Battle Brewing Over Alcohol In Bellevue

BELLEVUE (KDKA) — Bellevue remains one of our area’s dry communities, but that could change with a referendum on the ballot next Tuesday that would allow alcohol sales.

Signs for and against the idea have popped up in yards and on storefront windows.

Proponents of alcohol sales say it’s not about bars, it’s about economic development.

Aaron Stubna, a local barber, says being a dry town isn’t working for Bellevue anymore. His group’s YouTube video shows the empty storefronts in town.

Sean Waters, however, disagrees. He heads up the group who wants people to vote down the referendum. Waters is concerned that the borough won’t have control over who gets the licenses.

Another neighbor worries alcohol sales could bring a bad element.

If approved, Bellevue would initially have two liquor licenses, but council could vote approve more later on.

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One Comment

  1. Freddy says:

    Does this mean Bellevue would no longer be stuck in 1935 and join the rest of Pittsburgh in 1990 ? Pittsburgh loves being behind the times smh

    1. BeanMan says:

      What about BAKED BEANS? We will still be able to get BAKED BEANS in Bellevue?

  2. Fix PGH says:

    I worked in Bellevue there were alot of empty store fronts this could really bring a boost to the business in that area. I understand the resident’s concern but I think it’s time to come out of the dark ages.

  3. williejoe says:

    Time to shake off that pENNSYLVANIA Quaker mentality.

  4. ha ha ha says:

    no bars in bellevue is a good thing, the boro cant handle there stuff now

    go some place else if you want to drink

    (and i know ill get negative comments back) but everyone has an opinion and this is mine

    1. Martha says:

      I agree!! Why have bars in town, when you can drive 5 miles out of town, have some beers, and drive impaired back into Bellview putting people such as yourself in mortal danger.

      Besides, Dry towns are good for the economy too. Police, Fire and EMS, Lawyers, Hospitals, and Funeral parlors all get a major boost when people are forced to drive drunk.

      1. Dru says:

        Your not that bright…are you?

    2. Sick of it says:

      at ha ha ha – I agree with you… totally… We need to start somewhere else first then we can worry about alcohol later. The ones that are for it – apparently have no ties to the Borough nor do they have children.

      1. Mayor of GBD says:

        Sicko, so if they open a business in your “hole” and pay taxes on a vacant property and hire unemployed…it’s a bad thing. What a moron!

      2. Scott Irlbacher says:

        Sick of it:

        I live in the borough on North Euclid Avenue. I’m married and have lived here for roughly two years. I have children and we pay taxes. Don’t think for one second this is a puppet campaign. If you want to know my true identity – look me up and we can chat in person instead of hiding behind monikers.

      3. Sue says:

        i agree Sick of It, once again. (and by the way, i love everyone voicing their opinions like this-it does show we care about our town) i have lived here for 50 years and i’m telling you, the problem isn’t the lack of alcohol, and bellevue living in the “quaker mentality”. its all this subsidized, low-income rentals invading our homes. the mid to older generation is moving away for many reasons i’m sure. but i’ve spoken to my neighbors over the decades, and never once did one of them say “there isn’t a bar here-we’re outta here”. they complain about safety, and the behavior of the people living across the street, with the 7 kids who aren’t even theirs; they don’t work, they put their garbage cans on the front porch, broken windows, no curtains, little drive by’s so they can pull over-get “hooked up” with whatever, and then they pull away. you never see hide nor hair of the landlords-with the grass a foot high and god know the tenants don’t own a lawnmower-they could care less. the best thing i’ve heard in borough news lately was the building of the skate park in bayne and a possible dog park up at memorial pool. these kinds of things will attract new families and keep the older ones here. lets hire more zoning officials and get them on a little “drive by” of their own to see what is actually going on!

  5. Barb Doscher says:

    This issue is not as cut and dry as it appears on the surface. We are not Quakers. We are citizens who do not want their town to become a South SIde. I bet the South SIde residents never imagined that their little town would become the bar haven/destination spot that it is. The truth is that although only 2 licenses will be initially given, that does not mean that more will not be granted by a very few members of the council. Do your homework. Every bar/restaurant has an R license in Pennsylvania. An R license means that food must be AVAILABLE to serve to patrons. Thus, chips, beef stick, and pickles served at a bar equals food. We would all like a nice restaurant where wine and beer is served, but sense we, as the citiizens of the town have absolutely NO CONTROL who will get the license. And even if the initial purchaser has many good intentions for a nice restaurant, we can all see how that can quickly change and the license sold to someone else, when the restaurant doesn’t quite work out. If you need to have a drink at dinner, just walk across the street (literally) to Avalon. They would welcome your business. Keep us dry!!!

