Local Internet Sweepstakes Cafes Under Investigation

MONROEVILLE (KDKA) — With players playing video poker, Lucky 7s and keno for cash payouts, State police are investigating whether these internet cafes are violating state gaming laws — and even to the average customer — it does seem like casino gambling.

Male Customer: “It’s like a casino.”

Andy Sheehan: “Like a casino?”

Male Customer: “It’s like a mini-casino.”

Andy Sheehan: “Is this a casino?”

Chris Taylor: “Absolutely not, Andy. It is so far from the truth. I mean, I don’t even understand how they can compare this to a casino.”

Taylor, a manager at the Steel City Internet Cafe in Monroeville, says it’s a completely different animal.

“This is sweepstakes. We’re in the business of selling long-distance phone cards,” he explained.

The cafe sells pre-paid phone cards, allowing the customer to play so-called sweepstakes games. A $20 card will give you 2,000 points with which to play and amass points redeemable for cash.

“We have paid out on multiple occasions several hundred dollars,” Taylor said.

The district attorney’s office which is investigating the cafes with the state police say a major concern is whether these so-called sweepstakes games give the customer a fair shake.

On an internet site promoting the cafe franchises it states: “The house always wins — You become the house.”

“You want to see if the operators are breaking any laws but you also want to protect the people who are taking part in it to make sure that they’re not getting juiced,” says Mike Manko, a spokesman for the district attorney, said.

Taylor maintains that it’s all legit and that plans are in the works to bring more cafes to the area.

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One Comment

  1. nancy says:

    well whether its online gaming or casino they are only thinking of $ for themselves sweepstekes don’t cost money pa lottery is no different by taking the letters off the winning tickets hoping a person misses a winner and throws it away

  2. Robert Panton says:

    Chris Taylor is lying through his teeth. I personally know this guy, and no one should trust anything he says. He brought this to the Irwin Moose Lodge, and Chris nor any of the officers will talk about how much money it brings to Chris or the lodge. Just remember, if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, etc. it is a duck.

  3. Anthony says:

    Nothing wrong with sweepstakes rooms, my wife and I belong to one in Pa. that sells internet time and use it all the time. We do not have computers at home so we use the companies terminals and enjoy revealing sweepstakes entries at the same time. It’s great and gets us out of the house to do things together. Thanks Anthony

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