Police Investigate Shaler Triple Murder-Suicide

SHALER (KDKA) – A family of four is dead after an apparent triple murder-suicide in Shaler Sunday night.

According to police, the incident happened at 404 Beulah Street.

Police responded to the scene after initial reports of an argument and shots being fired.

When police arrived, they found four people inside with gunshot wounds to the head.

“We have a young girl that’s in the hallway leading back to the bedroom. We have a mother and an infant in the bed in the bedroom and the father in the bedroom in and around the closet area,” Shaler Police Chief Jeff Gally said.

The gun used in the shooting is believed to be a .357 handgun.

The family had just moved in three to four weeks ago from Ross Township.

On Monday, neighbors placed flowers in front of the mailbox.

The family was seen outside their home Sunday afternoon enjoying the nice weather. The mother and father were playing catch with a football, while the oldest daughter rode her bike and the infant played in a small pool.

Their identities have not been released. There were no suicide notes left behind and the motive may never be known.

Autopsies are being performed to determine what role, if any, that drugs and alcohol may have played.

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One Comment

  1. TIMSTER says:

    Condolences to the victim’s families of this senseless tragedy. It’s a shame that 3 innocent lives were lost because of a cowardly act.

    1. Matthias says:

      Typical white on white crime

  2. Charles says:

    .357 magnum? Horrible

  3. Rich says:

    May he rot in hell!!! What a coward!!

  4. kristy says:

    more unnecessary deaths due to gun violence.

    1. Dan says:

      Would you feel better if they were pushed out of windows? God bless the victims.

    2. bob says:

      maybe if she had a gun she could of killed this pig!!

      1. Matthias says:

        could of? LOL

        could have

  5. kristy says:

    yea, like THAT happens frequently. typical gun nut response.

    1. Dan says:

      It wasn’t the gun that did this. It was the nut.

      1. Matthias says:

        If the nut didn’t have a gun then the nut would not of had the means to commit the crime.

        It was clearly a crime of passion, and was “spur of the moment” in the decision making process.

        Take away the gun, he made have calmed down and this crime may not have occured.

    2. Pico says:

      Kristy, you are pretty pathetic…you blame the tool, not the psycho who committed the murder. Are you really that stupid? Would blame the Honda, Chevy, Nissan, or Ford when a drunk driver kills someone with their car or would you blame the drunk who drove it? Just b/c some people drive drunk, should you take away everyone else’s car?

      God bless the family members.

      1. Matthias says:

        Pico, you are a mental moron to compare cars to guns when it comes to acts of killing.

        Cars are a necessity in life.

        Guns are not.

        The drunk driver doesn’t deliberately go out to run another person over.

        The gun owner in this case did.

  6. kristy says:

    a nut who had access to a gun . . .

    1. Jackiebuggrl says:

      He would have found a way to kill them regardless. I’m so tired of people blaming the guns when its NOT the guns, its the people!

      1. Matthias says:

        He would have Jackiebuggrl?

        You know this to be fact or is it your opinion?


  7. Brian says:

    kristy, this guy was obviously crazy and would have done anything to kill his family. quit blaming the guns. and by the way I am not a gun nut, I am a responsible gun owner

  8. Lauren says:

    Dan I agree 100%. If he didn’t have the gun, I’m sure he had access to a kitchen knife and his own bare hands could have done the deed. Poor family, too bad the coward couldn’t have just taken his own life.

    1. brian says:

      The family would have at least had a chance to fight back if he used something other than a gun. A gun makes it so easy to kill that it’s almost unfair. That is why a lot of hunters have gone back to a bow and arrow.

  9. Pray says:

    4 people are dead and Kristy turns it into a gun debate, I’ll pray for the family and for Kristy.

  10. Flintrock says:

    Guns don’t kill, fingers do.

  11. AgainstKristy says:

    Pull your head out of your opinionated @$$ and pray for the victims and their families affected by this tragedy!! If there is a will, there is a way… with or without a gun! Your pepper spray wouldn’t save your life if this were you!! My deepest sympathies go out to the families!

