Vehicle Hits Home In Shaler Township

SHALER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A young North Side woman is expected to face several charges after her car ruptured a gas line and struck a home early this morning in Shaler Township.

The accident happened just before 6 a.m. in the 500-block of Davis Avenue.

According to Shaler Township police, the vehicle first hit a parked car and then the home.

There was no structural damage to the home, but the crash also ruptured a gas line and started a small fire that caused some minor damage.

Police say they arrested 18-year-old Caitlin Zack at the scene. She was later released.

Investigators report that several charges will be filed against her including driving under the influence of alcohol

Shaler Township
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One Comment

  1. Brad says:

    This little drunk had to be influenced by alcohol or drugs. Davis ave is pretty straight. How in gods name was she unable to go straight ? Hmmm. She can’t build up enough speed on the short road, so let’s take a guess how she managed that. And why the heck was she driving before 5? Either she was too drunk to realize what time it was, or was unable to tell The time. What parent let’s their 18 year old girl out that late on a Thursday ? lovely job by everyone involved, simply stunning.

    1. Chris says:

      Last time I checked you’re considered an adult at 18…… she could have her own place who really knows Parents really don’t have a say when you are 18.

  2. Brad says:


    Apparently this little drunk NEEDED some supervision. Last time I checked she was 3 years shy of the drinking age. If she is partying all nite on a Thursday and driving home drunk at 5 am. Her parents didn’t do the best of jobs.

    1. Matthias says:

      @ Brad,

      Your reply gave me a chuckle and then I shook my head at your ignorance.

      “Her parents didn’t do teh best of jobs.”

      Well, they may not have done the best of jobs, most parents don’t. They didn’t do the worst of jobs either.

      The point is what you stated doesn’t make any sense.

      She is her own person and makes her own decisions.

  3. amyla says:

    Read the lead of the story again (the first paragraph). Notice how the reporter relayed that her CAR ruptured a gas line. I think the real concern is whether or not the reporter was awake, sober, or educated…Which means all other facts may be questioned.

    Young people have so many issues. It’s too bad fine citizens such as yourselves aren’t more involved in community outreach programs to help our young people learn from things like this. After all, mistakes can teach and fortunately, no one was hurt or killed.

  4. sally 123 says:

    she the driver…. of the CAR ruptured the gas line…. she is still a kid, 18 or not i think parents should still know the were abouts of there kids, 18 or not, 6 in morning you are drunk?

  5. Wooby says:

    A real class act. According to the homeowner, the driver said, “Don’t call the cops and call my dad”. I totally agree with Brad.

  6. Kahan Gill says:

    She was knocking on my door at about 5:50am this morning, i continously tried getting her out of the car to stop further damage. I had no choice but call the police to stop her from injuring herself and others. I’m very glad I called the police and stopped her where she was, stopping her from traveling any further. I live on Reetz Street and she only made it to Davis which is the next street over.

  7. Brad says:

    If she was so independent why was she doing something illegal at 5am, and illegal for her age the nite before. How are her parents not partially responsible. There is a reason the drinking age is 21, and quite frankly if you have been to the south side recently it should be 25.

    Also @mathias

    How did my point not make any sense? You said they didn’t do the worst of jobs. Well, their 18 year old daughter was our drinking and drinking and driving. Right and wrong are the principles of raising a child so explain to me how their parents didn’t do a bad job? The little moron isn’t even in college. So what is she doing on a Thursday night drinking all nite? Wow, some leadership they showed. I’m also going to make a safe assumption this isn’t her first time drinking. You don’t go for an all night bender your first nite. Which means she was partaking in illegal activities before. So explain how my comment doesn’t make sense? Explain to me what the thought process is of an 18 year old at 530am coming to the conclusion she can drive her drunk ass home. Knowing it was wrong by the “don’t call the cops comment”. If she was Influenced more by her equally pathetic friends than her parents at 18yrs old.. Her parents did a horrible job.

  8. Kahan Gill says:

    Yes your right the parents can be partially responsible but you are going on about blaiming them for everything. Man your talking like you never been young, your parents really had whereabouts for you 24/7 some crazy parents you live with. I have parents that dont leave me on a lease and if i did something that was wrong it was solely my fault and not my parents who maybe i lied to about sleeping at a friends. And get your facts straight sir she was driving to Giant Eagle, i know this because i was one that called the police. I woke up to her knocking on my door and tried stopping her. My attempts failed so i called the police. In this situation it was her fault and only hers, to blaim the parents is ignorant. Its pathetic that you think parents can monitor their children to the T, thats insane normal families have trust for their children i guess your some Saint.

  9. Matthias says:


    No need to answer, Kahan did a good job dismantling your nonsensical theory.

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