City Council Task Force Creates “Noise Line”

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The City Council Noise Task Force has created a “Noise Line” in order to gather input from Pittsburgh residents about noise issues around the city. Councilman Bruce Kraus and Councilman Patrick Dowd, who co-chair the City Council Noise Task Force, announced the new line and website on May 27.

City officials say they will use the input “to help shape new municipal noise legislation.”

The Noise Line will be open now through the following six weeks. They are urging Pittsburghers to phone, text or write about any issues of noise pollution.

How to contact the Noise Task Force:
Phone and text messages: (412) 223-7620
Postal delivery:
c/o Councilman Patrick Dowd
510 City County Building
414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15219

Pittsburgh City Council
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One Comment

  1. Smooter says:

    I’d like to report anytime the Boy who would be Mayor opens his mouth… Now that’s noise pollution…

  2. Dan says:

    The city is broke and this is what these idiots do…amazing simply amazing…Corey O’Conner for mayor!

  3. BLT says:

    The was a decible level law that was passed many years ago to keep car radio volumn at a minimum, just walk downtown on any day and you can hear the result. NO ENFORCEMENT. Most police dont even know that law exists.

    1. sadcityresident says:

      How true, the hotline number should be 911

  4. Daniel says:

    The decible level law requires the noise level to be recorded with equipment designed to do so. The law was passed but only one recording device was purchased for the police to use. Giving a ticket without actually recording the noise level is not allowed. D

  5. anon.pittsburgher says:

    On the Northside, we have a neighbor that comes in and out of our neighborhood with the boombox wide open all hours. The noise is loud enough to vibrate items off the shelf. In the past, when reported to the police, the response was they couldn’t do anything unless they personally observed it. I don’t know about anybody else, but I plan to report the address and license plates, until something is done.

  6. Anon. Brookline says:

    Dear Noise Control,

    How about neighbor hood noise!

    For eleven years now, the neighbor on Hallowell Street 15210 in (Brooklline), brings home his work moving truck that he parks on the CITY STREET.
    He comes and goes all hours of the day and night. The Pittsburgh Police have been informed in the past. It might be gone one or two days, then it is back again.
    Its not only the noise, he is paid to take away the old refrigerators, washers, dryers, ect and brings them home, puts them on the front lawn and leaves them out for
    the CITY GARBAGE MEN. I have email the city of pgh about this many times and there still hasn’t been any results.
    I know that there is a law that say that you can not park commercial vehicles on the city street yet he has been doing this since 12/4/2000.
    Every neighbor on Hallowell, Moredale, Fiat, Whited complain about the noise. He rides around the block just to get a cup of coffee.
    It sounds like a accident right out side your window when he is loading and unloading the truck. The truck tears up the street when he backs up to turn around.

  7. ThinkingMan says:

    Pretty funny actually, a cop has to observe (hear) the offending noise AND have a certified way of measuring it, but we all know cops are ‘after the fact’ so it’s nearly unenforceable! But council will be patting each other on the back for ‘making a difference!’

    1. Cat Daddy says:

      you are so correct, after the “jordan miles incident” policing has been response only…the days of proactive policing are over. it should be a interesting summer

  8. critter says:

    Keep voting for democrats. This is what u get

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