EPA Waiver Could Solve Area’s Gas Shortage

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Some local gasoline stations are running out of gas.

“Just down the street, they didn’t have any gas at all at the BP,” Aaron Sutton, of North Versailles, said.

All of the gas in our area, for environmental reasons, must be lower vapor pressure after the first of May.

“With the pipeline problems, it’s harder to get fuel into the terminal in order to get it out by May 1st,” Nancy Maricondi, a spokesperson for the Petroleum Retailers Association, said.

So the supply is lagging.

“I’m getting some desperate people that are running out,” Maricondi added.

There is plenty of the winter-formula of gasoline in our area. But gas stations daring to put it in their tanks right now risk $10,000 a day fines, unless the state and federal EPA can be convinced to waive the fuel requirement temporarily.

“We could use that product until we get more 7.8 in over the pipeline or barge or however,” Maricondi said.

The Department of Environmental Protection Secretary sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator in Washington DC, asking for a waiver of the restrictions for the seven-county Pittsburgh/Beaver Valley area until May 31st.

Congressman Mike Doyle personally called the EPA administrator and asked her to institute the waiver immediately.

If the EPA grants the waiver, the gas shortage in the Pittsburgh area could be over in hours.

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One Comment

  1. Dan says:

    The more the gvt gets involved in things, the worse it gets…

  2. Eazytime says:

    Does China have this BULLS&%T problem?

    1. tazwoe says:

      move to China and find out for yourself

  3. jj says:

    Our Congressman is real lazy he will not get this or any thing else dealt with!

  4. Thomas J Duttine says:

    You mean the “invented” shortage???

  5. Lastchance says:

    This should remove all doubt for those who don’t belive that the government and the oil companies are in bed together. When crude was going up the gasoline prices rose 5 to 10 cents per day. When crude dropped from $114 to $97 per barrel, they created a fake shortage to keep the prices high and in some cases, they actually went up another 10 cents per gallon. If you’re going to have to deal with horse s**t, you might as well buy the horse and let them shove their gasoline!

  6. Lastchance says:

    Ya think?

  7. Joe says:

    It’s time for Pittsburgh to come together and get some letters off to the EPA we are vital to the economy in this country and without gas for our cars we can not be a part of whatever plan Obama has to build the economy this week!!! So go to http://www.epa.gov and send your comments to administrator Lisa P Jackson. That or we can pay higher prices and let the gas companies make more if we can even get the gas!!!

  8. Janet says:

    According to this an an earlier story there is a problems with Buckeye’s pipeline. What is it and why has it been going on for weeks? IS it a maintainence related issue? BP aside from it’s Gulf issue has been making money hand over fist for years and has put no money into maintaining it’s pipelines and no they are leaking and polluting the environment.

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