12-Year-Old Girl Killed In Murrysville Crash

MURRYSVILLE (KDKA) — A 12-year-old girl was killed when a vehicle ended up on its roof in a violent accident late Saturday afternoon in Westmoreland County.

The Westmoreland County Coroner’s Office has identified the victim as 12-year-old Holly Alm of Export. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

The accident happened just after 5 p.m. on Harrison City Road, south of State Route 22.

Officials say Alm was riding in the front seat of the vehicle when the crash happened.

According to the coroner’s office, the vehicle was heading north when it traveled off the roadway, hit into a utility pole and rolled onto its roof.

An autopsy has been scheduled for Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Murrysville Police Department is investigating the crash.

Westmoreland County Coroner’s Office
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One Comment

  1. kristen says:

    I went to school with Holly. Please pray for her family they will need it and pray for her friends because I have friends whom of which knew her fairly well ❤

    1. Noah Earhart says:

      I also went to school with Holly but I didn’t know her but I am still very sad that she died in such a horrible way.

  2. Heather says:

    This poor family 😦 My heart goes out to them.

  3. Pat says:

    Saw the rescue vehicles but never imagined a 12 year old was killed. A terrible tragedy for Holly’s family. God bless them all!

  4. Kait says:

    Really sad what happend. she went to my school. never knew her but my heart goes out to her and her family ❤

  5. Saw it says:

    Seat belts save lives and it’s the law. Age has no bearing on usage.

  6. rs says:

    My daughter used to attend dance/gymnastics with her. She knew the girl. I’d like to know how the SUV ended up on the roof.

    1. caring mother says:

      REALLY!!! Your a Mother?? Your daughter knew “the girl” REALLY!! She has a name… Holly..but I’m sure you already knew that since they attended dance together..Right? And you seem to be more concerned with how the suv got flipped…again REALLY..you ought to be ashamed of yourself!!! Ignorance! I guess the rs stands for REALLY STUPID.

      1. YOUR NEIGHBOR says:

        Seriously, HUMAN NATURE to wonder about all aspects of how this tragedy occured. MORE STUPID AND IGNORANT is the fact that she was NOT wearing a seat belt. I SEE THIS EVERYDAY in our community, and wonder how a more afluent and educated community could care so little for LIFE, let alone for the life of their children. BUCKLE UP it’s the LAW!

  7. brailynn says:

    My cousin was bestfriends with Holly, so I was some what close to her. She was always smiling and always laughing. This is so sad. My heart goes out to the Alms. Love you Maddy. Rest in peace Holly! You will never be forgotten! Love you forever&always ❤

  8. lisa says:

    As the mother of a 12 and 14 year old, I just can not begin to imaigne the heart ache the family is going through. I just wish you the best getting through this terribile time

  9. GyUhTe says:

    AvaGrace, go outside once in a while.

  10. Brian says:

    The Alms are a blessed family. Unique in the way they support each other through such despair. Holly’s parents are dedicated to their children and have a strong family core to support them in the days that follow. Please post supportive replies for the Alm family…their children and their childrens friends, as well as Holly’s, do not need to read replies that “question” what the family will endure in the days to follow.

  11. Matt says:

    AvaGrace comment is not about the victim or her family it is about strangers associating themselves with her because of the media frenzy. Once the spotlight fades they will move on to another sad frenzy and that’s a shame.

  12. hc says:

    How sad. Wish people would drive cars instead of these SUVs that are always flipping over and don’t handle well. Once you are a little out of control in one of those things there is no way to correct it. They are so dangerous. Hope the family can get through these hard times.

    1. Bikerd says:

      It would appear that another senseless death was contributed by the neglect of the driver & lack of attention to the usage of safety devices installed in vehicles. This accident would also indicate that speeding, reckless driving, texting on a cell/device or other attention tangents caused the vehicle operator to not having full faculties on SIMPLY DRIVING & maintaining full vehicle control. It is also quite evident the lack of police patrols that ENFORCE the vehicle laws daily & really start to cite the immense violaters of the laws of the roadways.

      1. Mandy says:

        If you knew the family you would know that your comments are not warranted. When the breaks go out on a vehicle, does not imply that the mother was neglectful. She is the total opposite. It is horrible what happened and something her mother will live with forever as well as the family. I personally know them and grew up with the entire family. I was raised l
        To be a part of their family so please do not make judgements based on you lack of knowing the facts or the people involved. Also please do not directly attack the mother about the accident. That is exactly what it is an accident. She would have never put Holly in harms way.

