Police Warn Residents About Roofer Scam

GREENSBURG (KDKA) — Police in Westmoreland County are warning residents about a scam. Officers say a man is going door-to-door claiming he is there to inspect the roof.

If you in the city of Greensburg, keep an eye out because police say there are some questionable characters running about.

“This individual seems to be coming around scamming people,” said Sgt. George Seranko, of the Greenburg Police Department. “The individual knocks on the door, says he’s a repair man, that’s he fixed [the] roof at one time, whatever. He talks his way into the house, and to distract the person or pretend as he’s working in the house, he taps the ceilings stating, ‘I can tell that way if there’s a leak or not.’”

Officials say he then gets the homeowner to a different part of the house.

“He’s located her purse, and he stole money and left the house,” said Sgt. Seranko.

On a blank work proposal left behind at one home, there is no name, no address, no phone number – no way of tracking them.

One of the places visited by the scammers is Jean Street. Officials say one woman got taken for about $125. But not everybody did.

“My wife and I were standing in the yard and this contractor pulled up with his truck. I saw him stop, so I told my wife, ‘You go inside, I’ll take care of this,’” said homeowner Jim Vallozzi. “He said, ‘We’re doing work in the area and I’d like to inspect your place for some work,’ and I told him no thank you.”

Law enforcement officials say Vallozzi is an example of how best handle the situation.

“Know the person you are dealing with, deal with only local contractors,” Vallozzi added. “They don’t need to come in my house, that’s the worst thing you can do.”

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  1. Bob says:

    Hahaha. Really? People actually let strangers in their house these days? You deserve to be robbed if you’re that stupid.

  2. Richard says:

    No Uncle Cracker, you won’t be labeled a ‘racist’ or ‘anti-semite’, just a plain old ordinary crackpot idiot with nothing better to do than spam the comments section of news reports. Nothing special, just an ordinary crackpot.

  3. Justin says:

    Cmon and smarten up greensburg! We are here doing our job replacing your exteriors for free and increasing your property values, meanwhile renting here, buying gas, food, shopping in your stores, hiring your locals, paying your municipalities to work, and paying state taxes. Your local “roofer” cant do what we do. Word to the wise, dont be miseducated by the uneducated.

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