Police Identify 2nd Suspect In Art Student’s Death

MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) – Police have identified a second suspect in the murder of a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

According to police, the second suspect has been identified as Shilee Dixson, 17, of McKees Rocks.

He is believed to be the shooter in the case and is facing charges of homicide, robbery, conspiracy and other firearms violations.

This development comes just hours after officers picked up 19-year-old Taivon Cunningham of the city’s Beltzhoover neighborhood.

He was arraigned early Tuesday morning and was denied bail.

Both suspects face charges in the death of 20-year old Malachi Urbini, who was shot in McKees Rocks early Sunday morning.

According to the criminal complaint, the shooting may have been the result of a drug deal in which Urbini was trading an iPod and an iPad for heroin.

Police believe Cunningham orchestrated the drug deal and lured Urbini to an alley where the shooting took place.

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One Comment

  1. adda boy says:

    heroin kills more ways than one

    1. johnny69 says:

      did you all see how arrogant the shooter was today? Raised on our welfare dollars this is what you get.

      1. mzzz.. head buzza says:

        ha.. chill its all of their falt cause your lil friend should have never been outt there gettingg themm. drugsss

      2. kitty18 says:

        First off im pretty sure no one commenting know the people or the truth behind the story so u shouldn’t speak on it. Secound, welfare is caused by the power, money hungry government that wanted to destroy they shooters life anyway. You should have been raised by welfare dollars i bet u would shoot some one over money or something worth mone as well!!!

  2. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Surprize, Surprize!

    1. Sad says:


  3. Emily says:

    Surprise surprise?!?!?!

    This is someones child, and friend.

    People are disgusting.

    Malachi was a nice, talented and sweet person.

    What kills is children who have no parental guidence or morals,
    and are trash!!!!!

    Just because it was a drug deal doesn’t make this OK or RIGHT!!!!!!

    1. Bmax says:

      Where were the parental guidance and morals for the kid buying the heroin? It takes 2 to tango.

      1. Emily says:

        Doing drugs and Murdering someone two totally different things.

        I would rather my child be arrested for drug related charges
        than muder any day of the week.

      2. Bmax says:

        One leads to the other. If you lay down with dogs you may wake up with fleas – or not at all. Drug use is as illegal as murder is. Some jail time for drugs is stiffer than the sentencing for some murders. That’s not by chance.

        I would rather have my child excel and teach her (as I did) to never use drugs. That way she will never deal with murdering drug dealers. It’s the risk you run if you want to engage in illegal drug activity.

        All in all, it’s sad that all 3 lives are now a mess.

    2. Fruity says:

      Maybe he just wanted his fruity earrings

      1. Sandy says:

        Those fruity earrings are called Gages. You see them quite often on people in the arts, musicians, etc. They look beyond what is the ‘norm.’ That’s why they are artists – they view things quite differently than most people – no reason to dis them.

      2. Fruity says:

        More like weirdos and they are still fruity

      3. Sandy says:

        Fruity – Judge not and ye shall not be judged……

      4. Fruity Earrings says:

        Judge this,Sandy

  4. Emily says:


  5. kristy says:

    these kids will never learn that drugs aren’t the answer,

    1. Emily says:

      So what youre saying is this should be a lesson learned???

      HA. just because someone does drugs does not mean they need
      to be shot and killed.

      1. Bmax says:

        What do you mean “just” does drugs? It’s felony drug use! You can’t put the word “just” in front of any old crime to make it acceptable.

        He “just” kissed the little boy.
        He “just” broke in the house.
        He “just” robbed the cab driver.

      2. kristy says:

        OF COURSE this should be a “lesson learned!” *DUH*

  6. Brad says:

    What irritates me more is the fact that this art student was ambushed by these thugs! They took advantage of his weakness, and it ended in his execution. Something needs to be done with these animals besides a slap on the wrist!

    1. Emily says:


      They should be punished to the fullest extent!

  7. Trouble says:

    Okay this is a horrible situation. The truth of the matter is that these two thugs who killed this guy would have probably robbed someone who was just walking down the street. Its also sad that this guy did herion. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time he met shady people to feed his habit. So either way both parties are pathetic.

    1. Bmax says:

      Agree with Trouble. If it wasn’t such a shady activity why did he need to meet at 3am in an alley?

  8. AvaGrace says:

    People are disgusting, when your parents tell you not to ‘ride the white horse or shoot grease up your arm’ listen so that you can graduate and be a great artist not a coked up dead one. Those boys that did this look very unloved and lost this is the end of the road for them, their moms better get jobs because the welfare checks are going to stop.

