Gov. Corbett Undergoes Successful Surgery

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Gov. Tom Corbett has been reinstated as governor after undergoing successful back surgery.

Gov. Corbett is expected to be released from Allegheny General Hospital over the next 24 hours.

His recovery time is expected to be about a week.

“We expect a full recovery and I think that he’ll most likely get out of bed this evening and take a few steps. He will probably have some discomfort in his back for a few days. Our goal is to get him home to Shaler as soon as possible. However, I’d like to see him stay at least 24 hours minimum,” Dr. Mark Fye said.

During the time that the Corbett was under general anesthesia, Lt. Gov. James Cawley was the “acting governor.”

Officials say spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal, which leads to persistent pain and decreased physical activity.

Officials said weakness in his right leg prompted the surgery.

Gov. Corbett could resume full duties in Harrisburg by this weekend.

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One Comment

  1. workingamericans says:


  2. Corbo Dikko says:

    WHO CARES !!!!!!!!!

  3. Dave says:

    Glad to know he’s ok, and I hope he heals fast. He needs to get back to fixing the state’s mess that Fast Eddie left him and us taxpayers with.

  4. workingamericans says:

    hey if he keeps cutting jobs and gets rid of more of his tax base from the state, he won’t even be able to pay himself. Oh wait I forgot he gets a lot of kick back from the companys he supports! He doesnt need us silly tax payers……

  5. Pitt Fan says:

    What a shame…

  6. Marcie says:

    Like the first person said, WHO CARES> Maybe he should have someone in education taking care of him, since he railroaded the education system since he goit into office. I thought Rendall was bad, this guy is even worse and we are stuck with him and his cutting ways for 3 1/2 more years. What a pickle we are in/

  7. Dani says:

    Thanks to a TEACHER who TAUGHT the surgeon that successfully performed the surgery. What will happen to the surgeons of tomorrow now that he has slashed education so badly?? Hmmm…food for thought!

    1. Ryan says:

      What will happen to the surgeons of tomorrow with Obamacare?

      1. TOO MANY THINGS says:

        Their Constitutional rights will be violated and they will be forced to buy Insurance for one thing

  8. luckyguy says:

    It is confirmed, he has no spine to stand for Pennsylvanians.

  9. Dave says:

    Typical responses – you people haven’t a clue. Did you see the announcement that over 3600 people in education make over $100,000/year in PA? Now, who do you think is paying for this? Keep in mind that that schools are only in session 9 months a year, but they are still taking home over $100,000/year? You don’t see a problem with this? Education is killing the average taxpayer. There is no reason a school teacher should be making that kind of money especially when the test scores show that the a lot of students are not proficient. In the real workig world, you are paid according to how you perform – why are the teachers an exception?

    1. larry says:

      No! busing is killing the tax payers. That and people on welfare not being policed. They get to sell their drugs and buy cadalic’s and go to the grocery store and spend the nine hundred dollars of free food stamps that we gave them, Go ahead talk to me about waste. Stop the free ride and help the rest of the people in america out! The people who work. When have you went to a grocery Store with nine hundred dollars ?

      1. Dave says:

        Larry – I agree with what you said about welfare, but that has nothing to do with the fact that the teachers expect a 3.5 to 4.5 percent raise per year, don’t want to pay for health benefits, are off during the summer, and still make over $100,000/year. If you disagree with them, they go on strike. Just ask the parents at Bethel Park when their kids were off for 6 weeks because the teachers went on strike with NO regard for the fact that your average family has 2 working parents, so they had to pay for child care so that their kids woulnd’t be home alone. Do you think the teachers cared that they inconvenienced these people – NO. The only thing the teachers saw was they didn’t want to pay for health care and they wanted more money. Where else can you get this type of benefit??? NOWHERE!!!

      2. Pitt Fan says:

        Dave – Yes, it’s the fault of the middle class teachers…they are to blame for everything, right? All those Kias they drive, the 3 bedroom houses, shopping at Ross Park Mall, sending your kids to IUP…that gravy train is over.

        We should cut their pensions and salary while jacking up welfare and keeping a film tax credit because Corbett’s son is involved in the movie business. Next, we have to get those freeloading police and firefighters.


      3. Dave says:

        Pitt Fan – Don’t know which school district you’re at where the teachers drive Kia’s, but in my school district the teachers drive Escalades, Mini Coopers, etc., while the parents drive Kia’s.

    2. hwright says:

      Dave go get and education degree, step into the classroom and teach if you think its so easy. After a few years in teaching I am sure your reponse will be much different. QUIT attacking working americans!!!!!!

  10. larry says:

    He’s an ass. go ahead sell the the wine and spirits and see how much revnue we lose in this State. And how many Programs that shut down because of the sale they make the State over a half a billion a year. People don’t really know the truth about what they are going to do. Besides this is the only business the state makes money on and and the only thing that is run right in the state and they want to get rid of it. Goes to show you, by the way what happened to the money the state got from the casino, My taxes have not seen the tax break from them yet has yours. another lie oh my!!!!!

    1. Paul Simon says:

      Considering that Corbett just got into office, why don’t you ask Ed Rendell where the money went for your property taxes from the casino revenue. Afterall, Rendell is the person who sold us the bill of goods that casino revenue would assist with our property taxes. Also, why would you pay a state worker to sell alcohol when in every other state, it is sold by independent owners or in grocery stores? Does that make sense to you?

  11. Jerry says:

    who cares? I sure do not neither do alot of people of pa……..he only cares about HIMSELF when he took away INSURANCE from US…….

    1. Ryan says:

      Rendell misappropriated the tabacco settlement funds that were supposed to go to AdultBasic. But democrats convieniently forget that now that they have a republican in office to blame Rendell’s errors on.

      1. allchildrenleftbehind says:

        Oh Wait but the silly A** republicans dont do that to Obama???????????????

  12. luckyguy says:

    What about firefighters they work once every six weeks and cops well they don’t do much if anything…..

  13. Steven says:

    Maybe the Governor should impose an additional tax on the out of state Marcellus shale related companies that do not employee a minimum amount of PA workers??? Oh wait then all of those campaign donations will go away!! It is astounding the amount the governor has had donated to his campaign by these companies. Yet all I see is unemployed PA residents while the out of state workers work endless amounts of hours. Instead of cutting from our state’s education here is a perfect opportunity to get extra money for the state.

  14. Dr. Howard says:

    Why not, ya wise guy?

    1. Faithful WPAHs Patient says:

      It’s better than UPMC I wouldn’t send my dog to one of there hospitals

  15. Anna Conda says:

    I can’t stop these hiccups!

    1. Michael Scott says:

      That’s what she said!

  16. John says:

    Pitt Fan – you have some serious issues…..

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