    1. Matt says:

      Yeah, Wet towns Like Fox Chapel and Mount Lebo are such terrible places huh? Their property rates rates have dropped, and their crime sure have soared with all that rampant problem drinking.

      1. Mark says:

        How about Manchester, Mckees Rocks, Brighton Heights, Mckeesport, Homewood, The Hill District, Avalon, Clairton, Oakland and Duquense? Just to name a few. Matt I’m sorry to break this to you but Bellevue is not comparable to Fox Chapel LMAO.

    2. Scott says:

      Keep pumping out the fear tactics, Mayor Doscher…err, Barb.

      This isn’t about bars – its about restaurants beyond Chinese take out, pizza shops, and burgers & fries. There is MAYBE one restaurant in this neighborhood that you don’t have in every other neighborhood – people from West View or Sewickley aren’t going to come to Bellevue to get pizza or Chinese. We want to spend our money here – and unique destination restaurants aren’t going to come here if they can’t serve alcohol.

    3. Scott says:

      Mark – Wilkinsburg is dry. How’s that working out for them?

      Why are you insulting Avalon? They are just as nice a place to live as Bellevue – or are you saying they are part of our problem? Please enlighten me.

      1. Mark says:

        Did a meth lab in Bellevue ever catch on fire inside of a hotel room? Ummm don’t think so! Now I’ve been to Avalon bars a handful of times and let me tell you a few stories from personal experience.. I was at a bar in Avalon with a few friends from my college and ran into some people I knew from high school(drug dealers) and sure enough within an hour all hell broke loose. Breakdown of the night: Off duty state trooper got jumped by 3 thugs, a girl’s purse got stolen, multiple other injuries occurred and I got punched in the face trying to break it up. After this all happened, we walked to the other fine establishment next door and low and behold the same thing happened!! Of course this kind of stuff does not happen every time you go out, but enough to raise concern to the people of Bellevue. Bottom line is, you can’t control who will be granted a license in the future. So Scott, care to join me on the Avalon bar crawl? We can drink fine wine and dine at the finest establishments Avalon has to offer hahaha

      2. Scott says:

        Mark, now you’re just using hyperbole. Bellevue doesn’t have a hotel for you meth lab scare tactic to work. I’ve never been to any of the bars in Avalon because I can’t walk to them. I live on the opposite end of Bellevue (near the bridge) and the walk even to Kuhn’s is enough to require a nap after my trip. Its easily several hundred yards into Avalon before I get to a place with served drinks. Besides, I don’t go to bars.

        The idea is indeed idealistic, but we can’t see it play out without taking the leap of faith. The best comparison to Bellevue is either Sewickley or Squirrel Hill. Not for demographics but rather self-supporting neighborhoods with heavy pedestrian traffic. Why aren’t there bars in either neighborhood? Because the citizens wouldn’t allow it – but they have liquor licenses. And those locally-owned & community-centered restaurants benefit the community. However, I doubt you frequent those neighborhoods or heaven forbid have lived in them to have the perspective to see how Bellevue could be similar.

      3. Veronica S Anderson says:

        Mark, Are you talking about the drug motel on 65? You cannot use that as a comparison, plus in Bellevue all you have to do is buy herion on Lincoln ave but watch out for the the stabbings and the shootings. I am bringing this up just to compare our towns. Bellevue needs to wake up and smell the coffee yes coffee not booze. Voting yes will help all on the avenue, all our coffee bistro’s and small businesses. A vote for NO is a vote to stay in the past and letting this town die.

    4. Veronica says:

      Barb, I appreciate your comments but disagree. This is not just about an alcohol license this is about opening up possibilities for a better Bellevue, a future where the local entrepreneurs can grow and they hopefully change the tide. I have only lived in Bellevue for 8 years and unfortunately I have seen the decline. Closed storefronts and properties falling apart and if things do not change I have no recourse but to leave also. I am not the only one thinking this way so do my neighbors. We are just waiting to see if Bellevue changes for the better by voting for a future

      1. Mark says:

        LMFAO…So bars are going to help lessen drug activity and violent crimes. LOL. I actually broke out laughing whoooo. And the winner of worst argument goes to Veronica S Anderson!! Come on down to the Rusty Dory and receive your prize.

