Local Woman Sues, Says Pittsburgh Police Violated Her Civil Rights

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local woman claims Pittsburgh police are harassing her and violating her civil rights and now she’s filing a lawsuit.

Adrienne Young believes that her civil rights were violated by Pittsburgh police for two-and-a-half years.

It all started with a minor traffic accident on Friendship Avenue in May of 2008.

“Through this whole ordeal, I still can’t figure out why I was targeted,” Young said.

Young says she objected when a female police officer instructed a male officer at the scene to pat her down.

When Young continued to complain, the officer charged her with felony aggravated assault. She was sent to jail.

“I would not be released from jail unless I had an ankle bracelet for something I never done,” she said.

Now 55, she says she was electronically monitored for five-and-a-half months. She thinks her real troubles began when she continued complaining higher up the chain.

“That the police were upset because I went to OMI and I went to Chief Harper,” she said.

A magistrate dropped the charges. Police reinstated them. She was arrested and jailed four times in 10 months. The last time she was placed in a high-security pod for 27 days and police came pounding on her door.

“For the third time, Pittsburgh police converged upon my home at 3 a.m., running through my home, terrorizing my granddaughter and myself,” Young said.

Her granddaughter was 13 at the time.

“I started crying – I didn’t know what was going on,” Tajaya Thompson said. “The police came up with their flashlights in my face.”

Young is suing the city, the court, the police chief and a number of officers.

Chief Harper won’t comment on the case while it’s in litigation.

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One Comment

  1. Daniel says:

    If a female officer was present there should have been no reason for a male officer to frisk her. I do not profess to have any first hand details of the allegations here but if true the city should pay this woman a lot of money. I will follow this one and see how it plays out. If there is an out of court settlement on this one someone should be fired.

    1. Jackiebuggrl says:

      Females are NOT required to do pat downs on women…you may request it, but it is NOT required.

    2. Bmax says:

      100% agree. The female officer should have handled this.

  2. More wasted tax dollars! says:

    Gee, I will just bet she was a real sweetheart during the whole ordeal! So tired of the police not being able to do their jobs and people suing for some easy cash!!

  3. Steve Harold says:

    Give me a break. I’m sure she was an absolute angel and did NOTHING wrong and the big, bad police had nothing better to do than to target this otherwise innocent citizen. Yeah right. Typical low-life trying to get money for nothing.

  4. jon says:

    Wait, time out!!! You mean our girl Mandie was arrested??? I thought she was a big shot producer, how dare the police arrest such a big shot??

  5. ??????? says:

    what exactly were the 4 arrests (in 10 months) for?

  6. Mr Soho says:

    There is way more to this story than what was printed above, must be the local woman’s version. They often leave out a lot of factual information.when the lawsuits are filed.

  7. Hmmmmmm says:

    In Detroit or New Orleans the people complained so bad about the police officers coming into their neighborhoods that the police stopped coming in for a few months and murder is rape was out of control, I think the NAACP and B=PEP are misleading the people for their own agenda. I hope Adrienne get’s this mess worked out soon.

  8. Daniel Carver says:

    seems like everythime somebidy has there civil rights violated it’s some fat black looser (never see whites claiming this). maybe next time you should just say, yes sir or no sir then be on your way.

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