  9. Brad says:

    Obviously, you don’t know what a heroin addiction does to a person. Read Nikki Six’s book, Diary of a Heroin Addict, and you will learn first hand what a person will do to score a hit because they have no control over the desire to have heroin. Nikki Six is a Motley Crew band member, and he was addicted to it. His story is a real eye opener, so you should not judge this art student because his addiction caused him lose his life. At least he was trying to make something of himself – more than I can say for those two thugs!

    1. Nikki Six says:

      Yes because its better to be a drugged up art student than a thug with no prospects. Its sad what America is coming to. You people have a reason for everything….

      1. Brad says:

        Again, read the book, and I think you will have a different opinion. I am not condoning drugs of any kind, but in reading this book, it really makes you see what can happen to a person with an addiction.

      2. Bmax says:

        Agree 100%. If you never start, you never become an addict and you never become dead from violence with dealers. There are no victims. Only volunteers!

      3. Corey says:

        Yeah, it is better. Maybe he had a problem, but he was a talented and caring individual. Yes he harmed all of us when he let his habit bring him down this road, but he has a lot to be proud of in his life despite his drug use. What to those two nappy headed idiots have to be proud of? Fathering illegitimate children, spreading venereal diseases I”m sure, selling drugs, and killing people. “Us people”? are you talking about white people? What happened here is just an example of what a lot of young black men would rather do than get a job these days.

  10. Sorry For Us All says:

    May God have mercy on all three. My prayers are for all of us and the future that we are entering into where children kill each other without remorse. Society is raising a whole new populace of inhumanity.

  11. Huey Newton says:


    What Brad a functioning Junkie???? Get outta of here with Bull… Just because this junkie was white you want to make excuse for him….

    1. Code 5 says:

      @Huey Newton,

      If you are so educated and know all the facts, explain to me why we have 90% of all the murders in major cities in United States of America are Black on Black crime. Explain that “Mr. I Am Edumacated”!!!! That is a “Fact” Huey Newton. When is the last time you heard a drive by being done by a “White Boy” that you call it, in the city of Pittsburgh. Please tell me Mr Huey Newton. I’ll tell you, “NEVER” and it doesn’t happen. That isn’t a stereo type either, it’s the truth and a fact. I cannot wait to see Mr. Huey Newton’s statistics for the homicides in the city of Pittsburgh. Again 90% are black deaths. That is a fact.

      The black community needs to stand up and stop letting the gang member murderers own the streets and take back the streets from these worthless drug dealing gang members. Maybe since you are so Educated Mr, Huey Newton, why don’t you go out and teach these young bucks the right thing to do. Maybe they could get a job with you. What about that Mr. Huey Newton.

  12. G.. says:

    Who wants a dumb junky son? All that talent gone to waste.

  13. johnny69 says:

    People that do drugs are criminals. Criminals are bad people. Now do you understand?

  14. jpp121 says:

    What happened to the iPod?

  15. RON O'neal says:

    Damn who wants to get high at 3am???

  16. VC says:

    Just an entirely senseless situation…all that over an iPad?…I think those two just wanted to shoot their gun(s)….and, he was not too smart for meeting them at 3am…whatever the case, he is gone (sad), and now “WE” as taxpayers have to pay for the other two, to live (and die), in the prison system….good for them….something to be proud of ….geez….

  17. Huey Newton says:


  18. Huey Newton says:


    Another thing MOFO!! Do not judge an entire race on action of some people!!

    1. cometjames says:

      Umm its the actions of millions of blacks, not just a few. stop being ghetto and get a normal american life u tool!!! If ppl stop acting gangsta maybe they wont be tagged as gangsta. seems simple but da hood had yet to understand what it means to be human

    2. Thomas J Duttine says:

      If it walks like a duck……

  19. cometjames says:

    stompin bags in an alley at 3am makes murder acceptable, sounds to me like u know a think or 2 about this. where were u that night?

    1. Corey says:

      Thats what Im saying. Its one thing to acknowledge he was making bad decisions but making him culpable for his own death? Ridiculous. Just putting it out there, I dont see as many white drug dealers killing other people.

