Friends Remember 12-Year-Old Killed In Crash

MURRYSVILLE (KDKA) — Friends, family and members of a Westmoreland County community are mourning and remembering the 12-year-old girl who was killed in a terrible accident over the weekend.

Holly Alm, of Export, was killed when her mother’s SUV ended up on its roof late Saturday afternoon on Harrison City Road in Murrysville.

On Sunday night, Alm’s young friends left remembrances at the scene of the crash.

Alm, a sixth grader at Franklin Regional Middle School, died when the vehicle apparently lost its breaks, hit a pole and rolled over.

Family members say that Alm was on the way to a mother-daughter banquet when the accident occurred.

A fellow middle school student says friends are very upset over the crash. They have been leaving messages on a memorial Facebook page.

“I said that she’s up in heaven and we’re all going to see each other again, and that we wanted her to stay but we can’t control God and he wanted it his way,” said Jerry Antonucci, Alm’s friend.

But Antonucci says just leaving messages didn’t seem as if it was quite enough.

“We were really upset that she had passed away,” said Antonucci. “We wanted to step up and help out the family, and so me and my friend decided to have a donation. If anyone wanted to donate money; so far we have $160.”

Students also say that they will wear green to Franklin Regional on Monday. It was Alm’s favorite color.

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12-Year-Old Girl Killed In Murrysville Crash
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One Comment

  1. Estelle says:

    May Our Lord who heals the broken hearted and saves those crushed in spirit ( Psalm 34:18) comfort Holly’s parents and family in their great loss.. He is the Lord that healeth thee.. He will never leave you or forsake you.. Hebrews 13:5
    I am so sorry to learn of your loss of your precious daughter.. May Our Lord’s grant you His loving presence and His tender mercies and grace… I am so very sorry to learn of your loss Jesus Love You !

  2. BB says:

    This is just so sad. People need to realize that some of these accidents can be prevented with proper car maintenance. Cops pull people over for going 10mph over the speedlimit but then let people drive on bald tires.

    So sorry for the family’s lose, such a tragedy.

    1. JR says:

      The brakes had been recently worked on… tragic that a mistake MAY have been made, or maybe a mechanical failure. Don’t blame lack of maintenance.

  3. G M says:

    I had very bad thoughts about this mother when I heard of this accident. I heard that the child was not wearing a safety belt and was partially ejected, but the mother was. The mother was not hurt, but the girl died. Then over the weekend I heard she remove the safety belt while getting a doll, or something. I have seen death as a paramedic and sometimes I don’t understand why something happen. I then go back to my personal believe that God decides how long we have on this earth. It is very hard to understand this, but God have His reason even if we don’t understand it. I am very sorry for this family loss, and very sorry that I misjudge this mother. I do believe all children go to heaven so that were she is.

    1. Penn Hills says:

      GM – you had it right. We should not judge people based on news stories which don’t report all of the facts.
      As I watched this story unfold in the news, I have a new committment to not judge those I read about in the news. You never know what facts the news reporters are missing. (Pico – WTAE said she unbuckled to reach for her doll).
      This is a loving mother who will live every day replaying all of her decisions that day, wondering if she would have responded differently in that split second she had to make a decision about a car without brakes, if it would have changed the outcome.
      As people start to judge look at your own life. Do you ALWAYS have your seatbelt on? You’ve NEVER unlocked it for a split second to reach for something or to hand a child something. You’ve never looked away from the road to look down at your phone. You’ve NEVER gone over the speed limit. Because if you had they would say it was your fault for speeding. This could be you. You’re life could have changed in an instant. You could have to live everyday wondering if you had just done something differently. I know I will think about this when I read these stories in the future.
      The fact is there are terrible people out there who don’t deserve to be parents. This family was not that family!

    2. PD says:

      here is the link that she was not wearing a seat belt]
      . I really feel bad for this family because all children are precious buy why wouldn’t you be taking better steps to protect your cargo. According to the new AAP and NHTSA they recommend you ride in the back seat until 13

    3. mw says:

      You should not be so quick to judge someone that you do not know. This mother is a good mother to all of her daughters. This was a tragic accident. I know for a fact that this mother would never put her children in harms way. She has suffered a great loss, don’t make worse by being judge and jury!

    4. MW says:


    5. chelsea says:

      hello holly was actually someone i knew pretty well and what makes me upset is the fact that people are commenting saying stuff when the truth is its really none of your buissness to post stuff like this. The grief there going through is enough without people making them feel more guilty. My cousin was hollys best friend and just to clarify she wasnt wearing her seatbelt because she was picking something up so please stop thanks.

    6. Pico says:

      Ok, here we go w/ the don’t judge others unless you want to be judged BS.
      1) I’m just judging the mother based on the facts presented by KDKA.
      2) If my driving or actions ever caused an accident, I would expect to be held responsible, no matter how great a person other people think I am.
      3) I never remove my seatbelt when the car is in motion. Never…and if i had a child in the car w/ me, there is no way they are going to do it either.
      4) No where have I read or heard that the child unbuckled to get a doll, other than somebody stating it on this website.

      Maybe it was just a horrible series of occurrences that all happened concurrently: daughter briefly unbuckles to get a toy, brakes fail, mother loses control, and there is a terrible accident. However, it seems like everyday in the news that someone dies b/c they don’t have a seatbelt on, and it makes it worse when you read about a child who dies w/out a seatbelt while the mother is ok while wearing one. I’m sure the mother loved her child more than anything in the world, but sometimes it makes you wonder if people feel invincible and nothing will ever happen to them, or are they just ignorant and stupid?

