Democrat Candidates For County Executive On KDKA AM

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — With the primary less then a week away, KDKA AM’s Larry and John talk to the Democrat candidates for County Executive.

Hear why Mark Patrick Flaherty and Rich Fitzgerald think you should vote for them:

Mark Patrick Flaherty:

Rich Fitzgerald:

Mark Patrick Flaherty
Rich Fitzgerald
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One Comment

  1. BORING says:

    They are both COMMUNIST/DEMOCRATS so what is the difference.

    1. You Moron says:

      Like 8 years of George Bush did this country any good,Idiot

      1. YOU'RE A COMMIE says:

        Don’t call me a moron you Communist/Democrat lowlife.

      2. hwright says:

        So I guess the only way to fix this country is to continue giving the Rich and big companies tax breaks so the State has to struggle to pay the working class is the answer???? Republicans are NOT FOR THE WORKING class and we are the majority of this country! Tell your moron republicans to tax the gas companies tax the rich and tax the businesses in our state.

  2. Dave says:

    8 years of Bush did better than 3 years of Obummer! What happend to the CHANGE that was supposed to come. Still waiting on that one.

    1. Re-elect Obama says:

      Really now 3years to fix a TOTAL REPUBLICAN DISASTER!! Your freaking blind!!Its takes 7 years to fix bad credit give the guy some credit. Republican is not the answer……

      1. OBAMA LOL says:

        Both parties suck how about some middle ground DEMCOMS want large government how about a REAL DEPARTMENT OF LABOR one that regulates for the working man and woman and not for other large government.
        How about not letting THE RICH GET AWAY WITH LARGE TAX BREAKS they will have to do with less THEY CAN AFFORD TO REPUBLICADS.
        If The Dollar ever loses it’s WORLD CURRENCY STATUS WE’RE ALL IN TROUBLE.
        i’m sorry but OBAMA IS NOT THE ANSWER .

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