  12. ROB says:

    I just don’t understand why these “cowards” have to kill innocent family members in whqt apparently looks like a disgruntled man whose life has gone to pot. What does killing your family give credance to your failures???

  13. patty says:

    kristy is a liberal idiot!!

  14. fed up says:

    I didn’t read anywhere that “HE” pulled the trigger. Regardless, they have families who are hurt and grieving right now. What a terrible tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families.

    1. Guilty until proven innocent? says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing – while the headlines have read murder/SUICIDE, from the info in the articles, it isn’t clear to me that’s a fact. Why couldn’t the argument have been between the dad an some as-yet unknown assailant? The article said the murder weapon was “…believed to be…” a 357 magnun – why “believed to be” if the weapon was recovered (and one would assume that if the dad killed his family, then himself, he wouldn’t exactly have time to hide the gun before expiring!). Maybe he was found by the closet in the bedroom because that was where he kept a weapon of his own, and he was tryihg to get it to protect his family when he was shot. (Just trying to think outside the box here …)

      1. Matthias says:

        If there was evidence of an intruder or another person, the police would have reported it.

        Go watch JFK.

  15. FedUp says:

    What a tragedy . . .thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the victims. How sad.

  16. Georgia says:

    Thoughts and prayers to the family, friends and co-workers of the victimes..very tragic.

    as for people saying stuff you should shut up and have some respect if not for the man then the family who would be reading this stuff…and you dont know how this persons life was and what happened they could of had a great job.

  17. Think says:


    if he/she didnt have a gun he/she would have used a knife, should we take all the knives out of the kitchen?

    1. Matthias says:

      @ Thnk,

      Are not knives used for eating?

      Are guns used for eating? LOL

      Ask yourself, what is the intended purpose of both of these objects:

      Kitchen knife
      Hand gun

      1. Dee says:

        Matthias – you have a lot of time on your hands, don’t you? Obviously not hugged much as a child.

  18. Joe says:

    a gun is a weapon of cowards!

  19. Brad says:

    We can’t take the knives out of the kitchen, how else would kristy cook for us?

  20. Dr. Nuts says:

    It would be really tragic if we got rid of all our guns then two days later Kristy gets hit by a car.

    1. Matthias says:

      You conservative rightwing whackos who follow Rush, Sean and that other moron, Beck crack me up every time.

      Comparing guns to cars as murder weapons is so ludicrous that it is hilarious.

      Stating that being pushed out of a window would be easy as using a gun made me LOL.

      Then the knives argument… oh boy, chuckles. A person has a much greater chance to escape a lunging knife over a speeding bullet.

      gotta love yinzer redneck gunlovers.

      1. Dave says:

        Keep spreading your liberal love. Must be rough having so much hate in your life.

      2. Abby says:

        1. Yes, Matthias, it would be logical to assume an infant and young girl could have evaded a grown man trying to kill them.

        2. Instead of turning this into a mudslinging match and hurling insults at “conservatives” (apparently you believe that everyone who has an opinion other than you is a conservative), why not just say a prayer for the family and recognize it for what it is…a horrific crime.

        3. Judging by your numerous posts, you have way too much time on your hands.

      3. Matthias says:

        Hate? No, sir. I have no hatred in my heart. I have and feel pity for those who are “pinned” to either side of the political spectrum.

      4. Matthias says:


        Praying or sending condolences to the victim’s family is a non-sequitor regarding my replies here. Kristy was being bashed by rightwing whackos and I stuck up for her.

        About the knife vs. gun – the mother may have been able to fend off the would-be attacker if he had a knife. Maybe she wouldn’t have. However, a loaded gun in the hands of a person who “loses it” makes it that much more easy for the person to commit the crime.

        Take away the gun, which serves no purpose to begin with, and there is a distinct possibility that the crime does not happen.

