Man Dies After Truck Hit By Train In Wash. Co.

MONONGAHELA (KDKA) – Emergency crews responded to the scene of an accident involving a train and a truck in Washington County Monday morning.

According to emergency dispatchers, the accident happened on East main Street in Monongahela shortly before 7 a.m.

One person was flown to Allegheny General Hospital.

According to a report in the Observer-Reporter, Jeffrey Ladisic, 57, was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after 8 a.m.

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  • bob

    It still amazes me hpw this happens???????? unless your eyes are sewn shut there is no way for you not to see/hear/feel a train!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont care if there are no warninig lights for you not to see a train is crazy! Even if you cant hear you can still see it!!! Just amazes me

    • shari

      Bob, You wanna know what amazes me is ignorant people in this world, Must be terrible to live ur life being so perfect . You dont know what this man was think or worry abt as he was on his way to work. His family is living thru hell right now , So I would like to thank you for reminding us there is still perfect ppl that never do anything wrong . I will pray for u tonite the same as the family morning…..

      • shari the god lover

        its not about being perfect. its common sense.

      • ???

        how will praying help? it hasnt done anything.

      • brooke

        thank u sheri i am his niece and he was a very good man. he will be miss by his whole family. i thank u for your kind words

  • Bob Wright

    The train ALWAYS Wins…….

    • Shari

      Not if te man is in Heaven ! : )

      • nutjobs

        thern that does mean the train won you religious nutjob, that means the train KILLED him!!!!!

  • go!

    hey this is what GOD wanted to happen!! dont you read the comments on here when someone does something really really dumb like not wearing seatbelts?? people are supposed to comment that it was gods plan and that poor driver. hahaha let the religious nuts come out to play.

  • Art

    I work on the railroad where this happened and not only must we feel for the driver of the truck, the train crew has to deal with this also

  • lek

    ALways stop at a crossing, ALWAYS, no matter what. You never know if something doesn’t work

  • John

    I feel much worse for the train crew on board the train than I do for the guy in the truck. He had a choice, even if his truck broke down he could have gotten out and gotten to safety. The crew on board the train was completely helpless and had to witness the whole thing.

  • Wm.

    Ever consider the remote possibility that the driver of the truck was having a heart attack & was rendered helpless to avoid his eventual unfortunate fate???

  • critter


  • Hotel6

    Wm. You must be a democrat.

  • brooke

    that was my uncle and he was not crazy he was a very good man please leave the negative comments out. we miss him dearly and would like only positive thoughts as our family mourns the loss of a great man!!! thanks

    • ?

      we didnt say he was crazy at all, he just crossed in front of a moving FREIGHT TRAIN.!!!!!!

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