      2. Bikerd says:

        To Mandy,
        Since you, or another, had my first response deleted, I will simply provide data & some mental fodder for you & others to contemplate. As a past police officer who investigated numerous traffic accidents, I will simply provide information relevent to these kinds of accidents. Ask any police oficer or insurance investigator & you will find that EVERY accident has a CAUSE…..THAT IS A FACT!

        1) The primary indication, from the Post Gazette report, was that the child was NOT secured with a seatbelt.
        2) That responsibility was for the parent to insure the childs’ SAFETY! That lack of parental responsibility is called NEGLIGENCE whether you or anyone else agrees with that FACTOR!
        3) Every vehicle is equipped with a “EMERGENCY BRAKE” that is independent of the power braking system that can be engaged to get the vehicle under control to come to a stop. The issue is that 99.5% of vehicle operators don’t know to use it, how to use it, or wasn’t educated thru the operators’ license training certification when getting an operators’ license.
        4) Police officers, emergency responders, & truck drivers generally are trained for emergency stops by first engaging their shifting levers to the lowest gear & allowing the engine & transmission gears to initiate slowing down. The emergency brake is then applied steadily & the vehicle can be stopped quite effectively. These actions are needed quickly & should always be kept in memory if an occasion arises that dictate a quick stop upon brake system failure. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to practice on occasion using these techniques. THEY MAY SAVE YOU OR ANOTHERS LIFE!
        6) A constant awareness of your vehicles’ mechanical condition is imperative as ALL mechanical devices can fail at a moments’ notice.

        Now, you, or anyone else can have my response deleted. It is simply some “FOOD-FOR-THOUGHT” for all to contemplate. My initial response was to emphasize the need for ALL vehicle operators to insure passenger safety. That is YOUR responsibility. I did not make any” judgements” of anyone, nor did I “attack the mother”.

        My condolences are to the family for this tragic loss of life……

      3. HAHAHAHA says:

        hey this is a memorial site!!!! dont ever talk about facts or your so called science!! god shall not like what you say!!………….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. johnny69 says:

        a child died and you are laughing…sad.

      5. um says:

        didnt the report on wtae say she was partially ejected from the vehicle due to a seatbelt not being worn?

      6. Aaron says:

        yeah it did

      7. Le says:

        Bikerd you obviously have no heart. The mother is a caring, nice and wonderful human being and would do anything for her kids. How dare you throw her name out there so rudely at a time where she is heartbroken and grieving? Maybe she didn’t know her seat belt was on because she assumed. Granted, everyone should always wear there seat belt. However, don’t you dare blame the mother or anyone of that blessed and caring family. They love Holly to death. For you, a stranger who doesn’t even know them, to comment so heartless about this family during a time like this is mean, thoughtless and rude. Shame on you. God bless Holly, heaven has a gained a graceful angel.

      8. emetron says:

        nothing would make me more happy then to break your f-ing nose. Former cop my ass. You’re a d-bag with zero class, and I hope the worst for you.

      9. KatyMB5 says:

        Seriously, is it really necessary for you to say any of these things here? Regardless of how right or wrong you are, and whether or not you really were a police officer, this is not the time or place for comments like yours. The lack of tact and feeling are sad. Go record your voice and play it back for yourself since you need to feel so important.

      10. chelsea says:

        Hi soo i just wanted to say you have no idea what you are talking about the little girl unbuckled her seatbelt to grab a toy it had nothing to do with lack of attention of the driver. I knew holly very well and my cousin was her best friend and the love that family shared with one another was amazing. So if you could please keep your not knowing what happended out of a memorial for a 12 year old girl thatd be highly appreciated thanks.

      11. Cheryl J says:

        Bikerd I am a friend of the mother and family. It’s called a mechanical brake failure- not cell phone etc. They are in unspeakable agony. Keep your ridiculous posts to yourself in these instances!!
        I am a nurse as well and you need to get some compassion- police officers are suppose to have that in there somewhere.
        May you never lose a child or watch someone go through it.

      12. Accountability says:

        Say what you want to defend this family, the facts are facts. Yes we pray for their loss and for the suffering all the friends and family are going through…..THAT BEING SAID….SHE did NOT have her seatbelt on, wether a second or entire trip, PEOPLE NEED TO BE ACCOUNTABLE for the actions of their CHILDREN….