        Veronica, heres a free lesson.

      2. Scott says:


        Wilkinsburg is dry. That certainly doesn’t do much to reduce their crime. More people along Lincoln Ave means more people around to detract crime.

        Here is a free lesson on what happens when citizens have to drive somewhere to drink alcohol:

    5. LINCOLNBARBER says:

      here is a quote from your husband 2 yrs ago. How has the business district changed for the better in the last 2 yrs????

      Tribune-Review -May 2009
      Doscher said one focus if he is re-elected will be to attract more businesses to Lincoln Avenue, the borough’s main thoroughfare.

      “We need to be able to revitalize the downtown area — it’s our life’s blood,” said Doscher, 51. “Government should make it easy for businesses to thrive.”

      Article | 04.29.11 Citizen-Response to Danina Dibatista
      “Perhaps Ms. DiBattista should have done her homework and actually glanced at what my job description is, as the mayor. I am in charge of the police department. I am also responsible for presenting a budget and breaking any tie votes in council. Other than those jobs, I am the figure head of the borough, but I have no authority over which businesses are welcome here in our town. ”

      “Actually, the chamber of commerce in our borough does assist and promote the local businesses. ”

      Read more: Bellevue mayoral race contested 1st time in decades – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

  6. JBD says:

    Yeah, I’m sure Bellevue’s going to turn into the “hip” South Side of the Burgh. I know people are concerned about the problems with loiterers and drunks wandering the streets at night. However, Bellevue already has enough kids and weirdos loitering around already. I can see why Bellevue is on decline. The logic isn’t there regarding this issue and it’s probably the same people who don’t want Bellevue to be an attractive place for investment either; hence the empty storefronts and cheesy stores.

  7. Porgie says:

    Yes Bellevue has some vacant stores, name one town in the area that does not. Bellevue has been getting wacked for years with more malls being built, I-279 sucking people north and in case no one noticed the country has been in a recession. Are two “restaurants going to fix the issue, you do the math. By the way why don’t the folks who want alcohol come up with a comprehensive plan that includes all the components of a thriving town, such as rehabilitating housing, elimination of so many rental properties and getting the folks who screem to drink in Bellevue to spend some of thier money NOW to support the local stores. I guess they can’t do that with out a drink in them.

  8. JBD says:

    Maybe they should move all of the smokers out of Bellevue. That should do the trick.

  9. lincolnbarber says:

    We seek to promote economic development by allowing quality establishments in Bellevue to sell alcohol. This will provide more options for dining and entertainment venues and attract more people to our main street, increase commerce, create a more vibrant business district and generate new revenues without raising taxes. Many of our residents enjoy a night out accompanied with a glass of wine or drink with their dinner, while listening to live music, watching a game, or just relaxing. Currently, they have to spend their time and money elsewhere. We have the opportunity to allow people to enjoy themselves right here and make Bellevue a destination spot to shop, dine and enjoy a night out.

