Low Voter Turnout Theme In 2011 Pa. Primary

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The 2011 Pennsylvania Primary is in the books and low voter turnout was the theme for the day, even though a few key races were up for decision.

A whopping 80 percent of voters bypassed the election, but the results still count. Those who did vote chose nominees for county and municipal offices, school directors and judges.

One of the most visible races was who will replace Dan Onorato as Allegheny County Chief Executive?

Rich Fitzgerald pulled out the win for the Democratic nomination over Mark Patrick Flaherty. Fitzgerald pulled in 56 percent to Flaherty’s 44 percent.

Fitzgerald says if elected he would work to unify the government and create jobs.

“We’re going to unify this party, we’re going to unify this region and we are going to move forward,” said Fitzgerald. “We are going to continue to create jobs, we’re going to continue to reform government, we’re going to continue to streamline our government, hold our taxes down. It’s something I’m committed to.”

So come November, Fitzgerald, who is the former president of Allegheny County Council, will face software entrepreneur and Mount Lebanon Commissioner D. Raja.

Raja rolled to victory in his Republican race against Chuck McCullough.

“What’s going to happen is people are going to see what the vision and the message that we take through. It’s when they see that they have jobs for their kids and grandkids to stay here, when they can see that they have bus routes to go to their doctors and to work. It doesn’t matter, they are going to support whose going to make that happen for them,” Raja said.

So we now have two entrepreneurs, Raja and Fitzgerald, both businessmen who made millions, running for this region’s top job.

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One Comment

  1. Marie says:

    Maybe if Pennsylvania allowed ALL registered voters the chance to vote in the primary, the turnout would be better. As it stands now, you can only vote in the primary if you are a registered Republican or Democrat, meaning, if you are registered Independent, you are not allowed to vote.

  2. Ken Rankin says:

    Hey Marie,

    If you want to vote in a primary, join a political party. The primaries are elections for the various parties. You can vote for your independent candidate in the fall. The problem with Allegheny County is that the voters are so stupid that they vote only for one party.

    1. Marie says:

      I do not want to join a political party nor should I be forced to in order to vote. Other states allow independent registered voters to participate in the primary election. All states should allow this, including Pennsylvania.

      1. Michael says:

        The Primary elections are intra-party only. Each party elects which candidate they will send to the General Election. As a non-Republican, you cannot vote in the Republican Primary. As a non-Democrat, you cannot vote in the Democratic Primary. If you could vote in another party’s Primary, one party could organize to sway the other party’s vote toward a less qualified candidate. I can’t imagine how it could possibly work differently in any other state.

      2. Mike says:

        Marie: Why should an independent get to choose the candidate of a party he’s not a member of? Should a resident of Pennsylvania get to choose a candidate for a New York election? No. And a person who’s not a member of a particular political party should not be allowed to choose its candidate either. Why is that a problem? If you want to participate in the selection of a party’s candidate, then why don’t you join that party and stop complaining? The point is, you CAN vote if you want to, you just don’t want to follow the rules.

  3. bp316 says:

    Why should you get to decide a party’s rep for the gen election if you are not a member?

    1. Ryan says:


  4. mjpampena says:

    Insder do you not have anything better to do!!!!!

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