  13. Allie says:

    I went to school with Holly and I was in the same house as her. I was pretty good friends with her. I am so sad. I pray for her family. Holly: You are awesome and will NEVER be forgotten. Rest In Peace. LY!

    1. Alyssa says:

      i was good friends with her. i met her in fifth grade and i went to school with her. may you rest in peace holly. i will never forget you. i pray for the family to get better. i am so sorry for their loss. holly did not deserve to die.i am so sad you passed. i was in the same house as her. so it will never be the same at school now. Rest In Peace.

  14. Maria says:

    I was so devistated when i heard the new. shes one of my best friends. i was in the same house as her. You will ALWAYS be loved by your friends and family. dont forget i love you. You will never be forgotton. Rest in Peace.

    1. Allie says:

      I completely agree with you, Maria. School will never be the same. I want to see her at school on Monday. LY, Holly!

  15. Cole says:

    She was Great and My Sisters best Friend At Curch In hebron Curch Teriable My Prayers go 2 her

  16. Bob S says:

    My prayers go out to the Alm family and all of Holly’s friends. She was truly an amazing young lady. I was blessed to have been one of her teachers, her smile always lit up the room. I am heartbroken over this tradegy.

    1. Allie says:

      I agree, she was really amazing and awesome. I want to see her tomorrow.

    2. Maria says:

      Yea, holly was an amazing peson. I love to see her make people laugh. She will always be loved by her friends and family. Dont EVER forget this Holly i love you so much. Rip Holly Alm, and God bless you and your family<3

      1. Maria says:

        One more thing i need to say about holly, shes the ultimet justin bieber fan!

  17. Danielle says:

    This is such sad news 😦 I played volleyball with Holly. I may have not known her very well, but she was a sweet girl and was a pretty good volleyball player :} i will miss her and she will never be forgotton. RIP

  18. Ace Slick says:

    Welcome to the KDKA memorial site. Any posts of truth or speculation about speeding or lack of safety devices being used will be deleted. Only memorial posts will be accepted by the mods.

    1. Heather says:

      So what you’re saying is those who are in mourning and commenting should stop b/c those who want to ‘speculate’ (and I use that word loosely given the woman has already been condemned by the regulars who post on KDKA) should instead be allowed to post in their oh-so-knowing manner on how they know the mother was a bad woman and all that bull b/c the child wasn’t wearing a seat belt?

      Join a real forum if you want to ‘speculate’.

      1. oh my says:

        its not speculation…its fact.

      2. wow says:

        how more REAL do you want it to get little girl?

  19. morgan says:

    I was her bestfriiend…well one of them. Me, Maddy, Sam, Anna, and Silvia. I love her so much. she wont be forgotten and i will make sure of that. Holly didnt deserve this. prayers for Holly and the Alm family ❤

    1. Maria says:

      Ya, i was a very good friend as hers. I was in the same house as her. i always sat with her. She was a great friend. god needed an angel so he took holly.
      My prayers go to hooly and the alm family.R.I.P. Holly I Love you so much

    2. chelsea says:

      maddy is my cousin please help her through this rip holly ❤

  20. anne says:

    Prayers of peace and comfort to this family and their friends who suffer the worst loss imaginable. I lost my 12-year-old son in a car accident two years ago and reading this floods my head with tragedy and hopelessness. Know that there are people who have shared a similar pain and can help you through the coming days, months, and years. Ignore everyone else. Blessings to you. RIP dear Holly.

  21. b. coll says:

    People really need to stop sending forwards through text messaging about Holly ;; especially ones like “if you don’t send this to 20 people, Holly will haunt you” like get real and stop this now!

  22. Rebecca says:

    SHE went to church with me, she was in my class ill miss her . she was always happy and smiling.

  23. Aaron says:

    What a sad thing to happen. My sister was good friends with Holly. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. R.I.P. Holly.

  24. help says:

    whats a parking/ emergency brake? is that the thing that holds my stuff beside me?

  25. Why?? says:

    I just don’t understand why some people can’t just take this for what it is…a horrible tragedy, an accident. And to the people are saying about the emergency brake, not everyone is going to react calmly and rationally. This mother was probably frightened out of her mind. This poor mother is going to live with this for the rest of her life, blaming herself, going through every move she made in those few seconds, and before with not implementing the seatbeat. But at the end of the day a 12 year old life is gone, can’t everyone show respect and move on?

