Apocalypse? Nope.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) — The saying goes something like, “the first day of the rest of your life.”

It is this date, May 21, 2011, that one Christian group proclaimed to be Judgment Day. But now it would appear that the end of days is not quite so near.

The doomsday prediction originated with Harold Camping, an 89-year-old retired civil engineer who founded and built a multi-million dollar Christian media empire that broadcasts around the world and has been publicizing the apocalyptic prediction for months.

He made a similar pronouncement in 1994, but his followers later said that wasn’t really an end-of-the-world kind of thing. This time though, Camping said it was definite.

In fact, Camping believed the apocalypse would likely begin at 6 p.m. Well, that time has come and gone and we all still seem to be here, and there are no reports of any major catastrophes.

Many people spent months warning the world, some even giving away earthly belongings or draining their savings accounts.

The Day of Rapture message was sent far and wide via broadcast and websites by Camping, as well as hundreds of billboards.

According to the Associated Press, a Family Radio spokesman asked about the prediction after 6 p.m. said: “It’s still May 21 and God’s going to bring it.”

A lot of mainstream Christians though don’t like the attention the prediction is getting. Pastors are planning sermons for Sunday to make the point that nobody can predict a date for the end of the world.

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One Comment

  1. Thomas J Duttine says:

    MAYYBBEE I shouldn’t have called my boss THAT!

  2. buceye says:

    I bet that guy believed in the Y2K scare also

  3. dennis says:

    It would have happened, but since this is the first Saterday that it hasn’t rained, Jesus took a sick day to get some yardwork done

  4. Mark says:

    ^^^ I LOVE IT ^^^

    This is the afterlife….isn’t it phenomenal!!

  5. Lori says:

    ANyone that has read the Bible or knows alittle about it, would have known. It says…””No man knowth the day or the hour”

  6. Don says:

    Maybe the rapture DID happen, but none of us on earth were good enough to ve saved….hmmmmm?

  7. Jesus H. Christ says:

    Religion is a JOKE!

  8. Heather Lander says:

    I look at it this way. Its always something, and there’s always someone, who says They can predict the coming of the end. Those who chose to believe ,will – and those who don’t, wont.

    This isn’t the 1st prediction, & it won’t be the last either. But again as someone stated above, the Bible states no one knows when, and I’m the farthest away from religion!

  9. S says:

    Well goes to show you that wisdom does not come with age and anyone that followed that stupid old man are insecure and need to get a life.
    And people wonder why there is so much elder abuse. Just because you are old and used up doesn’t mean you can take everyone with you.

  10. Tanya says:

    I’m disappointed in you for using such an OLD racial slur!!!! You must be the same age as Harold Camping.

  11. Keyes says:

    Thank goodness the local stations gave us live updates to help us keep up with the latest! Don’t know how I would have made it through the anxiety without the help of the local media! Thanks yinz!

  12. Arielyn says:

    Yeah, not sure how I’d know if it happened–none of my friends or family meet the entry qualifications. ;P

  13. Faith says:

    This Idiot is one of the false prophets used to slay the good name of the FATHER SON AND HOLY GHOST, he is either mentally ill or the Anti-Christ.
    I personally refuse to be misdirected by false prophecies and things like this make my faith even stronger.

  14. Will says:

    God, please protect me from your followers.

  15. Soulfate says:

    Actually May 21 2011 was supposed to be the day God came back to reclaim his people it never said they would all be taken on that day it said the churches would no longer be a vessel,and the end of the world was supposed to be exactly 5 months later October 21 2011.Camping teaches that a Biblical calendar has been hidden according to Daniel 12:9, Revelation 22:10 detailing the imminent end of the world (with alleged Biblical evidence pointing to the date for the Rapture as May 21, 2011);[11] of the “end of the church age” (which asserts that churches are no longer the vehicle used by God for salvation, 1 Peter 4:17);[12] and of predestination (Ephesians 1:4–5), according to which God determined before the beginning of the world which individuals are to be saved. In Camping’s latest publications, he stated that May 21, 2011 would be “the first day of the Day of Judgment”[13] and October 21, 2011 would be the end of the world. FACTS PEOPLE FACTS regardless if his prediction is or isn’t true,people should get facts before making assumptions. I’m not a religious person rather not go to “Hell” on a technical stop up but

    1. Ben says:

      All your comments are belong to wikipedia.

  16. Todd says:

    6pm came and went this past saturday and we are still here. Plus the pirates won on saturday. WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!

  17. jimmy says:

    religion is big business. this sentence says it all. (founded and built a multi-million dollar Christian media empire). he must of tricked thousands of people out of there money. this guy is a smart business man.

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