Mt. Lebanon Hammer Attack Defendant Still Under Court Supervision

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Family Court judge says it’s not automatic that Robertino DeAngelis will go home once he’s released from the hospital for undisclosed treatment.

DeAngelis was released from a juvenile facility last month but is still under court supervision.

He was found delinquent after trial on charges he attacked his girlfriend with a hammer and then tried to commit suicide by throwing himself in front of a light rail car in Mt. Lebanon in 2007.

When he was released, the family of the victim, Sarah DeIuliis, expressed concern that he was located too close to her home when she planned to return from spring break. She did not come home then. She is returning home from college for the summer.

Although DeAngelis’ mother urged the judge to allow him to recuperate at home, the victim’s family is glad the judge will supervise his hospital release.

“We were shocked he was allowed to be so close to our home at Easter,” said Joe DeIuliis, the victim’s father.

Judge Kim Clark issued an interim order supervising his placement once he is released from the hospital.

The condition that hospitalized him was not revealed in court.

Should he be released before a scheduled hearing in June, the judge wants to know immediately and make a decision about where he will be placed.

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  • marilyn

    When this young girl comes home for the summer, she should not have to worry about this man and think about what happened to her. This young man should not be allowed to return to his home during the summer. He isn’t in jail and his family can visit him elsewhere. Think about the victim.

    • Dan

      DeAngelis’ mother is only thinking about herself and shows no cares about the victim. Not surprising that he ended up the way he did with a mother like that.

  • fed up

    For the love of God! Give it a break already! The DeIuliis’ have played the innocent victim card long enough. First they come on and say they are putting their house up for sale then he runs for another term. Every body else has moved on. Their precious little “not so innocent” daughter is in no danger whatsoever! I applaud the DeAngelis family for their actions in all of this. They have never publicly spoken out with derogatory comments. Let the poor kid come home to his family to recuperate. They have been through enough and he is no danger to anyone. The DeIuliis’ should spend less time teaching their children how to be bullies and more time keeping their comments to themselves.

    • Dan

      The DeAngelis have been “through enough?” They’ve been inconvenienced, the victim was beaten nearly to death. “For the love of God…” wow, just wow…

      • Bea

        Wow, are you the sociopath/criminal cheerleaderfor Allegheny County? Hammer attacker = poor kid? Perps families shouldn’t have any derogatory remarks, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! And, you must also be a Dpctpr in Psychiatry to know he’s no danger to anyone. GO TO COURT THEN, AND TELL THE JUDGE YOU”LL TAKE HIM HOME!

      • fed up

        Do you know them? Do you personally know of the events that took place before this? The fact is that two 16 year old kids almost lost their lives because “Little miss innocent” likes to be a bully and play mind games. Mrs DeAngelis happens to be a wonderful person and a mother. Unless you personally know them, maybe you should keep your mouth shut since you obviously have not a clue.

      • Dan

        “The fact is that two 16 year old kids almost lost their lives because “Little miss innocent”

        Agan, you blame the victim. It’s obvious you have no children. Guess Darwin was right after all.

      • Dan


        No I don’t know them, and I thank God every day that I don’t. I don’t associate with attempted murders and their b!tch moms that condone this. But I’ll continue to comment as I see fit. Thanks for your input. You and your cronies can console each other while the rest of us wonder what’s wrong with your wiring.

    • Robberdikko

      Robberdikko needs to go to the electric chair and you could hold his hand while it’s happening

  • Linda

    Innocent victim?? The poor girl was beaten with a hammer in a premeditated attack! You can’t polliticize this crime. What does her father running for another term have to do with the attack?? No matter who the girl is (and I don’t know her family or her personally), she was attacked and the boy who did it has to pay the consequences. If this includes staying somewhere other than home, so be it. He should be spending his time in jail.

  • jim

    he should be in some mental hosp thats where he should be nothing else!

  • Johnny Fever

    Next up the Beatles with Bang Bang Maxwell Silver Hammer

  • Deserie

    I think someone should slap the smile off his stupid face …Then lock him in the mental Hospital….

    • linda

      I agree Deserie – he does have a smirk on his face

  • steve


  • AvaGrace

    As soon a another young lady turns him down he will be back in the system and mom and dad will be at his side.

  • AvaGrace

    I thought Mt. Lebanon was supposed to be an upper class and affluent community how did the Looney Tune Family sneak in?

  • Bea

    This kid & his family seem to be making a$$es out of the judge & court in this case. Way to go to show the system only works for those who can’tbuy their way out.

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