2 Teens Arrested After Fight Surfaces On YouTube

AMBRIDGE (KDKA) –Two teenagers were arrested on Monday for a brutal beating that was recorded and posted on YouTube.

The video shows a boy on the ground covering his head as another boy kicks him repeatedly.

“Senseless. It’s brutal. This is a lot different than when we went to school with the little schoolyard fights that we would have. This is out of bounds,” Ambridge Police Officer Brad Davis said.

According to police, the attack happened last Wednesday behind the Ambridge High School Field House.

One boy did not want to fight, while the other appears determined to engage.

“He tried to walk away. The suspect had approached him and basically said, ‘Hey, we’re going to fight.’ The victim turned it down, was not interested. As you can see in the video, he starts walking away,” Officer Davis said.

The suspect then begins to kick and stomp the victim repeatedly as two other boys look on.

“Any time you hit somebody in the head or stomp them in the head, you can easily kill them. You can get brain damage. [If] you hit someone just right in the head, you’re going to kill them,” Officer Davis said.

The teenager who videotaped the incident is facing conspiracy charges, while the aggressor in the video is facing felony aggravated assault charges.

The suspect is in a juvenile detention center in Ohio awaiting a hearing.

The victim is recovering with family after a short stay in the hospital.


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One Comment

  1. Stush says:

    Prayers to the victim. KDKA – Take pride in your reporting. They are not “kids.” Stop using this terminology or hire better proofreaders.

  2. older sister says:

    that was my little brother on the ground getting kicked and i am so glad to know that the police are stepping to try to put a stop to this, but you tube needs to not allow violence to be posted in videos!

    1. robin says:

      my son had the same thing happen to him last summer from a freedom kid, i called monaca police with the video that someone took with thier cell phone and they said there wasnt enough evidence,but he had bruises everything, go figure! im glad ambridge police are doing something about this bullying situation unlike what monaca did for my sons, which was NOTHING

  3. Thomas J Duttine says:

    What do you expect from these thug wannabe animals?

  4. Krissy says:

    I love how they complain about it being shown on youtube but yet KDKA shows the video? Really what is the difference?

  5. Monroe says:

    When the two underbred Uniontown mothers set up a fight between their daughters and filmed it everyone deduced it as a silly catfight that they got out of their system. That young man did the same thing and everyone says oh thats vicious.
    Violence is violence.

  6. wbark says:

    Animals! If we had a judicial system that actually punished people for their actions, this kind of thing might not be so common. Just look at the Allegheny County parole and probation dept, they don’t even violate when a criminal repeats their actions. These animal thugs will continue to behave this way, probably beat their own kids, maybe even kill them and the cycle will continue…

    1. Charles says:


  7. MsCynic says:

    I’m glad the police are involved and YouTube needs to be more responsible. Violence and dangerous stunts are idiotic for them to continuously promote. I think they should face fines as well.

  8. @Krissy says:

    KDKA is reporting an incident that occurred, while YouTube is allowing these teens to brag about their hideous behavior. There is a distinct difference, Krissy. Maybe KDKA’s showing of the video where folks that these teens look up to (if anyone like that exists in their lives) will help to prevent them from doing it again. And yet maybe it won’t. In my eyes, this unchecked “social” media has helped desensitize our young people to violence.

  9. kristy says:

    i’m waiting to hear the parents of the monsters who did the beating proclaim their children are little angels who are misunderstood. i don’t know how old they are and if they’re considered juveniles, but, if so, these turds will get a slap on the wrist. what’s happening in this so-called “society?” i’m sooo glad that i don’t have kids.

  10. Jason says:

    Really people? This is not a social issue or a matter of a failing judicial system. Acts like this have been happening for as long as people have been on this earth and in every continent. The only difference between then and now is the technology allowing these acts to be recorded and shared. I am so tired of people trying to blame incidents like this on violence in the media, video games, the internet, YouTube, etc. The only people to blame here are the boy (yes he is still a boy at 14 years old) who served the beating, his parents, and his role models. He obviously does not have an understanding of right and wrong; maybe its just me, but I don’t think YouTube was not designed to teach ethics. Let’s all stop complaining about things that are out of our control and perhaps spend a little more helping our troubled youth. That is all

    1. REALiTY says:

      I blame it on violence in the media, video games, the internet, YouTube, etc. If violence in the media has no effect on people, then why does a 60 second ad slot during the super bowl cost almost 2 million dollars? If a company could not prove that as a result of the ad they sell more than they pay, then the ad would not be worth the investment. Why are there ‘public service announcements’ if they have no effect on the viewers? Sit in front of a flickering sign that says ‘kill kill kill’ for 8 hours a day for 15 years and see how it effects you. Garbage in, Garbage out.

      1. Jason says:

        You are an idiot…look at the statistics. The violent crime rate in the US is at an all time low. In fact it has been on the decline since the mid 90’s. In 1991, the year of the highest violent crime rate in the US this century, there were only about 1000 internet users word wide. At that time the most violent video game was probably Mario Bros. Was all of that violence due to too much tasteless TV? I dont think so.