        As for time on my hands, that is my business and not yours.

      5. brian says:

        I agree with you, the wife could have turned the knife on him and saved the rest. Not nearly as possible with a gun. Only a neanderthal can’t understand the difference.

    2. Abby says:

      Dear Matthias,

      Kristy seems to have brought this upon herself (and therefore does not need your defending…but who said chivalry was dead?!?!), with her antagonizing comments about “gun nuts.”

      I just find it appalling that people can take such a tragic story and turn it into a finger pointing blame game.

      1. Matthias says:

        @ Abby,

        Maybe she did, but all of the name-calling she endured afterwards was uncalled for and hypocritical too.

        The fact is this… if he didn’t have a loaded .357, the murder may have not have taken place.

        A spur of the moment decision to commit this terrible act may have been prevented if the act wasn’t so easy to act upon… enter loaded .357.

        And thank you for your civility. 🙂

      2. Abby says:

        Right back at you, my friend.

        I find one glaring flaw in your argument…you claim that if he had not had the loaded gun the murder MAY not have taken place and this terrible act MAY have been prevented.

        I feel that the bottom line is no one can make conjectures about what this man would or would not have done, there is just no way of knowing. You yourself even admit that if he did not have a gun it only MAY have prevented three murders. Out of respect for the people involved, I feel that this argument is a moot point and should be held in a different forum.

      3. Matthias says:


        The main point being is this…

        1. Having the gun may have made his decision easier than if he did not.

        2. When walking into that bedroom pointing a loaded gun at the intended victims leaves virtually no rears for the victims. However, if he had a knife instead, the lady victim would have had a chance to defend herself and at least the infant too.

  21. jason says:

    My father just moved out of this house 3 weeks ago. I just don’t understand how a father could do this to his family.

  22. jason says:

    My father just moved out of this house 3 weeks ago.
    I just don’t understand how a father could do this to his family.

  23. bob says:

    drunken drivers kill more people than guns..Kristy take the booze off the market? Pathetic focusing on the gun instead of the killer!! typical liberal.

    1. Matthias says:

      Drunken drivers kill more people than guns, Bob? lol

      Link to that statistic, please.

      Again, vehicles are a necessity, guns are not.

      Your analogy is weak.

      There is an indirect relationship between drunk drivers/alcohol/cars/death – unintentional

      There is a direct relationship between guns/death – intentional. Throw in the alcohol factor and then it is worse – guns/alcohol/death, again intentional

      1. Factoid says:

        Even if you had the link it would still be flawed, there are more cars on the roads then there are firearms in private procession.
        BTW I looked for a link, what I found in 2005- 43, 443 total deaths due to vehicle accidents that includes alcohol, speed, weather, underage/unlicensed drivers and vehicle failure. In the same year there were 30, 694 homicides by firearms (no information weather alcohol, speed, weather, gun failure was a factor.)
        Matthias I agree with most of your arguments but feel I need to say, i don’t know how I would get by without my car but people do. Cars are a luxury and certainly make life easier but they are not a necessity. Also, driving a car is a privilege not a right although there are a whole lot of people out their that think it is….just like they think a lot of other things are rights that aren’t!

  24. sami says:

    that is right kill two kids and there mother and the kids had a long life head of them and now there cant grow up have kids of there own and get married that is so sad and the guy that did it needs to go to hell

  25. Deb says:

    The nut who killed his girlfriend in Ellwood City esterday didn’t use a gun. He used his hands to kill her! A nut is a nut with or without a weapon. If they don’t have a gun they will use a knife, ball bat or their bare hands! Get off the gun issue and how about praying for this woman and her 2 small children that this coward murdered!!

    1. brian says:

      Wow you described one example, statistics aren’t your strong point are they?

  26. Chris says:

    If guns kill people do pencils misspell words???

    1. Matthias says:

      Pencils are not made for killing. Hand guns are made for killing. Get it?

      1. Glenn says:

        Handguns are made for protection against the criminal element.