  10. Do Something FAST!!!!! says:

    Let me start by saying that I have lived in Bellevue my entire life. Right now, Bellevue is nothing the way I remembered it being as a kid. It has lost its charm, appeal and attraction. When I speak about this issue, I know that I am speaking for many of the residents who have lived there for many years…People just like me. I remember the charming little stores on Lincoln Avenue. I remember when you could sleep with your door unlocked with no one to bother you. We had a movie theater and pet store – which is now replaced by a Family Dollar store (I like dollar stores just as much as the next) but having two of them within less than a mile radius is ludicrous – a phone store and YET ANOTHER PIZZA SHOP. Good quality stores are being taken over but lower-grade stores. It was a quaint, quiet, little town with families, a little town that stuck together and everyone knew everyone. A town with character. Now, the ratio for single family homes to apartments-renters – well let’s just say – there are more renters in this area than someone owning a home. The problem with this is – property owners are renting to anyone. Just to fill the space. You never know who is going to move in beside you – and you don’t know what kind of trouble you will have them – why – because of the low-income housing rentals. I must say, this “bar thing” is not the only problem we face here. However, adding a bar will only create more of a downward spiral to our town. There are already enough children underage drinking as it is. We do not need another place where they can get it. I think council definitely needs to address a few issues that are more important first. First, we need our town revamped in a way by STOP RENTING TO SECTION 8 PEOPLE and having our single family homes turned into apartment buildings. I’m sorry, I have no problem with people (the elderly or people genuinely in dire need of Section 8 housing). Nevertheless, the others – this just brings in trouble. Which in turn, when you have this, affects our schools, our children’s “quality education” and affects our teachers. Why would they want to stay with delinquent kids – It’s such a low-grade community now – I hear they are cutting some programs at the high school – then what, you have more kids in trouble because there is nothing to do… But yet, we have one of the highest local taxes in a district.….You have a higher crime rate and more trouble in one little area. Then our stores – how many dollar stores, pizza shops, consignment shops, Laundromats, check cashing stores, and Staunton Clinic for the mentally ill in one small area? Luigis, which has been a Bellevue landmark since I can remember, is struggling because of the competition. It is a shame. Therefore, now because of the “lower-grade people” that live there – we need to cater to their cash flow – which dollar stores seem like heaven to them. I have nothing against the mentally ill and feel sorry them. However, I do not think Staunton Clinic should be smack-dab in the heart of Bellevue with our children walking the streets either. I cannot tell you how disheartening it is to see this downward spiral. I used to be proud to say I was from Bellevue. Now, I feel like when I tell someone where I live, I have to defend the way it used to be. I repeat – “it never was like this before. Hopefully, council will do something about it.” I am sure people do not want to buy in Bellevue because of the way it is now – the homes will never sell if you decide to move. So slumlords come in and suck up the houses for sale and turn them into Section 8 palaces while the rest of have to suffer the consequences. So for those of you who say that we have an old mentality, or we are “Quakers” – who cares what you think, you are ignorant to the fact that this is truly a mess and we are facing some serious issues here and obviously you have no children of your own or you would reconsider. You must rent as well here. Is Avalon not far enough for you to walk or is Anthony’s too far for you too, or how about the beer distributor on Ohio River Boulevard or perhaps the one in Avalon – maybe go hang out down town or South Side or Station Square for a drink or two – or don’t you have a car to get there? I know I am speaking for many of our residents here…This issue for the bars is ridiculous. We need to as a community take back our streets, schools, housing, storefronts and make Bellevue what it originally was. Make it beautiful again. Make it livable again. Keep it alive with good people and keep it safe. Let our children want to live there when they grow up. SAY NO TO THE BARS. WE SHOULD ATTEND THE COUNCIL MEETING AND STAND UP FOR OUR TOWN. COME ON PEOPLE CAN YOU NOT SEE THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL????????????????????????????????

    1. Anne says:

      Unfortunately, the leadership against the referendum isn’t offering up alternatives or different ideas as to what will improve the business district.

      I don’t believe two nice restaurants serving drinks with meals will save Bellevue by any means, but the “No Bars” people aren’t giving me any substance other than fear of bars. I don’t like their tactics:
      – putting down Avalon (our sister neighborhood)
      – assuming that the people of Bellevue can’t handle alcohol to be responsible citizens
      – assuming the worst about this opportunity.

      If someone against bars has a better idea to try to jump start some growth along Lincoln, then I’ll vote NO on Tuesday. Until then, I’m voting YES.

    2. LINCOLNBARBER says:

      WOW! You are all over the place with your comments. you also bring up many GREAT points. The same points our side is making! These are the reasons we need to UPSCALE OUR BUSINESS DISTRICT! It all stems from a viable ,vibrant business district. Everything you mentioned is true. How do we get more young professionals and young families to MOVE/BUY AND INVEST in Bellevue? We need a town with things for them to do/spend money! We also need to pull more outside shoppers to take notice in Bellevue. Bring them into our town to spend MONEY! It’s all about tax revenue. More foot traffic=more money spent! It’s simple business. Everything you mentioned is all relative-it’s all connected, low income clientle,section 8, the school district, high taxes, undesirable storefronts etc.. This is not about “BARS”!! The state will not allow somebody to open a BAR!!-IT DOESN’T HAPPEN THAT WAY!! You are also telling these people to go elsewhere to spend their money! Did you read your own comments before you pressed send?!! That is the worst thing you can tell these people-“to go elsewhere” KEPP THE MONEY HERE!!” PLEASE VOTE “YES”

      1. LINCOLNBARBER says:

        This was a response to:
        Do Something FAST!!!!!