      1. Mandy asmann says:

        Just an FYI from a very close family friend that is attending the funeral. The mother does make her children wear seat belts. It is horrible to know that when Holly took off her seat belt the brakes went out. However I also know that many people children included take off their seat belts to reach for something. The mother never once said it was okay for the child to take off her seat belt. There is no way you can say for sure no one would take their seat belts off in your vehicle. You do not control the seat belt release. Sure you might say then I would stop the vehicle. That is hard to do with no brakes. Are there other things that someone can do to stop the vehicle? Sure but many people panic or think get off the road. Unfortunately control of the vehicle was lost and the most horrific thing happened. A wonderful little girl with a great smile that brought much laughter to many is no longer with us. You only get that type of child from wonderful parents. At this time the family is dealing with everything that could have been done differently. Yet nothing will change what happened. So please do not judge the mother and make what she has to bare the rest of her life any harder.

  4. Pa gurl says:

    Look don’t be ripping on my friends. accidents happen. Yes it could have been a different things of what ifs and maybes. But maybe you should respect the family right now. And keep your own comments to your self.

    1. Debbie Gaschler says:

      Amen, well said

  5. usa citizen says:

    I didn’t see the news but for a newscaster to report this is one of the most horrible things to report I have listen to the news report stuff that is no where near what really happened or if they interview you at the scence of some accident they only want people that are showing emotion and the mothers that let there young children be interviewed is a crime and the reporter that does so should be reprermaned I don’t know how many remember Bob Prince but if you ever took a transitor radio to the ballgames and listened to him you thought you where in a different place and todays news is getting to that piont so please offer condolences instead of grief they have enough of that a loss of a preicous loved one is tragic yet alone put blame on someone is a sin in its own right don’t be so fast to point the finger everyone should remember krama it comes back at you one way or another and put yourself in those shoes for awhile bet you wouldn’t be so quick to judge God be with you and your family in this hour of need

  6. r.i.p. holly says:

    I agree with Pa gurl. i know this family and they are some of the sweetest people you will ever have the pleasure to meet. the last people this should’ve happened to. the mother loves her children with all her heart and you shouldn’t be saying such terrible things about her when she just lost her baby.

  7. Diane Ward says:

    I am a friend of the family and just want to share what wonderful parents and moralistic spiritual people they are…no matter if Holly would have been in her seat belt or the brakes would not have failed God would have found a way to take her home with Him because it was her time to go and we have no say….This family is blaming themselves as it is so they don’t need unknowlegable people making judgments during the worst time of their life. Remember we all are human and make mistakes…this doesn’t mean we are bad people or bad parents. Don’t judge lest you want to be judged ten fold.

    We love you Holly and will remember your kind gentle spirit and know you are with us always waiting to be reunited again. God Bless the family and friends who are mourning their horrific loss. DW

    1. G M says:

      I total agree with you about not judging people, but as human we do. As a paramedic I have seen many time where a parenet could have prevent a injury or death to a child or children. As a christian I believe God lead me to this second part to show me I was wrong and remind me that I can only see one second at a time and I do not know everything, so who am I to judge someone. Once again I am sorry that I misjudge this mother. Even if I did have all the facts I am still not in a postion to judge anyone. Next time I let God do the judging and I stick to the praying part.

      1. Penn Hills says:

        GM ~ Well said ~ and I am in the same boat as you (with other situations).

  8. BJ says:

    WEAR your seatbelt!! Moral of the story on this one. A shame for the family to have to go through now.

  9. harry w. says:

    i work at healthsouth and was so sorry to hear of your loss may god be with you and your family

  10. Taylor says:

    I knew who Holly was. I never got to know her, but just to know that someone you know has passed away, it makes you feel like you did something wrong. God bless to all of Holly’s friends and family.

  11. tyler decesere says:

    i wwent to school with holly… and was heartbroken when i found this out… she and her family will forever be in my heart.. she was the sweetest friend you could ever had…. rip holly

  12. Gita Sharma says:

    Holly, you’ll never be forgotten by anyone. We love you! Rest In Peace Holly Alm.

  13. StayStrong says:

    Baker6, just because you’re not religious doesn’t mean it’s wrong to believe in a higher power and to take some measure of comfort in the belief that this little girl is in the hands of the holy spirit. God even made individuals such as yourself, but this isn’t about you. My prayers and condolences to the family and friends of this little girl.

  14. AZ says:

    I have thought about Holly and the Alm family all weekend. This is such a tragic loss for the living. They will miss her, they will cry but try to find comfort in that she is always apart of you and will live through your spirit. Holly wouldn’t want anyone to blame themself. She would want to live on through memories and laughs.
    As a mother myself, I know your children do things that you have told them over and over not to do…jumping on the bed, sneaking candy, riding a bike with no shoes, fighting with their siblings and sometime unplugging their seatbelts to reach for a doll. All mothers would like to put are kids in bubbles so that they never felt pain or get hurt in anyway…but we can’t. Please give this family love and support, prayers and condolences. The last thing Holly would want would be for her family to feel anymore pain.

  15. Sylvia says:

    Life happens very quickly and the moments sweep past before we know. Holly’s family has suffered a terrible loss, but self-blame should not be a part of their pain. Holly lived a full and happy life and her spark of joy touched everyone she knew. This was due, largely, to the wonderful way that her Mother and family cared for and raised her. A tragic moment cannot change the richness of her life. We all have moments every day when we fail to do as we should, but we manage to escape the consequences, relieved that nothing happened. In the end it is God’s will. We do not have the power or ability to control everything. All we can do is treasure those we love for as long as we can. May Holly’s family find comfort in their memories and in the love and support of their friends and family.

  16. christina p says:

    Just respect the the judgement.! They are suffering… why make them suffer more…

  17. CF says:

    really~~back off Pico. You obviously don’t know this family and need to do something else with your time than harrass them in their time of pain.

  18. Jesus says:


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