  26. Julia says:

    I didn’t really know her that well, but I also went to school with her. She was such a great person. Love and support goes out to the Alm family. God bless. Rest in peace Holly<3

  27. Mandy says:

    Just for all to know the truth. Often when things go wrong it is human nature to panic. We often stiffen up or attempt to do the best we can. As a former police officer you should be educated enough to know that. Also who is to say the child did not take off the seat belt after it was already on. Many child do this in order to reach something that fall on the floor when the seat belt restrains them from doing so. I am sure many parents are out there that can say their child has done that. The truth is you are putting a mother’s name as neglectful when you in fact do not know the story or the persons involved. It is horrible what happened and something my family as well as others will morn over. They don’t need ignorant people to disrespect the memory they are trying to honor or increase the hardship they have to endure. As a former police officer you neglect to remember one basic fact that plays into most accidents. The state of panic when something fails. I am sure a vehicle picking up speed before a very busy intersection would make many people think to get off the road when the brakes fail. So unless you are an investigator on the case and know all the facts I would suggest to keep things to yourself because you wouldn’t want to look like a jerk.

    As for those that are honoring Holly thank you! You all must realize the blessing she was.

    Ps I didn’t have your post deleted because I would rather have more people confirm that you don’t know as much as you think.

  28. Mandy says:

    To bikerd

    Just for all to know the truth. Often when things go wrong it is human nature to panic. We often stiffen up or attempt to do the best we can. As a former police officer you should be educated enough to know that. Also who is to say the child did not take off the seat belt after it was already on. Many child do this in order to reach something that fall on the floor when the seat belt restrains them from doing so. I am sure many parents are out there that can say their child has done that. The truth is you are putting a mother’s name as neglectful when you in fact do not know the story or the persons involved. It is horrible what happened and something my family as well as others will morn over. They don’t need ignorant people to disrespect the memory they are trying to honor or increase the hardship they have to endure. As a former police officer you neglect to remember one basic fact that plays into most accidents. The state of panic when something fails. I am sure a vehicle picking up speed before a very busy intersection would make many people think to get off the road when the brakes fail. So unless you are an investigator on the case and know all the facts I would suggest to keep things to yourself because you wouldn’t want to look like a jerk.

    As for those that are honoring Holly thank you! You all must realize the blessing she was.

    Ps I didn’t have your post deleted because I would rather have more people confirm that you don’t know as much as you think.

  29. Allison says:

    I am so sorry this happened.. i cant even imagine being the mom in this situation. I went to school and had dance lessons with her when i was smaller. r.i.p. holly alm.. Ill miss you!

  30. Allie says:

    She was such a good person. She was such a good friend. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Love ya Holly!

    1. Maria says:

      She was one of the best people i know.

  31. hm says:

    I was on Holly’s swim team. She was the cutest girl in the whole world. She had such a kind heart, and was always smiling. She was the sweetest girl I knew. She also had a wonderful family, which I’m praying for. Nobody I repeat NOBODY should be saying that her mom was neglectful because she wasn’t. She was way to young to die ,but it wasn’t anyones fault. God decided it was her time was all. She will be missed 😦

  32. Katie says:

    She was reaching to get something, and took of her set belt for a split second. To: Bikerd

    My little sisters friend was her lab partner. Her friend was crying on the phone. I don’t her, but my sister said she was really nice. Shame on you people who blame her mother.

  33. TJ says:

    To lose a child in and of itself is a pain that no parent should have to experience. But to lose one as a result of something that may be the parents fault is unbearable. This mother will have to deal with this for the rest of her life going through the should haves and could haves. We have no right to judge or point fingers. I have many friends and family members who have had to bury their children and the pain never goes away. We need to respect this family and embrace them. God bless all of you.

  34. jordan says:

    holly was one of my best friends. i miss her so much already. god needed an angel so he took holly. her tragedy will save many lives.

  35. Mae says:

    Wow… I just found out at church this morning. I can’t say i knew Holly very well, or that we ever remotely liked eachother… but the grief of her family and friends must be horrible. Whenever I saw her, she would always be relentlessly cheerful, never dark or brooding. It saddens me that she will never get to experience more of the world. And this is coming from a misanthrope….

  36. Taylor says:

    I am very sad about Holly. I knew who she was, but I never really got to know her. It just makes me feel very sad that someone I knew had passed away. I will always keep her in my prayers and wish the best for her, her mother, and her father. So tragic and she was only 12. R.I.P Holly! ;(

  37. Maria Weinstein says:

    God needed an angel, so he took holly. we will always miss you. you will never be forgotton.