    3. SUE says:


      1. SICKOFIT says:

        THANK YOU SUE! I’m not opposed to making Bellevue down with the times but come on. We have the elderly that are afraid of walking the streets past 5:00 pm. Young girls bringing in city trash. There are no familiar faces anymore. You have a single family unit home with 3 – 4 families in it, dogs, beer cans. Come on. Then they want to put restaurants – nice ones at that. Who in their right mind would want to even drive through except guys 18 and older combing the streets trying to find our “young” girls to get in their car and drink and get high and oh yes, make babies as the girls are only 17 and younger. We need to address Section 8 housing before anything else can be done and fix our schools. Lord knows once the programs start to go – our youth will have NOTHING to do and we might as well convert Bellevue into the projects. I think the another huge issue is checking where the students live. How many northsiders and Manchester students and all over the place go to Northgate? There are many, let me tell you. Get them the heck out of our schools and let them ruin where they actually live. It will only get worse. Cutting teachers now and our sports programs, no musicals. I see bad in the future and I can’t believe the ones who live in Bellevue are in such denial. They can’t possibly care or they would speak up like we just did. I think if the majority of the Bellevue residents knew this was on KDKA, then the ones that agree with me would do so. All this talk about improving the stores, the restaurants, blah, blah, blah, – how are we going to do this when the people that live there can’t afford to buy in better stores, eat in better restaurants. WHY??? When they can use their foodstamps in the dollar stores. UGHHGGGHHHHHH!!!! I want to see Bellevue transform just like the next person – but address the root of the problem, the issue at hand first – YOU CANNOT SIDESTEP LIKE THIS. Fix the housing and the schooling – THENNNNNNNNNN THINK ABOUT THIS. THEN THERE MIGHT BE A CHANCE FOR IT TO WORK.

  11. Amy says:

    Aaron Stubna, perhaps I should make a youtube video of all of the vacant business in Avalon–the communitiy right next door. Alcohol sales are really helping that borough to prosper…wink wink.

    1. Long-time in Bellevue says:

      Amy – you expressed my sentiments exactly. If prosperity is based on having a liquor license, then Avalon – with 5 bars – should be a booming town but just look at it! If a liquor license is going to bring prosperity to Bellevue, someone needs to show me the numbers. Where are the forecasts & projections showing how this will improve Bellevue??

      1. Scott says:

        Amy & LTIB, This isn’t about bars. We don’t need bars. This is about attracting destination restaurants that will attract others to discover Bellevue for the first time.

        We have nothing to offer the region that they don’t already have in the local shopping plaza.

  12. Ralph says:


    This is about creating DESTINATION RESAURANTS that will keep our citizens’ money here in town but also attract money from others in surrounding communities. Drive past Cafe Notte, Willow, and Andora ANY night. Their parking lots are packed. These are classy places that will NEVER consider a similar venture in Bellevue because they can’t serve drinks. People who want to go to a classy place tend to want a drink with their meal.


    1. sick of it says:


      1. Scott says:

        Please tell me why they would come to Bellevue. Do you understand how much revenue drink sales are at a restaurant? At some places as much as 30%! Why would a business willingly come to a tired worn out modest-income community and willingly throw out as much as 30% of their potential revenue?

        Don’t tell me that a town can’t influence who gets their liquor licenses. Do you think its coincidence that there isn’t a single bar in Sewickley?

        You Bellevue lifers need to let go. This isn’t your Norman Rockwell neighborhood anymore. Progress or look like Coraopolis.

    2. Mark says:

      So if their parking lots are packed does that mean that they are driving home drunk? Im sorry but if you are not going to go to a restaurant because your cant buy a drink you have serious problems. Ralph the first thing here is to admit that you have a problem.

  13. sickof it says:


    1. John says:

      Sickofit, You can ask Sam DiBattista who owned Vivo. Most of his business was from Sewickley and those people didn’t want to keep bringing their own bottles of wine. He was losing money because he couldn’t sell them wine. Personally, I think the restaurant was too nice for Bellevue. That doesn’t mean some middle of the road nice locally-owned places couldn’t work here – but they won’t come here if they have to lose so much potential revenue by not serving drinks.

      1. Amy says:

        Think about it. That’s not the only reason he moved his business. As you said, most of people dining there were from out of town–naturually. It makes good business sense to move your business to where your target market is located. Alcohol or not, Bellevue wasn’t the right place for him.

