Man Caught On Tape Stealing Donation Jar Surrenders

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man accused of stealing a donation jar for a lung transplant patient from a convenience store in Glassport has turned himself in.

Keith Hubbard, of Monroeville, was allegedly caught on surveillance video stealing the jar from the Hot Spot convenience store over the weekend.

In the video, the suspect distracts the clerk by purchasing scratch lottery tickets. When she’s not looking, he puts the jar on the ground and has a child carry it out of the store.

The donations were for Loretta Dibler who suffers from Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a disease which scars her lungs. A lung transplant is her only hope.

Hubbard is facing charges of retail theft, conspiracy and corruption of a minor.

Donations For Lung Transplant Patient Stolen From Convenience Store
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One Comment

  1. adda boy says:

    take his lungs

  2. couldn't agree more says:

    you said it

  3. Bob says:

    Nice of him to let the kid take it out….get em started young!

  4. Daniel says:

    This man deserves a long prison sentence at hard labor.

    1. anne says:

      go on unified judicial system his name is douglas kieth hubbard has a long history of stealing and the boy knows what he was doing was wrong but did it any way his mother should be charged they both have a history but for some reason my guess is because they work the social security system and welfare system goes to mon yough and will probably get away with it ike every thing else they steal and do people who have jobs would be locked up go figure welcome to mon valley where thieves get away with everythig.oh thats scroll down to majestrate type in name allegheny county non traffic and look also type in his girls name Tammy Lynn Harper you will be surprised at what ya see.

      1. anne says:

        he even got away with trying to steal a transformer off the telephone pool last summer he gets away with everythingbecause they have people feeling sorry for them they need to leave the crack and drugs alone

  5. Mr. Friendship says:

    Uh, not relevant dude…?

  6. unky crack? says:

    Constant post. the white power guy does it too.

  7. Mr. Friendship says:

    My brother works in loss prevention at a retail store. He tells me that parents will have their kids steal for them thinking that if anybody says anything that they can blame it on the kid and walk away, because the kid’s record is expunged when they turn 18.

    These parents need some role models.

  8. Mr. Friendship says:

    It took him the better part of half of his day to realize he’s an ass.

    1. Richard says:

      The good – he did the right thing and retuned the donation jar..
      The bad – he took it in the first place..
      The ugly – he set a really bad example for the child..

  9. TIMSTER says:

    He just needed some more money for scratch off tickets.

  10. anne says:

    the boy knows better doug has been banned from all conv.stores in the area,he’s well known by local police from monroville and all points inbetween,he even tried to steal a live transformer off the telephone pole last summer while his girls mothers boyfriend watched out go figure

  11. anne says:

    the man even did time for attempted murder sapposed to have done ten years but got adjucated because the man lived attempted murder during a home invasion

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