Fitzgerald, Raja Win Nominations For County Executive

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It looks like Rich Fitzgerald and D. Raja will face off in November in the race for Allegheny County Executive.

On the Democratic side, Fitzgerald, former Allegheny County Council President, defeated County Controller Mark Patrick Flaherty.

“We’re going to unify this party, we’re going to unify this region and we’re going to move forward,” Fitzgerald said. “We’re going to continue to create jobs, we’re going to continue to reform government.”

Flaherty called to concede to his opponent just before 10 p.m. Tuesday.

“I thought we ran a great race, I was very proud of the race we ran and unfortunately we just didn’t get enough of our voters out there with the weather we had today,” he said.

Raja, a Mt. Lebanon Commissioner and software entrepreneur, beat fellow Republican and former Allegheny County Councilman Chuck McCullough.

He says the county needs change.

“We’re on a slow decline. We have lost jobs – look at the airport, our flights. Look at the PAT bus routes, look at the debt going up,” he said. “What we need is a transformation leadership where we can [stop] this decline and get us back to economic prosperity and the core focus there is jobs.”

Raja co-founded CEI, a software engineering company that employs 300 and has made millions of dollars.

Fitzgerald and Raja will face off in November.

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One Comment

  1. demsarestupid says:

    Fitzgerald is an idiot. Anyone voting for him must be one too.

    1. Lastchance says:

      I don’t care if he’s green with one eye in the middle of his forehead! We need some fresh meat in Allegheny County. You know the old saying – ” the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over with the expectation of a different outcome”.The voters of this county are only a step away from being declared brain dead. They keep voting for the same people and then wonder why things keep getting worse. We are headed for disaster unless we make some significant changes and voting party lines on either side is the shove that will push us off the cliff. I may be wrong about this so correct me if I am but I think that Fitzgerald wants to sue the commonwealth to force all counies to raise their property taxes to Allegheny County levels. If surrounding counties are a little smarter and more frugal, why don’t we check into how they are doing it rather than penalize them for our stupidity?

      1. Bob for the Burg says:

        Last Chance, you are wrong, he is not asking to sue for the right to raise taxes, he is willing to sue so that the Commonwealth Constitution is upheld: that all counties are taxes on the same way with the ability to decide locally tax rates and structures, not something determined by politicians from the other side of the state.

      2. Lastchance says:

        We’ll have torespectfully disagree on this one, Bob. The politicians from the other end of the state had nothing to do with Allegheny County’s mess – they created their own. Fitzgerald’s plan is to force the surrounding counties to reconfigure their tax structures to Allegheny County’s to stop the bleeding. This type of centralism will diminish the identity of those counties. A real leader would find ways to reduce the taxes through eliminating bloat and waste. Attracting new business will attract more residents and that will benefit everyone.

  2. Georg M. says:

    Are u kidding he cut sidewalk and road repair for a whole year in mount Lebanon and the roads really messed up plus he was trying to cut a grant from the state that funds new vehicles cause he thought he was saving us money by getting rid of free money and to top that off he outsources his companies jobs to india. he will be increasing the drink tax.


      Question #1 What roads and sidewalks are bad in M. Lebanon?
      Question #2 What FREE MONEY ?
      Question #3 Proof of Outsourcing jobs .
      These issues will influence my vote and I’m not looking for an argument only facts.

  3. 2059 says:

    The definition of a politician is “A person that works his gums before the election and gums the works after the election” There isn’t a worthwhile politician alive.

  4. Raja For Exec says:

    What’s with the ignorant, ridiculous comment about “American Indians”? Raja is from India, he’s not a Native American. And really, who cares what his nationality is? He’s proven that he is an excellent businessman and he has some great ideas about how to promote the growth of business and jobs in Allegheny County. We can either vote for Fitzgerald for more of the same failed leftist policies that have caused an exodus from Pittsburgh or we can vote for the dynamic entrepreneur Raja who will bring jobs back to our county.

    1. Brad Lodovico says:

      The person said non-american indian. Check before you go off board.

      1. Beth Lodovico says:

        What have I told you about using capital letters, Brad?

      2. Raja For Exec says:

        Regardless, it looks like the racist comments are being deleted, for the most part. There’s still the 7-11 remark below. It would take a miracle for Raja to win this election; do Fitzgerald supporters really want to resort to racism here?

    2. Purple Lips says:

      Looks like he should be running a 7 11

  5. Raja For Exec says:

    It’s sad that disinformation like that from Georg M can and will sway voters. As one of five Mt. Lebanon Commissioners, it is impossible for Raja to unilaterally cut sidewalk and road repair, or cut grants. The incredible claim that he outsources jobs to India can only be described as shameful race-baiting. As for the drink tax, that is complete lunacy.

  6. Georg M. says:

    whatever raja for exec believe what u want to. If and when he gets in u will see for yourself.

    1. Raja For Exec says:

      So what you’re saying is that I can either believe your blatant and obvious lies or I can see for myself. Thank you very much.

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