after he was arrested.

Based on what his attorney says he’s agreed to plead guilty to, he could face up to 20 years in prison.

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One Comment

  1. b benson says:

    wow….that just goes to show authorities are still human….they just throw their weight around because they have a degree in criminal justice…..smdh…shame shame shame on you….

    1. John C Pittsburgh says:

      It just shows that Feds aren’t always telliing the trurth either!! They rely their info from an informant that has a extensive criminal history. The truth is we have debt and maybe he made a wrong decision. But he shouldnt lose his life for a mistake in judgement.. Shame on the system for trusting an informant.. Give the guy a Break.. We all deserve a second chance.

      1. FBrackenridgePD says:

        Shame on the system for trusting “an informant”???

        I say shame on the system for trusting another lying thug with badge… a badge doesn’t make them oracles of the ‘trurth’ It just makes them more likely to bear false witness against their neighbors in order to keep their job.

        He had a second chance, he never should have been allowed another job of police authority after being fired from the state police

        20 years is too good for what he’s done, he should lose his life for abusing the public’s trust

  2. Greg says:

    Umm – can somebody call child services on the attorney? Take out the garbage or i’ll kill you? Really?

  3. freedom says:

    Greg, I’m with you. There is a guy in Greensburg on trial right now because he told his girlfriend If I can’t have sex I will kill you.
    In addition to Children Services how about notifiying the bar association.

  4. Always Sighing says:

    The attorney shifts his eyes back and forth as he talks about the threat to shoot. Hence the word “shifty”? And this man WAS fired from the State Police.

  5. Justice for All! says:

    Look folks you have a nice redone Market Square in Pittsburgh, Make use of it the City of Pittsburgh is always looking for money put up the Gallows and do a public hanging in the square, the City can put it on pay per view and make a killing no pun intended!

  6. Fisher@UPD says:

    Once you judge the person in need for help, thy should JUDGE themselves first… Or God will Judge you and you won’t like what he sentences you too..
    So look into your own closet and remove your skeletons before it’s too late…
    I know him and he was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ..

    1. Someone who knows says:

      He wasn’t saved by Jesus Christ. He is just a master manipulator. He is role playing again. He pretended to be a drug dealer when undercover for the state police before he got fired and then became a co-conspirator with parolees to burglarize drug dealer’s houses as a parole officer. Now he is pretending to be a Christian to secure a lenient sentence on June 8th, 2011. Behind the scenes, he continues to do the devil’s work. He is a chameleon. He will be whatever he needs to be for the moment to get what he wants.

  7. Friend says:

    We will be praying for you and your family!!!

  8. lavada says:

    give the guy a break my ass my boyfriend is sitting in prison because dschuhan set him up and no one would listen i hope he gets everything thats coming to him!!!

  9. justice says:

    he derserves what is coming to him 20 years is no where enough time !!!

  10. Just Us says:

    ‘*/Too bad all you evil doers can’t explain your sins, therefore the devil makes you commit evil things! +GoOD LUCK when the second coming of Christ is here and you all are standing there in front of GOD and don’t have an answer cause because you want to punish instead of forgiving!! Let me know how that works out for you +

    1. Someone who knows says:

      Has anyone even heard Paul Dschuhan say he is sorry yet?
      Or did we just hear alot of “it’s not my fault” and “I had to do it”.
      The federal sentencing guidelines serve to punish crimes.
      This is a government matter now.
      The concept of forgiveness will be between he & God and that is for another day.

      1. I am someone that knows says:

        Hey someone who knows. You don’t even know Dschuhan . If you did you would know tht he does not have it in him to kill anyone and he is a great person and a loving father and husband. I wish you would quit saying things that you don’t know anything about . Trust me I am someone that knows.

  11. Someone who knows says:

    Yesterday this great person, loving father, and husband admitted to extorting someone through fear for his personal financial gain. He was building his criminal enterprise by personally meeting with the parolee, calling him, and texting him while also trying to expand his conspiracy to other parolees so he could be the kingpin thief leader stealing from drug dealers. He did all of this while walking around smiling at his neighbors and playing ball with children, but living a secret life that you didn’t know about. So, really, you just think you know him. You obviously don’t. Unless, of course, you think that great and loving people steal and threaten people for a living, in which case, your opinion is weak because you think that a smile and a wave while holding a child in your arms is the mark of a good person. In order to trust you that you know him like you asked me to, I would need you to look a little deeper into the true him. You would need to know him like I do.

  12. ProdigalSun says:

    The unintended consequences of the war on drugs.

    Give them power over an entire community and they start to think that they own these people.

    Did anyone catch that it was Dschuhan that locked up this parolee in the first place? Did anyone catch that he was fired as a state trooper directly after that?

    Did anyone catch how he was hired by the state again?

    Did anyone catch that they won’t release the parolee’s name?

    And finally does anyone notice how little coverage this gets?! I bet he get’s probation. This is America, whites are allowed to do what they want to blacks.

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