      2. Chris says:

        I didn’t say pencils kill people. I simply asked if they misspell words! Understand it?

      3. Matthias says:


        Then your question is pointless and is indeed a non sequitur

  27. Lauren says:

    To Matthias,

    To your earlier comment about guns not being used for eating. I come from a hunting family we do in fact rely on our guns for killing deer for meat which we process ourselves with the intention of eating all year until the following deer season. Deer meat is what we eat and therefore rely on our guns to provide us with meat for eating. Unfortunately too many idiots exist to commit such horrible crimes.

    1. Matthias says:

      @ Lauren,

      You mean to tell me that you need hand guns to hunt?

      1. Lauren says:

        Yes, you can in fact use handguns to hunt, as long as the handgun is manually operated. It’s in the PA Hunting and Trapping Digest that is handed out every year along with the Hunting License. Thank you.

      2. Matthias says:

        Do you need hand guns to hunt or would rifles suffice?

        I will answer that for you since you are obviously biased.

        You do not need hand guns to hunt. In fact, hand guns first usage is not for hunting at all, but only to kill another human being.

      3. Lauren says:

        you don’t need a handgun to kill another human being either, I think a rifle or a shot gun would suffice. What would you like, for the only gun carrying people to be government officials?

      4. Jim says:

        Matthias, I have several handguns that were designed specifically for competition target practice, not for killing. Please don’t talk about things that you don’t understand.

      5. Matthias says:

        @ Jim,

        For target practice… you mean targets such as the ones that come in shape of a human body? LOL Give it a rest. Hand guns are made for killing people.

        @ Lauren

        Of course you don’t need a hand gun to kill another person. That is not the point. The point is when a hand gun is readily available and a person who “loses it” like this man did, has easy access to use the gun on another human being, he can then easily use it.

        Take it away and maybe the results are different. Maybe he has time to cool down and think it over, maybe he tries to use a knife, which then gives the woman time to get herself and her children out of the house

  28. Live objects? says:

    Interesting little “fact” in countries where citizen cannot own handguns they have extremely low crime rates!
    No I don’t believe that guns kill people, I don’t think really anyone does. Unless of course you believe that guns come to life on the full moon and walk around firing themselves. such a silly argument!
    Yes drunk drivers kill people everyday, I don’t think alcohol kills the innocent passengers, unless of course the liquid beverage comes to life on full moons and drives vehicles.!
    Seriously for an argument to have some validity don’t try to tie acts of humans to objects that cannot move or act on their own, unless you truly believe they can!
    We can argue that he/she would, have could have with a gun, knife, duct tape, baseball bat but we will never know. We do know that numerous people who have committed similar crimes state that had they not had access to a firearm they would not have committed said crime. While there is many, many ways to kill someone, it is less personal to fire a gun than to stab or beat someone to death.

    1. Glenn says:

      New York City prohibits ownership of handguns, yet most crimes are comimtted with handguns in this city. Guess the criminal element will always have access to something that was designed to protect against it.

      1. Matthias says:

        That is a different issue.

      2. Live objects? says:

        Glenn actually the majority of hand guns start as legal weapons (yes there are guns manufactured and sold strictly to the criminal element.) Incidentally I am not against people owning and responsibly using a gun. My point was 2 fold…people make silly arguments for why people should be permitted to legally own a weapon. There is no validity in arguing that the person and not the gun killed this family. There have been numerous studies that show that a crime committed with a gun is more likely to turn deadly when a no gun is involved. If people want to convince others to support their right to bear arms, that argument is not the approach to take. Secondly that in countries with strict gun control laws violent crimes are markedly lower, that does not mean there is no violent crimes or crimes committed with firearms.
        If I took your argument to the extreme one might say, erase all the laws, heck the criminals are going to find a way to rob, murder, steal, rape, etc so why fight it.

