Burglar Damages Unity Twp. Pizza Shop

UNITY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A determined burglar was caught on tape trying to break in to a Westmoreland County pizza shop.

Police say the suspect tried to get into Red’s Pizza and Six Pack Shop in Unity just after midnight on Thursday. He may have spent more than a half an hour trying to pry open various doors.

Surveillance video at the business shows the suspect using a large tool to try and pry open the front door. He then leaves for a moment before returning with another tool and continuing his efforts.

The owner believes the suspect tried to enter through four doors in all. One door that the suspect got open is now boarded up. The suspect wasn’t able to gain entry because there was machinery on the other side. He also appeared to have tampered with a cooler in the rear of the building and another door on the far side. The burglar never did get in, but owners estimate he caused around $500 in damage.

If you have any information on the suspect’s identity, you should contact state police in Greensburg.

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  • critter

    Is this newsworthy?

  • redrock100

    But, 4 hrs are commercials

  • ROB

    Why does a major news organization bother posting this garbage. What’s next the farm and dairy report. Get with it, it’s bad enough that these liberal news organizations tell us what a great job Obama is doing for this country, why can’t they at least filter out these nonsensical and meaningless reports.

    • Pitt Fan

      Do you have to bring politics into every single thing on this Earth?

      Die in a fire, you waste of oxygen.

  • Jmar

    Has anyone bothered to look at the date on the photo tape. “Jan 12, 2000”. Is this a scam or what.???

    This would make great evidence in court..LOL

    • Hoss

      Very good point, Jmar. What’s even more curious is that the date at the top of surveillance tape shot reads “Jan 12 2000” but the date at the bottom reads “Jan 11 2000” What’s up with that?


    I think KDKA should hire Les Nesman from WKRP and do the hog reports.

  • LisaG

    While I have to agree with the date of the tape being a problem in a court case, I know that there could be issues with the camera date stamp and resetting it. As far as being newsworthy………if you live in that neighborhood you’d like to know that this type of activity is going on……as a business owner in that area, again YES you’d want to know when that activity is present. So I don’t have a problem with this type of news being reported. What I do have a problem with is reporting a house fire……unless a firefighter is injured or there was a problem with water pressure, I don’t see that a house fire needs reported.

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