      2. sickofit says:

        Agreed and disagreed about Vivo, the restuarant was very nice and the only time you saw a BMW, a Mercedes or a Lexus was in front of Vivo. However, Bellevue always has been dry and it’s BYOB. If you want your wine badly enough, bring it. I can understand one wants to enjoy a glass with dinner. However, when Vivo was open for business – was there not a thought in mind that it might fail because of the location? Let’s face it, when I want to enjoy a nice dinner, I look at the all around atmosphere. I don’t want to look out the window and see parents yelling at their kids running up and down the street and/or young teenage mothers walking their babies up and down the avenue worrying about who is driving around looking at them, nor do I want people standing around smoking cigerettes and loitering around the sidewalks as I get out of my car. That’s not my “ideal” atmosphere. That’s not my fault his business failed. Again, other than drinking – there are many other issues Bellevue faces. No one seems to recognize this. No one cares. It’s all about the great American dollar. Who can make a fast buck and get rich. That’s the problem with today’s world. You want a glass of wine – have one before dinner, bring it with you for dinner or don’t drink at all… I mean there is such a thing as water and soft drinks.

  14. Long-time in Bellevue says:

    Scott – you are right, this isn’t about bars. It’s about licenses – who owns them, who controls them, who buys and sells them. It’s about profits to the individuals owning the licenses – which does not necessarily equate to improving Bellevue. Unfortunately the license doesn’t come with a guarantee that it will be granted to and used by a quality destination restaurant. There is nothing to govern the type of establishment using the license – only that it serve food. Doesn’t have to be quality food – just food.

    1. Scott says:

      Yes but the start-up cost for a simple bar serving nothing but hot dogs and Dinty Moore is prohibitive to lowest-common denominator. The license fees & legal costs are thousands. The insurance is thousands each year. The current vacant store fronts would also require thousands in renovation to convert them to a bar OR restaurant. Tens of thousands to put in a kitchen. A CO2 tap system with six taps for a bar would cost at least ten thousand dollars. That doesn’t include the cost of recruiting new staff, decorating, and advertising a new business. What kind of person in their right mind would invest tens of thousands of dollars just to sell $3 beers and shots? They would never recoup their loans!

      If this doesn’t pass, enjoy the continued decay of our business district. Maybe we can get another Chinese restaurant. Maybe instead of a cafe & wine crawl, we could have a discount & consignment shop tour or a pizza shop crawl!

      1. Tonya says:

        Please disregard the example I gave in my previous reply. I was informed that not all of my facts are straight. The point I was trying to make remains the same. Please feel free to delete my first post. Thank you.

  15. Sean says:

    Check out this week’s Citizen, Linda Woshner suggests council should offer tax rebates to encourage multi-unit to single family conversion: “With another term in office, Woshner said that she would like to convince her colleagues to provide property tax rebates for owners who convert apartment houses to single family homes. She also sees strong code enforcement as a critical part of the borough’s future, with blighted properties targeted.”

  16. Long-time in Bellevue says:

    I have to agree with Tonya about the loans – banks are only too willing to lend to any potential small business owner. But not allowing alcohol into Bellevue is not going to cause the further “decay” of our business district – we have the economy in general to thank for that. Given that 80% of all small businesses fail within the first year, it is truly cost prohibitive to open a restaurant in a building that did not formerly house one. But again – there is no requirement that the establishment have a full, working kitchen. Only that they serve food -which could be bags of chips and hot dogs heated in a microwave.

  17. Varsho says:

    I think all this fighting proves is… all the uptight people can stay sober and die in Bellview and the neighboorhood will regress just as it has been over the last two decades. You must really think poorly of the people in your community to think it will destroy Bellview. Didn’t someone compare this to Clairton and Braddock?

    God forbid an Applebees or TGI Fridays moves in next door… the horror!!

    What would your solution be to adding life to this dying neighborhood? A yarn barn? Maybe a doggie day care center? Maybe you can put a major tax increase on the next ballot to fund a massive public outdoor recreational area… that’ll bring people in, and keep people here!

    1. Vote NO! says:

      I don’t know what this “Bellview” is that you speak of. I live in Bellevue and I base my thoughts on what is happening around me. Are bars in Avalon and the Brighton Heights helping those areas to prosper? The answer is NO! So this 23-year-old (who I might add enjoys going out for the occasional drink on the weekends) will be voting NO on the 17th. Perhaps instead of all the fighting, both sides could come together to think of a better solution.. but I suppose it’s their way or the highway.

