By: Trina Orlando

GREENSBURG (KDKA) – Testimony continued today in the trial of teenager charged with murdering a Greensburg woman last year.

Angela Marinucci is one of six people charged in the brutal torture and murder of 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty.

On Wednesday, jurors heard from several expert witnesses and saw the weapons used to beat and torture Daugherty in the hours before her death.

Jurors saw photos of the bleach Daugherty was forced to drink and also the garland used to bind her feet.
They were also shown the crutch allegedly used to beat Daugherty as well as the knife allegedly used to stab her.

Experts say the blood found on each of the items belonged to Daugherty.

This afternoon, 36-year-old Kasey Burd, the first of several jailhouse snitches who Marinucci allegedly confessed to while incarcerated, took the stand.

Burd, serving time in the Westmoreland County Prison after pleading guilty to retail theft, found herself in a cell next to Marinucci. She says she contacted authorities because Marinucci began talking about her role in a murder.

Marinucci allegedly said she was the one who wanted Daugherty dead. She said it all began because Ricky Smyrnes’ wife cheated on him and he was going to chose Marinucci or Jennifer Daugherty to be the new mother of his children.

At one point, Marinucci even claimed to be pregnant with Smyrnes child and she repeatedly punched and kicked Daugherty in the stomach after Daugherty said she was pregnant too.

Marinucci said they initially plan to make the murder look like a suicide. They even had forced Daugherty to write a suicide note before Melvin Knight slit her wrists, but that didn’t work and the torture progressed.

Marinucci said that she and the others made three concoctions, including Crisco, urine, feces, prescription medications and bleach and forced Daugherty to drink them.

Marinucci said when Daugherty was dead, they bound her with garland and Christmas lights and had a family meeting where they debated what to do with her body before eventually dumping her in a trash can outside Greensburg-Salem Middle School.

Marinucci also allegedly said that when it was all done, Ricky Smyrnes cleaned up and said they’d be surprised – he did a really good job.

Burd also said Marinucci was childish while talking about the murder, really only seeming to care what would happen to her as a result of it.

More inmates are expected to testify on Thursday.

KDKA-TV’s Trina Orlando is in the courtroom and will be tweeting updates on breaks. You can follow her updates at


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