City Police Inspector: School Bus Should Not Have Been On The Road

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A school bus involved in an accident while students were onboard has been taken out of service pending an investigation.

Now, investigators are trying to determine if there was a mechanical failure on the bus and if more buses are at risk.

Inspectors from the city and state have been at A-1 Transit all morning as part of what they’re calling “routine spot inspections.” However, they moved A-1 up as a result of an accident involving one of their buses Monday in Lawrenceville.

The bus involved in the accident had a separate inspection done from the rest of the fleet.

“Since that inspection, it’s only traveled six miles. In those six miles, three of the brakes went out of adjustment, a U-bolt had been missing prior to the inspection which should have been caught by the inspection garage,” Pittsburgh Police Inspector Tom Jacques said. “The vehicle should not have been on the roadway. Yes, it was just inspected, had only driven about six miles, still should not have been on the roadway. That’s why we do these spot inspections.”

The exact cause of the accident is not known, but there were mechanical issues with the bus. A-1 Transportation says potholes contributed to the accident.

Meantime, Pittsburgh Public Schools has terminated its contract with A-1 Transportation for that specific route.

The city Board of Education’s transportation director says they’ve had problems with A-1 Transportation in the past and plan to be more rigorous with inspections from now on.


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One Comment

  1. redrock100 says:

    This company has been putting out bad busses for 10 years. Until the parents , or in the citys case, parent, lobby to Ted Vasser at the school board,nothing will change. You pay peanuts and you get monkeys. Literally.

  2. johnny69 says:

    it’s all about the money, and NOT the lowest bidder, either. It’s about WHO is getting their palms greased. A few years ago PA Coach Line actually was awarded the ENTIRE McKeesport contract even though they were not the low bidder, in fact they never even submitted a bid The previous contract was through 1ST Student but the owner of PA had friends who awarded him contract. Almost every bus driver for 1st Studentfor McKeesport lost their jobs. Imagine that

  3. critter says:

    Lets have a prayer vigil in the Hill. Instead of stop the violence, “No busses, no peace”.

  4. Burghnerdman says:

    Police need to enforce basic traffic laws for these buses as well. They fly around the City. Not following speed limits. They are not transporting freight for heven sakes. They are are children!

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