  20. Huey Newton says:


    Millions??? Really…. Exactly redneck… I do work and have a great career and also educated…..Listen if you boy wasn’t a junkie… he would probably still be here… criminals hang with criminals black, white, green, yellow its all the same archie bunker

    1. cometjames says:

      doesnt take much to get u goin does it huey? typical. love the way u come to the defense of murderes, really shows where u are at intellectually. my guess is ur education ended before 7th grade but that’s just a guess. i know mal and have every right to call it as i see it. for that matter so do u. God bless america

      1. Huey Newton says:


        Sorry for your loss, but sometimes people have to take accountability in their own life. Did he deserve to get kill???? No way, but took he the risk for that high its a disease!! RIP

  21. Corey says:

    Youre a pathetic small minded person for defending someone for being the same color as you. Real intelligent that you cant even look past that. Racist.

  22. Huey Newton says:


    (You don’t see other white drug dealers killing each) wow, you don’t get out much. It happens all the time thought the country the drug business is dirty low down business it has no color…

    1. Corey says:

      Well unfortunately murder does have a color. And I do get out much. You’d have to be in denial or just flat out stupid to not acknowledge that. Im actually dating a black person. He is ashamed and disgusted about what happened to Malachi. And if you read what I wrote, instead of what you WANTED to read, you would have seen that I said white drug dealers (and white PEOPLE in general) dont kill each other at such high rates. Black urban society is really in the toilet, which I dont necesserily blame on blacks but I do blame these murderers for their actions. So my advice to you is to not get so defensive before actually analyzing data. Have a nice day.

      1. Code 5 says:

        @ Corey,
        You took the words out of every persons mouth. You hit it right on the nail. Huey Newton needs to go back to college also. He needs to learn how to write. Too many mispelled words for such an “Edumacated” person.

  23. ed says:

    Hang the both of them on broadway and let there bodies rot,

    1. kirbyque says:

      sadly they will have their day in court and yrs of appeals before the needle is ready. they will get everything the law says they r entitled to. much more than they gave their victim. at 17 and 19 these idiots are beyond redemption and should have their seed wiped from the face of the earth and lord willing that will happen.

      1. Huey Newton says:


        Death Penalty in a drug deal gone bad….. Yeah right!!! not even close… You guys are funny…. know the law

  24. CrystalDiamond says:

    Malachi will be sorely missed by his family and friends. Despite his unfortunate addiction, he was one hell of a guy. I will not stoop to the level as most of the posts above. None of you were there, so we will never know the whole truth, so the speculations and trash talk needs to stop. Drug addiction happens in normal happy families as well as dysfunctional sad families. ~AND as well as the desire to use a gun. They were all old enough to make their own decisions and unfortunately this one was a BAD decision for all parties involved.

    1. VC says:

      well said…such a shame…and loss….

  25. China White says:

    No Marty you moron, the NAACP only protest the death of BLACK heroin addicts who get killed. You really are as stupid as a 5th grader

  26. Anonymous says:

    This is just a sad situation for everyone involved. It’s easy to think of this as just another statistic, but Malachi was loved very much by my family despite his troubles. Please be considerate with your thoughts and comments for those who are grieving.

    1. CrystalDiamond says:


  27. Trivia says:

    Kristine or Stephine? Who should replace Patrice?

  28. john 3:16 says:

    Jesus is the answer, regardless of the race or situation your going through.

  29. Brad (another) says:

    Huey newton.

    You mentioned “know the law”. Interesting point you make. If you “knew the law” as much as your point insinuates, then you would realize that if the law provided more stringent penalties for delinquent minors, this situation (among others) would never happen. “the law” actually has little to do with the punishment system put in place by our ancestors and governors. Juries and judges have the right to penalize a much or as little as they like. Regardless of the crime committed. Sure, typically most follow guidelines set forth prior, but this does not mean these 2 will get of light nor does it mean they will get a stiff sentence. Considering one of them has already apologized for his actions, they are obviously guilty. Having another felony committed during a murder does very well constitute and warrant a death penalty, however since the victim was in a felonius act himself, the assailants probably won’t do a day over 20 years. Maybe 15 depending on their cooperation. My point of all this, is you scoff at others for not “knowing the law”, you hide behind that comment to make an attempt to thinly veil tour ignorance. “know the law” usually is a comment reserved for judges, law enforcement or lawyers, all 3 of which I am doubting you are. Unless you are a soothsayer, this posting ground is no place to bang your chest and make an attempt to prove you are smarter than whitey. The people most affected by this senseless act (on all parties) are the family and friends of all 3 involved. If you want to one up everyone, try outs for jeapardy are coming soon, prove your mettle there. Not here.