  18. VoteYES says:

    Sean, I’m for the Referendum and have volunteered a lot of hours working on it. I just want to apologize about that last comment. I’m not sure who wrote it but I hope you won’t judge us all by that low blow comment.

    Regardless of where we each stand, each side has worked hard to fight for what they believe will help Bellevue. We have more in common than some of us may like to admit. We should all be proud that so many have taken an intrest in this issue one way or another because we care about our community.

    1. Barb says:

      I agree with VoteYES. While we all have different opinions about the direction for Bellevue, how refreshing it is that we are all at least committed to something. We do not need to lower ourselves to personal comments, just argue the issues. That’s what a good debate is all about. Again, thank you VoteYES for your comments.

  19. Josh Falls says:

    These are the type of people you are up against. Rather than debate the issue, they would rather attack someone personally. Then people wonder Bellevue isn’t the community it once was with people like this. In mature personal attacks really represent Bellevue well on a KDKA website for all of Pittsburgh to view. Way to make us all look good. You should be embarrassed using a name like Bellevue Bulldog and then acting the way you did in a public domain. I doubt the alumni of the school of appreciate it.

  20. Freddy says:

    Think about this for a minute. prohibiting alcohol sales may actually reduce public safety. Research has found that dry counties have higher proportions of alcohol-related traffic crashes than do wet counties. A study in Kentucky suggested that residents of dry counties have to drive farther from their homes to consume alcohol, thus increasing impaired driving exposure. Why is it when people try to make a point they go for the most extreme ? Bellevue is very close to Brighton heights do you really think crime is going to leap frog over it ?

    1. sick of it says:

      Hmmm… let’s seee…. It doesn’t matter because they are moving right on in. They ruined their area now they want to ruin ours.

  21. ThinkingMan says:

    So let me see if I have this straight. If two liquor licenses are approved for Bellevue, high class restaurants will want to locate there and that will drive the economic recovery for this area? And if Bellevue remains dry it will ensure the death spiral of the area? So the life or death of a community depends on alcohol? Sad….


    Here is a quote from Bellevue Mayor George Doscher 2 yrs ago. How has the business district changed for the better in the last 2 yrs????

    Tribune-Review -May 2009
    Doscher said one focus if he is re-elected will be to attract more businesses to Lincoln Avenue, the borough’s main thoroughfare.

    “We need to be able to revitalize the downtown area — it’s our life’s blood,” said Doscher, 51. “Government should make it easy for businesses to thrive.”

    Article | 04.29.11 Citizen-Response to Danina Dibatista

    “Perhaps Ms. DiBattista should have done her homework and actually glanced at what my job description is, as the mayor. I am in charge of the police department. I am also responsible for presenting a budget and breaking any tie votes in council. Other than those jobs, I am the figure head of the borough, but I have no authority over which businesses are welcome here in our town. ”
    “Actually, the chamber of commerce in our borough does assist and promote the local businesses. ”
    Read more: Bellevue mayoral race contested 1st time in decades – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

  23. Joe Taylor says:

    Im no longer an Avalon//Bellvue area resident, why, not because there were too many power drinking idiots in the area, but BECAUSE there is little to nothing to encourage folks to stay in the area. I spent a number of years trying to become a member of the community, I even attended open council meetings and attempted to speak when an open dialogue was announced, BUT, what I discovered was that if I was not a business owner my opinion was not only worthless, but not allowed to be heard. I discovered that if one is not amongst the “Clique” of RESPECTED business and property owners that the individual is worthless in the view of local “LEADERS”.
    I believe its time for the “Common Citizens” of the area to make thier opinions known, hopefully they can. As for myself I moved back into the “City of Pittsburgh”, I purchased a home in the Marshall//Shadeland area, and believe it or not we have fewer “Incidents requiring Police action” here than in Bellevue, and we have “Bars”, Coffee Houses, Convienience stores, Barber shops, and those highly feared “Pizza shops”… Come on people get your act together and start re-building your community, the retirement community will not disappear, it may even be an improved retirement area, if you let..

