Hopewell Twp. Dog Allegedly Attacks Neighborhood Pets

HOPEWELL (KDKA) — Some neighbors in Hopewell Township, Beaver County, are fuming over a man’s pet dog after it attacked at least three pets on the same street.

The most recent attack was on a poodle named Molly, owned by Eric Poznan. His dog was mauled and had to have stitches on her stomach after Peaches, an Akita, pounced on her.

It’s the second time one of Posnan’s dogs was attacked by the same Akita. A few months back, another one of Posnan’s dogs suffered a broken leg when the Akita went after her.

Neighbors, who say they are scared to walk their pets because of a string of attacks, complained to KDKA-TV that they’ve gone to Hopewell Township police and the local district magistrate, but nothing gets done.

The owner of the Akita, James Antonis, says the fear is much to do about nothing, even though he admits Peaches has attacked smaller dogs in the past after bolting out of the house through an open door.

Antonius says his dog is not dangerous to adults or children and the dog is now in training.

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One Comment

  1. susanhriley says:

    If this was a pit bull he would have already been shot or euthed

    1. Neighbor says:

      I live in the neighborhood and have a dog also. This is not a pitbull. The dogs that are being walked and attacked are nice dogs because my dog goes up to them all the time. This guy has a connection to someone and that’s why nothing is being done. It’s pathetic that he gets away it. The dog isn’t going to go to training because no one will follow up on it. If the dog runs out the front door then they need a fence around the front yard to protect the 20 kids in the neighborhood that are outside playing along with the other dogs. The owner needs to be held accountable. Just my two cents.

      1. neighbor says:

        they wont do anything to that dog i went to court and they were supposed to get a fence but did he no still no fence and the judge wont put a dog down this is bull s

    2. Tammie says:

      Moreso after every attack this dog should have been quaranteed by animal control for 10 days. After the 3rd attack they would have ordered the dog to be put down. What has animal control said???

    3. neighbor says:

      im a neighbor to and i been to court they did nothing this dog needs to be put down

  2. NoLoveForPitBulls says:

    Because pit bulls are breed to be extra strong, particularly mean, alpha dogs. People that own those dogs are asking for trouble.

    1. Tammie says:

      Hmm this IS NOT a pit bull. Pit bulls need to owned by RESPONSIBLE owners, STOP blaming the breed!!! Do you know how many pit bulls are search and rescue dogs? Therapy dogs? etc?

    2. BlameTheDeed says:

      Not true. Pitbulls are strong however are NOT bred to be mean or Alpha dogs, Get educated before you make stupid comments.

  3. Tammi says:

    That’s BS, I have a GSD who is very animal aggressive and I NEVER allow her off leash, even on our 5 acre property because of her high prey drive. THEY ARE dangerous when they have a history of attacking other animals and should be put down unfortunately.

  4. JS says:

    If your dog runs out of your screen door to attack other dogs, then yes it is a threat. Instead of another dog, the next time this happens it might be a child. If you own a dog, you have a responsibility to ensure that it does not harm others or their pets. If you cannot do that, then you should not own a pet.

    1. Ramprat says:

      I could not agree more. Typical Hopewell Police, magistrate. God help them all if this Antonis dog get’s a child as you and I said.

  5. KD says:

    I know plenty of Pitt Bulls that are very aggressive dogs, but at the same time very well behaved. The owners need to be held accountable for the dogs actions. Train your dogs well and they will not be killers. Same with the kids shooting each other in the streets. Raise them right and they won’t act in that manner. For the most part… had to add that cause i know some people will take this statement to the extreme.

  6. MC says:

    No not all people that own pit bulls are not asking for trouble, i have two of my own and they are very well behaved, no aggressive dogs. If you train the dogs correctly they will be well behaved, just like if you train child. Everyone in my neighborhood love my dogs and show no fear towards them.
    If it was a pit that was attacking it would be put down right away, and that is not fair at all.
    your right they are dangerous dogs, but they have to be brought up to know to be dangerous.
    i agree, it is the owners responsibility if the dog runs out, and if you can not take care of the dog and make sure it does not run out, if you can not do that, then i agree you should not own pets.

  7. BamJam says:

    That would only happen ONCE to my dog and the akita would be dead because I would personally shoot it.

  8. know your breeds says:

    That is NOT an Akita. It could have Akita in it, but it is not a purebred. Look at a purbred Akita, they are nothing like this.

  9. Pittnorth says:

    Take a look at a REAL akita, not what this person says is an Akita
    No, I do not have anything to do with this breeder, just using it as a reference.
    Akitas were actually used to babysit the children in Japan. They are known to be dog aggressive. People need to know about the breed before they get it.

  10. Barb says:

    Shooting the dog, putting it down is not always the answer. Remember, these are dogs and are following instinct. We as owners think we can control every aspect of our pets, and that is unreasnable. We have to look at all these small dogs kept as pets. If we were to suddenly disappear, those little dogs would be eatin very quickly. They look like prey to any animal. The larger dogs don’t always know this is a “PET”. Some dogs are more tuned to hunting down small prey then others.
    I agree, that is not a purebred Akita.

    1. Tammi says:

      No it is not always the answer. The answer is RESPONSIBLE OWNERS! Did this guy ever have to pay for any of the vet bills for the other dogs??? I bet after a grand or two he would quickly do something about it. As I stated before, I have 5 acres but keep my dog on a long line or leash as its the OTHER irresponsible owners who let their dogs wonder around on my property and I don’t want to see any animal suffer because of their owners even after I have asked them time and time again to keep their dogs on their property as they know that my GSD is dog aggressive but still fail to do so. Long story short, so many dogs wouldn’t run wild hurting and killing other animals if the owner was responsible!!!