  30. So Sad says:

    This is a terrible situation. I’m lost for words on what to say, I know Taivon personally. I’m not here to defend nobody but as long as I knew him this is not something he would do. It’s sad this boy had to loose his life over something so stupid a dumb ass ipad. 20 years old on herion thats also very sad, herion is a drug that will kill you, or get you killed. Now 3 young men lost there life’s over this. It just don’t make sense. Taivon just had a baby girl a few days ago and now will never be apart of his daughters life. Young people need to think of things and the way there living there life cause this is not right, for anyone who know’s Taivon or Shilee this should open your eyes on how fast you can be taking away from the ones you love. I no this was not ment to happen but it did now they will spend the rest of there life’s in jail. As for the young boy Malichis family i’ll keeo your family in our prayers & I’m sorry for the loss of your son!!!

  31. Natalie says:

    According to the news article, the art student was lured into an alley to purchase drugs, and then he was ambushed. As he went running out of the alley, realizing he was set up, he was executed. That doesn’t sound like a drug deal gone bad – that sounds like a calculating monster to me, who preyed on an easy target. They should be charged with first degree murder.

  32. 19yearold says:

    This is what happens when you live that type of lifestyle you make the wrong decisions and things happen….I’m not saying he deserved it at all but he made the decisions that lead to this happening. Young people need to realize that there not invincible that this stuff does happen and if you want to live that lifestyle then this might be your future too….

    I’m not defending the people who did it because that’s a whole different story…a 17 year old and a 19 year old number 1 selling drugs number 2 having access to weapons and having the guts to pull the trigger at someone.

    This hit me pretty hard because Malachi was just one year older than me and his life was cut short because of the stupid decisions that not only he made but the ones that other people made.

    We don’t need to be pointing fingers at people because of their skin color either because no matter white, black, red, yellow, green a crime is a crime yeah so what the 2 people that were involved in the shooting were black……what if they were white there are a lot of white drug dealers who have guns…..it’s so sad to see how racist people really are

  33. Rest Easy says:

    The rude comments need to stop. This is not the place for racial slurs or to point fingers. Three very young lives were taken in this unfortunate situation. I knew Malachi. He was always so happy and willing to help out anyone that needed him. He had a sad addiction, a disease. That is not any reason for him to have to go so early or in such a devestating way. Four days later and I still can’t believe this happened. It seems so unreal. His entire family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers. You’ll ALWAYS be loved and remembered. Rest easy Malachi! ❤

  34. Legalize It says:

    They should legalize crack and heroin so that these losers could buy a whole cereal box full for $1.00 and then smoke/snort/eat/run it until their heads exlode……Problem Solved !!!

  35. raul says:

    If all you morons would go to a real news source you would see what happen..The stupid moron REACHED and got shot…There is etiquette in these drug deals and the white wanna be wigger apparently didnt know that..

    1. Ryan says:

      Wow, Raul, that makes it right. Innocent of all charges for these guys!

      You’re an idiot.

  36. raul says:

    Ryan, how am I an idiot? Where did I say it was right?? I am just stating that the white boy (wigger) was trying to be a bad ass in a bad part of town and was probably out of his element and did something to spook (no pun intended) that you just dont do during a drug buy apparently..

    So Ryan before you start throwing your 2 cents out and I dont know if the opinion you spout is even worth 2 cents please make sure you know what you are talking about.

  37. John says:

    The real tragedy is that rehab didn’t change the way this kid was…and it was a bad enough situation that after one successful deal…he went back for more. That’s what the addiction does to you.

    I’m not defending the shooter or his partner…but the only way this kid may have kicked the habit would have been to survive the shooting…because nothing else up until then had worked. Nothing else before that had scared him straight.

    It’s a bad situation all the way around…obviously for the victim and his family but also for the two that worked the deal.

    Everybody loses.

    There is definitely something to be learned from this. The question is, as always, will anybody that’s in a similar situation…on either side of it…see this and decide they need to fix their life?

  38. Larissa says:

    Diesel Club Lounge is where Malachi worked. Maybe he was taking the drugs back there to party. Just sayin. Drugs and a nightclub go hand and hand. Especially that club.

  39. Steve F. says:

    I agree with the nightclub reference. The whole Southside is full of wannabe drug dealers that hang out in those places and sell their drugs. The police should start by cracking down on those wannabe’s.

  40. Irish Eyes says:

    This is for all you judgmental people. See below:

  41. Dirty Sanchez says:

    Big UPS to these three brain surgeons.

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