Sentimental Piece Of Jewelry Taken From Bishop

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A sentimental piece of jewelry belonging to Bishop David Zubik has gone missing.

Zubik wore the six-inch gold and silver cross with vestments every morning during mass at Saint Paul seminary in east Carnegie. He wore it last Friday. He said someone had placed it in a different drawer, but the next day it was gone.

The cross is valued at $1,450, but that’s not why Bishop Zubik wants it back. The leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh says the cross means a lot to him.

“It was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI on the day that he became pope. The other thing significant about it, it was the last gift from my mother before she died,” he explained. “It has a very special significance to me.”

The cross was kept in a safe place, the priest sacristy. The door is always locked. Only the people who live or work at St. Paul Seminary have access to this room.

Sources tell KDKA-TV police have questioned two maintenance workers at St. Paul Seminary, but have not arrested anybody.

Meantime, Bishop Zubik says he will not press charges against the person responsible. He just wants the cross back.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Zubik Seeking Return Of Stolen Cross
Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
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One Comment

  1. Ava says:

    I hope the degenerate who stole this returns it. People are just awful

  2. The Light of Truth says:

    When the Catholic church stops harboring and protecting pedophiles, and gives up the names of offending priests, then Bishop will get his trinket back.

    1. Watchdog says:

      What a jerk, this has nothing to do with pedophiles. It has to do with honesty and integrity, obviously some qualities that you do not possess.

  3. A Saint says:

    It is wrong to take what is not yours. So whoever took it needs to return it ASAP. I am sure the Bishop will find forgiveness in his heart

  4. jimmy says:

    what it comes down to is that some dude lost his necklace, who cares, is this really a news story.

  5. Carol says:

    What is this world coming to when you not only steal from a bishop but it was in a church. Honestly if people would turn to God and not drugs, alcohol and guns we could all be happy once again. I will pray for Bishop Zubik and the idiot that stole the cross. Obviously they have never lost someone close to them.

  6. AvaGrace says:

    When someone buys a crucifix or a crucifix is given to a person it becomes theirs so who ever stole it will have bad luck.

  7. sister anne says:

    it’s probably on the floor behind the dresser.

  8. Mayor of GBD says:

    or tucked under his bed in a pair of size small boxers!

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