Bobby Knight To Penn State?

By: Mike Vukovcan

Pittsburgh (KDKA)- One of the biggest names in college basketball is suggesting Penn State hire legendary head coach Bobby Knight.

Penn State is in the market for a men’s basketball coach after Ed DeChellis surprisingly left for the Naval Academy.

It’s not often you see a coach leave a Big 10 school for a job in the Patriot League. To top if off, DeChellis took a pay cut of over $200,000.

That just tells you the current state of Penn State basketball.

Hall of Fame ESPN broadcaster Dick Vitale has a suggestion for fixing it.

Hire Hall of Fame coach Bobby Knight.

Here’s what Vitale tweeted last night:

“Ed DeChellis leaving PSU is not big hoops news as the job is soooo tough – roundball game just something to do until football!”

“Come on Penn St put 2 icons together Wow Joe Pa & Robert Montgomery Knight! He can create some Hoops interest! Hire energetic young staff!”


Considering Penn State was only paying DeChellis $600,000, this is just Vitale trying to get his good friend a job.

I’d admit a lot more people would follow Penn State basketball.


One Comment

  1. Mon River Towing says:

    i thought this was far fetched, but when I read Vitale was behind it I knew it was. Vitale is a circus act, a Duke cheerleader, and pretty much clueless, not a hoops insider. As an analyst, Bob Knight is the real deal, the best thing to happen to ESPN basketball in donkeys years. He is not friends with Vitale. Knight cant stand Vitale. If anything, Vitale sees Knight as a threat to his broadcasting future and therefore is nominating him for the PSU job.

  2. Don Kekong says:

    Mon River Towing: What? Vitale and Knight are great friends, apparently you have no clue about basketball. Vitale is around 70 years old, i’m sure he doesn’t fear for his broadcasting future.

    1. Mon River Towing says:

      All I see is Knight roll his eyes every time Vitale opens his Dukehole. They may be friendly because they have to work together, but its quite obvious that Knight has little respect for, patience for, and doesnt find humor in Vitale.

  3. jd says:

    Penn State hiring Bobby Knight would be the ultimate irony, since “The General” was in the vanguard of those who did not wish to see Penn State join the Big Ten…

  4. Ryan says:

    This is a misleading headline. Anything suggested by Vitale is idiotic.

  5. Lou Bucci Jr says:

    Bob Knight and the General are friends , I saw them sitting next to each other at at Reds Pirates spring training game some years back and laughing and acting like kids , couldn’t tell you about Vitales comment Because I could care less about PSU , Im a Pitt guy .

    1. Doppleganger says:

      Bob Knight is friends with himself? Lou, I’m confused. I dont think either is friends with Vitale though. If you saw them at a Pirates spring training game not only are they pathetic losers, I guess so are you.

  6. Michael Day says:

    Bobby Knight is also good friends with Penn State icon Bruce Parkhill, who helped Penn State hire Jerry Dunn and Ed DeChellis. I remember Knight complaining about how going to State College was like going on a camping trip. Then he found out they had good fishing out there. I can see him spending his summers on Lake Raystown chasing big stripers.

    1. Don Kekong Jr says:

      Does anyone know if Bobby Knight is friends with Pat Knight?

    2. Vitale's Diaper Dandy says:

      If one wanted to be a Penn State icon. How much anall do you have to have logged before getting consideration?

  7. Don Kekong says:

    Mon River Towing, I don’t think you even know who Knight and Vitale are and Don Jr, although Pat is Bob’s son, they are not as friendly as they appear. I see Bob roll his eyes every time Pat speaks.

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