Alleged Scammer Arrested In Beaver Co.

AMBRIDGE (KDKA) – A man accused of scamming two people out of money was arrested in Beaver County Sunday morning.

According to the criminal complaint, 26-year-old David Bristol was arrested after allegedly taking $1,300 for rent on a home he didn’t own.

The victims went to the Ambridge Police Department to report the incident. They stated that they had been talking to Davey Burkhart about renting a home in Lisbon, Ohio. It was later determined that Bristol was using a false name during their conversations.

Bristol went to the victim’s current residence in Ambridge and collected $800 and a money order for another $500. In exchange for the money, Bristol gave them a rental agreement and a key to the house.

When the victims arrived at the home in Ohio, they found that it was occupied. They knocked on the door and the owner of the home answered.

After a brief discussion, the owner showed them the deed to the property to prove that he owned the property.

Police called the number they had been using to contact Bristol. He told officers his name was Davey Burkhart and gave three different Social Security numbers during the course of the conversation.

He was instructed to bring the money back to the police station and Bristol agreed to do so by Tuesday morning.

Police called emergency dispatchers with all the false personal information Bristol had given and no records were found.

Officers had one of the victims call Bristol while they were still at the Ambridge Police Station.

During the conversation, sirens could be heard in the background.

Officers called Beaver County emergency dispatchers again to find out about any potential fires in the area.

Through the course of their investigation, it was determined that there was a fire in North Sewickley Township.

Police also found that Bristol had been staying at a woman’s house near the responding fire station.

Police went to the woman’s house and took Bristol into custody.

Bristol was taken to the Beaver County Jail and is facing charges of theft by deception and falsifying reports to police.


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  • Thomas J Duttine

    Bank Robbers/Dead babies in suitcases/Shootings….But what does deuce TV allow comments about? A guy who rented a house he didn’t own?? Just saying!!

  • Same old Story

    KD only wants comments for subjects they don’t have to delete

  • Daniel

    Same old story is right. I am certainly no racist for sure but if this had involved a black criminal we would not be allowed to comment.

    • Jim

      Actually, from what I see, the reason you think you can’t comment on black stories is becuase comments were allowed until a few trolls made specific derogatory comments. That’s when kdka deletes the comment section for the article. So it’s a few bad apples that ruin legitimit comment for the rest of us.

  • GrandmaPhil

    Distracting the population with trivialities. That’s how you break a society down to the lowest common denominator and take over Mr. Duttine.
    History not leaned from WILL be repeated…over and over and over again.

  • Daniel

    Comments should be allowed on all news stories. KDKA should monitor the comments and remove ones that are without a doubt racist. Who commits the most crimes in Homewood? Blacks. Who commits the most crimes in China? Chinese. In Cuba? Cubans. Who commits the most crimes in Balls Gap West Virginia? Whites. The point I am trying to make is that color or nationality does not matter. People like to read comments and people like being allowed to comment. Bottom line is to love and see no color. Racism hurts everyone. The only thing worse is censorship.

  • Daniel

    That would be good. What I am trying to say is KDKA needs to allow people to comment on all the stories, not just the ones they select. And the comments need to not include racist comments.

    • Thomas J Duttine

      And yes Daniel there IS a Santa Claus!

  • Daniel

    Intelligent people can comment about news stories without resorting to comments that will be deleted for racial content. And I stress the word intelligent. I simply think that KDKA should be ashamed to only allow comments when a Caucasian person is the alleged criminal. Perhaps if enough people would comment on this misguided approach then they would change the way people comment on here. I view the KDKA website because of the comments, otherwise I would go to the WPXI website.

    • Thomas J Duttine

      I have commented on this many, many times!!!!

  • Jim

    And here is the trollish post that ends comments for many articles. Good job kid…

  • Bob McBob

    The racist comments are usually the worst with the nitwit calling themselves Uncle Cracker.

  • jimmy

    thats a good one. this guy is very creative. should do well in prision

  • jimmy

    if yall takin bout that negro on the other page that stuck up that bank, i get it

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