    2. Rich Sigler says:

      I agree that it is a much more personal way to kill someone using a knife. Killing with a gun is easy. 4 trigger pulls a nd 4 people are dead. A knife if much more difficult. In my opinion if there wasn’t a gun present this may not have happened. I have spoken to the medics and officers on the scene it was a gruesome site.

  29. Disgusted with what society has become! says:

    People grow up! Always lookng to put someone down! Why? This is tragic enough without having to have the added (rude) commentary in here pointing fingers at who or what is to blame. This isn’t high school people! Can’t we just leave our condolensces for the families and leave it at that?

  30. Steak Burgh'er says:

    Hilarious how this gun issue divides people…Don’t you see it, there is an agenda at work to divide us against each other and it is working perfectly…liberal vs conservative, pro gun vs no gun, christian vs muslim, right vs left, abortion vs life, black vs white, north hills vs south hills, keep the Arena vs blow the arena up…it’s all an agenda to keep us at odds with each other and to let our Puppet Masters, the Powers That Be remain in control…and everyone on here is buying it hook line and sinker. Wake up and stop being an Illuminati tool.

    Oh yeah, I love the God fearing people on here that say I hope this guy goes to hell…In my bible it says only God can judge, I guess you have a different version. So much for loving your neighbor as yourself.

    Like it or not gun haters…the Powers That Be fear an armed population, it’s one of the last freedoms we have…I am not asking you to embrace a gun, I am merely suggesting you respect the Rights afforded to us in this country. We have enough laws and enough control already.

    1. joe says:

      actually what the republican majority fears most is EDUCATED people. Thats why they always come up with debates like you stated in your first paragraph. Thats why natural gas companies will turn PA in to a baron wasteland from not having to pay the taxes they should. And at the same time the PA republicans are cutting education to a point of collapse.

      1. Steak Burgh'er says:

        I find it amusing how people seem think there is a difference between Dems and Republicans…Some day Joe you will realize that they are One Party for the Rich and our “leaders” are anointed, not elected. I am still waiting for the Education Loving President to close Gitmo, get us out of Iraq, get us out of Afghanistan, increase the taxes on the rich, increase funding for science and mathematics fund.

        Instead of increasing funding for education, he like every President before him has increased funding to the war machine. Face it Joe we live in a world controlled by the military, pharmacological, media, fossil fuel, health care complex and not individual voters.

        So I guess you are saying that educated left supports Obama’s invasion two sovereign nations (Libya and Pakistan)…and an escalation of the war in Afghanistan. That certainly sounds like Nobel Peace Prize material to me.

        It’s one party for rich Joe…give it up…we need to stop fighting with each other and start fighting the power structure that seeks to completely enslave us.

      2. Matthias says:

        @ Steak,

        There are no differences between Dems and Reps. They both sleep in the same bed, albeit with different women of the night.

  31. jimmy says:

    wonder if he was taking chantix

    1. Steak Burgh'er says:


  32. joe says:

    wow…its kind of hard to believe that so many redneck yinzers are allowed to even own guns yet alone defend their “rights” to own them.

    who needs guns? hunters! ever see someone hunting with a pistol (which is intended to shoot people)? didn’t think so!

    hey, yinzers! its 2011 not 1811!!!

    1. Jim says:

      I hunt with pistols. .454 Casull as well as a .44Mag. Most people do use rifles to hunt big game, but many use pistols. So yes, I have seen people hunt with pistols. Please continue your diatribe on things that you obviously don’t understand. It’s amusing.

      1. Matthias says:

        Yeah, right. You see iy all the time… Hunters hunting with. .357 magnums and not rifles. LOL at the typical ignorant redneck yinzer.

      2. Jim says:

        I’m not sure which part you can’t figure out. “joe” said no one hunts with a pistol. He did not say “no one hunts with a 357”. I made it clear that I do hunt with a pistol, disproving his statement as well as clearly stating the calibers that I use. It’s funny that only you and “joe” seem to be using the term ‘ynizer’. But if it helps you feel better about yourself then have at it.