  11. Gary Timchak says:

    This situatuion is bad all together period. The owners should be more responsible to control their dog. Since this a repeat offender then the dog should have to be put down before it does hurt a child or another person. At the least the owners if they want to keep this dog should have to keep it in a 6 ft high fenced in enclosure. I have personally seen this dog loose on several occasions and have evened offered my help to find it when it got loose. In my opinion these people cannot control this dog because it keeps getting loose and causing problems for everyone that lives in this neighorhood.

    It’s not the breed that’s at fault. It’s the OWNERS. Example: their is another Akita that is in our neighborhood and it never gets loose from her yard or from when she walks it. Go figure!!!

  12. LJP says:

    As an Akita owner, this is not a pure bred Akita. None the less, it does not have to be pure bred to exhibit known traits of the breed. Akita’s are dog aggressive. I was encouraged to socialize my Akita and put him in training earlier than most other breeds. The trainer advised “no dog parks” What does that tell you??? This is an Alpha breed when it comes to other animals. One of the only breeds known to overpower and kill a Pit Bull. Yes the Japanese used them as babysitters. They were also bred to hunt bear. They are excellent guard dogs. Loyal to the end. Want to know the real heart and soul of an Akita and its master/family, rent the movie “Hachi” (a true story) starring Richard Gere!

  13. NEIGHBOR says:


  14. Wesley says:


  15. Sweeps Week says:

    Marty Griffin has the dogs complete k-nine criminal record……new at five Dangerous Dogs!!!!!!!! Where you could be killed by a savage best just by taking a walk!!!!!!

  16. BangBang says:

    Give the dog some of Dr.Colt’s sleeping pills

  17. Linda Posnan says:

    I am the owner of the 2 dogs that were attacked. Both of my sweet animals
    have been traumatized to say the least. They are both very afraid of everybody and every animal they encounter. Maxx who is the latest victim will not move
    or walk in our house. He wants to be carried everywhere. He has not eaten in
    days and just wants to be on our laps. This is not fair. We rescued both of our pets and they were very loving until these attacks. The neighbors are walking with big sticks or golf clubs when they walk their dogs I ask you is this JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jeeves says:

      Hire him a butler,Haw Haw

  18. Eric B Posnan says:

    i,am the dogs other owner, Eric Posnan.I hope in my heart of hearts that something is done regarding my Max. I just got finished walking him & Maggie, who was the first dog attacked by James Antonis” dog peaches. Max is soo traumatised by being attacked by peaches, he will not go anywhere, he must be carried. When I had just returned from taking him out, I must carry him to the end of the driveway and then put on his leasth, he darts and stops, and darts and stops and finally urinates. Again, darets and stops, doesn’t eat. It s sad. People have gone to court regarding peaches and James Antonis, and what has happened, absooulely NOTHING> SO WHAT IS WITH THE HOPEWELL SYSTEM OF JUSTICE, I ASK YOU./ I continue walk them with a golf club in my hand fofr safety. Someone needs to help this neighborhood.

    1. Laurel says:

      The whole answer is that people need educated about dogs, breeds and behavior before getting one. It is unfair to the dogs that were attacked, their owners as well the dog that did the attacking, This dog never asked to be bred and obviously was never trained, socialized or given the proper ownership. In another persons hands, this dog could have been a great pet.
      Blaming dogs is a thin line. In this case, the dog is dangerous to other animals and should not be allowed to run loose. If it is caught running loose, the dog needs to be taken away from the owner and the authorities decide what to do.
      The news reports this is an Akita which it is not. Maybe part, but not a true Akita. Just remember, if you own a breed that is known to be dog aggressive, be careful to keep it away from other dogs.
      If you own a small breed dog, remember to always be vigilant as your dog is going to be spotted as prey by larger animals.
      Lets try to educate and learn. If you want a particular breed, go to an AKC breeder who temperament and health tests their dogs and breeds ONLY for the good of that breed. Make sure you note the parents temperament as this is hereditary.
      I hope the owner does pay for the vet visits. It is only right since he was irresponsible.

    2. Needs Doggy Prosac says:

      Carried ???….Are you on crack ?….I think your dog is smarter than you….Remember,If you think your dog is stupid,remember who he has supporting him

  19. AQAINTANCE says:


  20. kristy says:

    as the proud owner of a pit, pit mix, lab/dane, and beagle/jack russell terrier, i’m amazed that kdka reported on a non-pit-bull-related incident. it seems that pits are always the breed that’s blamed for anything bad that happens.

    1. MC says:

      I agree with you, i am glad another dog has been reported and on the news, i have two pits and i am tired of only hearing about pits. its not fair for those good owner/dogs.

  21. Laurel says:

    Any breed can bite or attack.

  22. David Hozo Hosack says:

    The Akita attact my dog and made bad marks on her body

    1. pittnorth says:

      Try typing and speaking in proper english please.

  23. Ramprat says:

    I am wondering if and WHEN a child get’s bit will action be taken then? It is going too happen. Only a matter of time.

  24. Ramprat says:

    If I were Mr. Antonis neighbor and one of my dogs were bit, on my own property or on public sidewalk he and I would of had a good old fashioned fist fight. His lack of concern for and the respect of his neigbors is very evident.

    1. ThinkingMan says:

      One of the most important truths about dog ownership is that ‘there are no bad dogs, only bad owners’. Some breeds do have inherent traits such as being ‘dog agressive’ as some other owners have noted. Instead of focusing on the dog, people should be outraged that the owner has not been FORCED to put up a suitable fence/enclosure for his dog. Instead of sending the dog to training, maybe it would be a good idea if the owner could be compelled to get training on how to properly restrain/control his dog!

  25. pittgirl says:

    Where at in Hopewell is this?

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