    1. nutjobs says:

      god needed an angel so he took her by flipping a vehicle upside down and horribly killing this child, yes god is loving. lets all embrace him…….sigh, i hope you can see the sarcasm.

  38. Nicole says:

    Holly, we are all thinking about you because you are the best girl cousin I ever had. Because you were so fun to play with and you cared about me and I always cared about you too. You are so funny that was what I liked about you the best. You were always dancing and loved life. You took me places and there was never a dull moment with you. Wish you were still here. Saw a rainbow today and I knew that was you. You will never be forgotten. I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH. love your baby cousin ❤ Nicole

  39. tad says:

    emetron you rock!!!! My heart goes out to everyone who has this tragedy to deal with. I have read some really nasty comments from idiots who insist they get their 2 cents in. a child was lost.!!!!!!! We will never know what exactly transpired and it happened so quick that not one of us can pass a judgement. Did anyone ever consider that either water on the roadway or road conditions played a rule. I think Hollys mother would trade her own life if she could bring her child back. No parent should ever have to lose a child. A driver who is concentrating on driving will never have full control of the passengers. whose to say that the seatbelt wasn’t on and removed for just a second. Give these people a break and keep your negative opinions to yourself.

    1. no says:

      its a comment page not a memorial site so, no comments will not be kept to themselves

  40. Joseph Puskar says:


  41. Mary says:

    Since I saw this tragic story on the news, it has been constantly on my mind. I have not had the pleasure of meeting the family but know people who know them and have heard all wonderful things about each and everyone, especially the mother. I wish people would stop writing such horrible posts-how would you feel? I am a mother of a 15 year old who also attends Franklin Regional. He has also taken his seat belt off for that split second as I’m sure many of us have, who are we to judge?! She avoided 22 probably saving other lives. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family!

  42. funmoma3 says:

    . To bikers: first of all, you need to know that the mother and daughter did have their seat belts on when they got into the car. Secondly, the car brakes had just been worked on the week the before. The daughter saw something on the floor tried to reach it and undid her seatbelt in order to get it. Seeing this is what made her mother put on the brakes to slow down.
    Maybe having gone through all your training you know to use emergency brake but as a mothermyself I know that in a situation like that that would not have been my first thought. It’s always easy to judge when you are not in the situation yourself.
    Mother was not on the phone and she was driving the speed limit. Unfortunately for those of a that are left behind , when it’s your time to go it is your time to go.
    There is no need for anyone to add to this mother and father and sisters grief @ this time.
    We already know the facts and now we know your opinion, if you really feel like you have to share this wealth of knowledge, please share some were else.
    Rely on Him, who knows your every need.

  43. sammy (bff since 2nd grd.) says:

    holly we have so many inside jokes and i know saying them wont be funny with out you…i love you inside and out. i cant wait to see you again.

  44. Gita Sharma says:

    Holly, God took you away from us because you were an amazing person. I know weren’t best friends, but we were friends. And i know wherever you are or i am that our friendship will always follow. Rest In Peace Holly E. Alm

  45. Sammy says:

    It was her time and whomever wants to think differently…GO AHEAD!!! No matter if she was wearing a seatbelt or not is not the point. She could have been playing or riding her bike on the street and got hit..no matter how it happened it was her time and god could not wait any longer for his new beautiful angel. Everything happens for a reason even if it doesn’t make sense..it’s what god wants. She’s in a better place and putting a smile on everyone’s face she meets up there just like she did down here. I’m proud to ber her cousin. Until we meet again… R.I.P Holly Berry ❤

    1. N U T J O B S says:

      yes god needed an angel so badly he chose to make an suv flip over and eject the child from the car killing her horribly and haves the mother suffer the rest of her l;ife…lets all embrace this god you all speak of and thank him for this bounty.

      1. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

        C’mon and cool it dude.

      2. ? says:

        but dont all of the posts say…its what god wants?

  46. Mae says:

    Everyone is constantly dying. Life and death go hand in hand… We can’t stop that. Sam is right when she says it was Holly’s time. We are only human; after all.

  47. A Murrysville Friend says:

    To Nutjobs: GOD doesn’t make the bad things happen. When they do happen, tt is then that HE carries us and helps us endure the heartache that, surely, the Alm family is experiencing now.