  24. hmmm says:

    Im going to VOTE NO on this

    Why not have things for the under 21 crowd so they are not hanginging on the corners and getting in trouble. There are more things for people over 21 to do then under 21


    also the cops cant handle there stuff now, who says they will b able to handle the bars

  25. Mark says:

    I have a few questions for the folks who are pro alcohol.

    How is allowing alcohol at two already established restaurants going to fill the vacant spaces in Bellevue?

    Why do you think that Bellevue can handle bars when it could not handle the crime that having a basketball hoop brought?

    Does Avalon look like it’s prospering from having bars?

    Is it possible that Vivo restaurant moved to Sewickley not solely because it was unable to serve alcohol to its guests but also because it was a good idea from a business standpoint to relocate to an area that inhabits more of its target market?

    What outsiders are more likely to come to Bellevue to enjoy a few drinks: those from McKees Rocks and the Northside or those in Sewickley and Ben Avon?

    Is it really fair to compare Slippery Rock, a rural college town, to Bellevue, a small urban family community?

    Lastly, while I commend those of you who say you’re trying to help fix the problems in Bellevue, I can’t help but to question your true motives. Are you thinking about improving the community as a whole or does this all come down to the matter of money—more money in YOUR pockets?

    1. Scott says:


      Allowing already established restaurants to get a license could keep them from closing. Luigi’s is said to be a local treasure, but could close from competition from our MANY pizza joints.

      This isn’t about bars – the startup costs of a bar in Bellevue (no vacant restaurants) is cost prohibitive. If the police can’t handle it, they certainly haven’t said so. The Avalon chief of police has said that the bars cause little extra crime.

      Avalon doesn’t have the business district that Bellevue does. It doesn’t have the bus routes along its business district that Bellevue does. It doesn’t have the national anchor tenants like Bellevue does.

      Vivo could have stayed and continued to prosper if they weren’t losing upwards of 20% on lost alcohol revenue.

      What about West View? Ross Township? Ohio Township? Elsewhere in the region? The goal is to attract destination restaurants. West View lacks restaurants only found in West View. We want to mirror something more like Regent Square or Squirrel Hill – unique restaurants unique to Bellevue.

      Mount Lebanon went “wet” as well. So did Grove City. There isn’t one “dry” community on this side of the state that has a thriving business district.

      If businesses are making money, they stay in Bellevue and create jobs. If they aren’t making enough money, they will leave. That’s why we have so many vacancies to begin with. There isn’t another “downtown neighborhood” in the region with as much potential as Bellevue. Without licenses, we won’t attract food options beyond pizza and burgers. Our shops – hardware, Hallmark, and dollar stores will slowly fade away. How many more hair salons can we handle?

      1. Mark says:

        Scott you wanna have a drink with me in 4 years? hahahahahah

  26. Dru says:

    After reading all the responses I have decided that voting “No” is the proper response. It’s not that I don’t support the initiative, but it appears that citizens and borough leaders do not have the genuine ability to govern this issue with common sense and proper intelligence. Belleview will never be any better than it is because of the responses I have seen here today. To prove my point, the reasoning for leaving bars in Belleview is to spur economic growth in Belleview. Wow, I am so glad I moved out of there.

  27. Buc-eye says:

    No Bars in Bellvue. No drink tax for PAT.

  28. mike says:

    liquor license doesn’t neccesarily mean a bar it could mean a resteraunt that servers alcohol. It’ll help that establishment stay above water. I’d like to see a really nice to place to eat and maybe have a glass of wine

    1. disgusted says:

      Wine that is over priced and not very good???? Just make a monetary donation to the place you want to have a glass of wine and maybe that would keep them stay above water.

  29. Bone dry says:

    We do not need any alcohol. Alcohol will just cause more difficulties. Can we have a place where we do not have people coming out of that are obnoxious, smelly, ready to fight, cannot stand up straight? Lets keep this place dry. We DO Not need alcohol.

  30. New Resident says:

    Bellevue IS NOT DRY!!!

    I voted no because I don’t want bars.

    Then I realized we have a beer distributor on 65. So we say that we can buy 24-30 beers at once, but not one with dinner. Not a bar – but one with dinner. I don’t even know where I could buy a six pack around here to buy some to take for dinner. It would be nice to have something to walk to for a meal with some wine or beer, especially if its not planned. We say we’re a walking community – but tell people to drive to the beer distributor or a place that serves alcohol with meals. To me, that’s hypocritical.

Comments are closed.

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