    2. Steak Burgh'er says:

      Another example of your educational arrogance calling people yinz’ers, clearly you have been educated at one of the finest institutions on earth by resorting to name calling instead of addressing the argument. When you argument is weak, you attack the person…Yes Joe you are clearly open mind, accommodating of all positions, highly intelligent and capable of thinking for all of us. What makes you better than the rest of us?

      Thank you for clearing up the date for me, I was a little confused on the matter. Are you saying that the entire Constitution is outdated or just the 2nd Amendment? Do you love the Patriot Act too…Should I surrender all of my freedoms when the government asks me to trade liberty for safety. Should I trust my government, that has done nothing but serve the interest of huge corporations and lie to the people? Should I interpret your dislike of the 2nd Amendment as a dislike for the whole Constitution or are we just going to selectively support laws we as individuals like? Hobbes would be very proud of you.

      I personally don’t own a gun, because I don’t hunt and I am not sure I could actual shot someone, but I live in a country where that is a right…so I support the people that choose to exercise that right responsibly. Whenever there is freedom, there will always be people that abuse that freedom, but lets not through out the baby with the bath water. The overwhelming majority of gun owners are responsible. I suggest you see that the movie Bowling for Columbine…even Michael Moore concludes that gun ownership is not the problem, using both Canada and Switzerland as examples…there is something much large or more sinister at work here in the US. At the same time I am totally against the excessive security at the airports, or DUI check points…these are illegal searches and protected by the 4th Amendment. I guess in general, I don’t think the government should be curtailing our freedoms, but the sheeple have been dumbed down and convinced that safety is more important than freedom, so our rights keep eroding…and that scares me. Don’t have a knee jerk reaction when things like this happen. Think big picture.

      1. Matthias says:

        @ Steak,

        You are nothing but a hypocrite.

        You can put down a person for calling another a “yinzer,” but you feel that you can be condenscending without penalty.

        Nice try. Save your Libertarian speech for the uneducated.

      2. Dana Franks says:

        This is tragedy.
        @ to Steak Burgh’er you said it all. With or with out guns no one is ever safe. In all honesty If guns were banned i would be terrified because just like illegal drugs people would want it more because its illegal to have. Wow look out if that happens just imagine a bunch of gun running crack heads. The police cant keep drugs off the streets so what makes some think they can do the same with guns?

  33. Lou Bucci Jr says:

    May the wife and kids rest in peace and as usual people want to blame the gun , this man obviously had issues and if he didnt use a gun he would have found another way , remember the wrestler Chris Benoit ? choked his wife and put a pillow over his sons face and then hung himself , sick people do sick things ……………… may they all rest in peace

  34. Huey Newton says:

    TYPICAL REDNECK…. when going gets tough… just shot your innocent family…

  35. bg says:

    Please get off the gun subject and pay your respects. If you want to state your opinion, how about writing a book.

    1. Matthias says:

      People have to write books in order to state their opinions? LOL

      1. ThinkingMan says:

        Folks, quit trading comments with Kristy and Matthias, trying to persuade them to see beyond their own bias of gun ownership is like trying to teach a pig to sing. All you’ll do is frustrate yourself and annoy the pig. I know it’s tempting to engage them but the best thing to do is just ignore them, they’ll go away in due time. The story here is the tragic loss of life, however it happened. What can make someone decide that there is no better solution to an issue than to take not only their own life but those of their loved ones? Truly sad…

      2. Matthias says:

        Good job with the ignoring advice, Thinkingman. It certainly worked. LOL


      3. Dee says:

        Oh….and you sure do LOL a lot!

      4. Matthias says:

        I did not say otherwise. Reading comprehension must not be your forte.

  36. Tara says:

    I think it is sad how you people are bashing each other. This is a tradegy. You need to find another site to have your friendly little conversation and LOL.

  37. DD says:

    We have removed Jesus Christ from many areas of our lives…….look where it has gotten our country.

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