    To the Alm Family: May GOD be with you and bring you peace. Deepest Sympathy.

  48. Sincere regards to the family of holly says:

    I knew holly, not as well as i wished i had though, she went to my church, nd she was so fun to be around, she was always so happy, nd always had a smile on her face. Rest in piece holly. it wont be the same with out u

  49. AZ says:

    I have thought about Holly and the Alm family all weekend. This is such a tragic loss for the living. They will miss her, they will cry but try to find comfort in that she is always apart of you and will live through your spirit. Holly wouldn’t want anyone to blame themself. She would want to live on through memories and laughs.
    As a mother myself, I know your children do things that you have told them over and over not to do…jumping on the bed, sneaking candy, riding a bike with no shoes, fighting with their siblings and sometime unplugging their seatbelts to reach for a doll. All mothers would like to put are kids in bubbles so that they never felt pain or get hurt in anyway…but we can’t. Please give this family love and support, prayers and condolences. The last thing Holly would want would be for her family to feel anymore pain

  50. j says:

    my youngest daughter was a friend of hollys i see how heartbroken she is and in such a state of shock over the tradegy of this families my prayers love and comfort are with the sisters and parents of of holly no one can imagine what this family is dealin with such sorrow hollys family will be strong and know that their daughter loved them and will always be in their hearts and lives god bless and know that their are many that are supportin you and your family

  51. so sad says:

    so sad.. BUT you people need to get some manners.. for real. THIS young girl died.. and her mother and her friend must pay for the rest of there lives. get some manners.. please..

  52. matt says:

    To NUTJOBS: Just to let you know, the comments that you are so offended by were posted by children who are trying to make sense of such a tragity. You should be ashamed of yourself. To all you others with your negative comments, it is easy to be a monday morning QB. Please go away, you are almost as pathetic as the other.

    1. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

      Well put Matt. Could not have said it better. Nut Jobs remark was totally uncalled for!

  53. SendingCondolences says:

    This is such a sad thing that has happened. People should not be arguing about whose fault it is, why it happened, and trying to justify reasons for why this happened. What does matter is that this little girl lost her life in such a tragic way and now God has a new little angel up there with him. This is not a place to be arguing about the accident, I do not know this family but I know for a face that this is not what they intended. God bless the Alm family and Im praying for you, Im so sorry for your loss, I cant even begin to imagine what you are going through. RIP little Holly you shouldnt have had to go so young, but you will be missed and loved by all.

    1. again says:

      yes this is a place for discussion. ITS NOT A MEMORIAL SITE! go on facebook for a memorial . this is a page for discussion!

  54. Dboy says:

    Wear your seat belts. It’s that easy people.

  55. KM says:

    Every single person that took time to write a rude remark needs to stop and realize a 12 year girl old died. A young beautiful girl who should be honored and remembered on this thread not attacked. I hope you have better things to do with your lives than attack this situation, you sick pathetic people. She reached for a doll quickly that is why her seatbelt wasn’t on.. so figure out the facts and stop your ridiculous comments. It is ABSURD that people would actually take time out of their day to try and make this mother feel worse about what happened. I know the Alms and they are AMAZING people, so please keep your comments to yourself and either shut up or get a heart. Also, Mr. “Officer” you may be the most despicable person I have ever come in contact with. Know that I am praying for you because you obviously have a very disturbed, sad life.

    1. again. says:

      how will praying for him help? how about do something that will actually work.

  56. i love holly <3 says:

    reading most of these comments made me so angry. it was NOT mrs. alms fault. freak accident. there was no gaurentee that if she had her seat belt on the would have lived. from the moment she was born god knew shed die that way. holly is my bestfriend and i miss her so much 🙂 even though some of our other friends knew you longer, it doesnt mean they were any more of a bestfriend to you than i was ❤ lunch wont be the same holly dolly. she was a heaven sent angle. and god needed her back home. ill miss all the laughs we had, all the good times we shared. i have no regrets with our friendship. we were more than bestfriends, we ARE sisters. i cant wait to see you holly! love always, morgie ❤

  57. pittgirl says:

    My sympathy goes out to this family..I am so sorry for your loss..

  58. Sarah Rowley says:

    Holly was such a nice person. she was so nice ti me

  59. Stranger says:

    It’s real easy to judge people we don’t know. I hope this family can find some peace during this most difficult time. Rest in peace, Holly. Our thoughts are with you.

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