PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Contractors and officials with the city of Pittsburgh’s building inspection department are examining an old, abandoned church in Esplen after a partial collapse there this morning.

The building is located in the 300-block of Oregon Street.

A back wall and part of the roof came down around 9 a.m., leaving a hole in the back of the abandoned structure.

When the collapse happened, debris was scattered and some of it landed very close to a neighboring home.

Now, people living in the neighborhood say they want it completely torn down before it damages that nearby home or causes any more problems.

“I think it’s time for somebody to come and tear it down because if somebody keeps on walking in front of it, it’s going to come down and smack somebody or kill somebody,” said Patricia Braun, a neighbor.

Officials say the structure was built back in 1893 and is a former Presbyterian church. It has been abandoned for decades. It had previously been condemned.

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