AMBRIDGE (KDKA) –Two teenagers were arrested on Monday for a brutal beating that was recorded and posted on YouTube.

The video shows a boy on the ground covering his head as another boy kicks him repeatedly.

“Senseless. It’s brutal. This is a lot different than when we went to school with the little schoolyard fights that we would have. This is out of bounds,” Ambridge Police Officer Brad Davis said.

According to police, the attack happened last Wednesday behind the Ambridge High School Field House.

One boy did not want to fight, while the other appears determined to engage.

“He tried to walk away. The suspect had approached him and basically said, ‘Hey, we’re going to fight.’ The victim turned it down, was not interested. As you can see in the video, he starts walking away,” Officer Davis said.

The suspect then begins to kick and stomp the victim repeatedly as two other boys look on.

“Any time you hit somebody in the head or stomp them in the head, you can easily kill them. You can get brain damage. [If] you hit someone just right in the head, you’re going to kill them,” Officer Davis said.

The teenager who videotaped the incident is facing conspiracy charges, while the aggressor in the video is facing felony aggravated assault charges.

The suspect is in a juvenile detention center in Ohio awaiting a hearing.

The victim is recovering with family after a short stay in the hospital.


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