  11. robin says:

    my son had the same thing happen to him last summer from a freedom kid, i called monaca police with the video that someone took with thier cell phone and they said there wasnt enough evidence,but he had bruises everything, go figure! im glad ambridge police are doing something about this bullying situation unlike what monaca did for my sons, which was NOTHING


    Oh my god look at the kid that got beat up I mean really WHOS PARENTS LET THEIIR TEENS GET PIERCINGS AND THOSE DUMB A#* THINGS IN THEIR EARS.

    1. diggity says:

      really? so piercing make you trash. it’s call self expression and if people taught their children not to be judgemental this wouldn’t happen

    2. ha ha ha says:

      Wow if that’s the case, i should be getting my butt kicked! Oh my gosh I have tattoos also, man I’m doomed. This is a pathetic and idiot comment

    3. kristy says:

      you’re a REAL piece of work, you know that?

  13. REALiTY says:

    o yeah thats why they are in an ohio jdc! What kind of trash are you?

  14. Binx says:

    So what about the earrings or piercings? So people should be beat up because of what they look like? what they wear? Hmmm…free country, I wonder what that means then. Bullying won’t stop because people are afraid to handle it most times. Teachers don’t want to get involved in the schools; it’s rare that someone steps in. It has to start with parents, and if the parents aren’t around much, or are battling their own demons, the kids don’t have much to go by unless they’re lucky enough to have another adult to look up to. So, adults, talk to your kids, talk to your friends kids, and keep communicating that bullying isn’t right. Teachers, school officials, do something about it at school..really. It takes more than posting a sign that bullying won’t be tolerated, and then not doing enough to change it. Suspending the fighter and the fightee isn’t a solution either. And…kids…make a better choice. You don’t have to “teach someone a lesson” when you’re angry. Go work out, get into jogging and jog when you’re mad, join a gym, take out your anger on something else that will be better for you, not hurt your life in the long run, as well as hurting someone else’s life. You have the power to make the better choice. So will you take the easy road, or the right road? I sure hope it’s the right road. There’s no shame in becoming a better person than you think you are when bullying someone. It takes loads more courage to not give into your anger than it does to fight someone because other kids want to see you do it.

  15. Matthias says:

    LOL at the people who blame this tragic event on violence in the media.

    How about blaming poor or lack of parenting?

    1. Heather says:

      Exactly, Mathias. Media has nothing to do with it, though I do understand what some are saying b/c face it, when you shot someone to death in a video game over and over and over, you do become desensitized to cause pain in others b/c you just don’t make that connection it’s real. However; this in no way means it’s the medias fault, or video game are at fault. Parents have to step up and teach their kids right from wrong and stop letting the media that’s so easily blamed raise their kids for them b/c it keeps them quiet.

  16. diggity says:

    kids scare me now a days. so scared for my own children

  17. Skip says:

    World started going into the toilet since the 60’s and isn’t getting any better. We lost it went we took corporal punishment out of schools and left it up to absentee fathers and crack ‘ho mothers to “raise their kids”.

  18. Gordon says:

    So, someone beats and kicks you over and over again while fools watch, laugh and record it, and you just take it and ask them to stop, stop, stop as they beat you to death? At what point do you realize they’re not going to stop, and at least try to defend yourself? I saw the boy’s mother commenting about the attack. She was justifiably upset, but where was the boy’s father? ( If I missed his interview, I appologize. ) He needs a strong male role model to teach him never to start a fight, but if it’s unavoidable, let the other guy know he’s been in a fight. Stop feminizing our boys.

    1. hab says:

      His dad lives out of state.

  19. Deserie says:

    Our laws suck… the punks should be put in jail… let someone kick them….

  20. Daniel says:

    That is why we need to bring back “reform schools” where unruly kids are sent and “reformed” into good children.

    1. dr michael says:

      Yes I concur it worked before everyone had rights and we being deprived of their freedom and opportunity to be a youth.

  21. heather amanda brittny says:

    we love you mikey! you don’t deserve this. you’re like our little brother ❤
    glad those people got in trouble (:

  22. SweetDee says:

    I hope that vicious little girl he was dating who prompted this thing by lying gets into trouble as well.

  23. Ellen Hovan Kwdis says:

    This happened to my son earlier in the year in school and he was also kicked, but I never found out about it until after the fact. That kid didn’t even get OSS like my son got who was jumped. The administration at Ambridge High better start punishing equally across the board. Way to control the children Fritz. So glad to be done with that high shcool.

  24. dr michael says:

    The problem here is the “child” will go on to be a profesional criminal. We need parents and others who will step up to educate children while they are young then the senseless violence will stop. The solution is not second chances because of age, the solution is punishment appropriate to the crime.

    1. JustSaying says:

      A couple of future headline makers in training! I can just see it now, drugs, robbery, assault, etc. It will just keep escalating to a tragic end, as so many do. Their parents, if they give two cents about their children, had better take control of the situation and do WHATEVER it takes to stop the cycle NOW because there might not be too many laters left!

  25. Reversed says:

    If the situation were reversed, a white kid stomping out a black kid, it would be considered a hate crime.

Comments are closed.

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