Beaten Ambridge Teen Tells His Story

AMBRIDGE (KDKA) — A 15-year-old boy who was beaten up behind Ambridge High School is talking about what happened.

Michael Striegel, 15, says his former girlfriend is dating the boy who beat him up. The encounter was recorded and posted on on the Internet.

“She said that I said something about him and I never did so whenever he found out I was at the football field he came up to me and beat me up,” he explained.

Michael declined to fight and tried to walk away which is when the beating started.

“The best thing that I thought would be best was to cover my face and just lay there,” he said.

Fearing he would be attacked by other kids, Michael chose not to fight back.

“He kicked me around like eight or nine times,” he explained. “It felt like someone smacking me with a hammer.”

And the blood started flowing.

“When I looked at my hands when I was holding it and I felt something running down my face and it was blood and I started coughing up blood,” Michael said.

Seeing the blood, the attacker was celebrating and was then encouraged by the boy shooting the video to stop.

“He was all bloody, you couldn’t tell where he was bleeding from, he collapsed when he walked in the house,” Kellie Striegel, Michael’s mom, said.

“Anytime you hit somebody in the head or stomp them in the head you can easily kill them, you could get brain damage, you could die,” Ambridge Police Officer Brad Davis said.

Michael suffered a concussion, a bruised face and a bloody nose. Doctors say it could be several weeks before the symptoms of the concussion are gone.

His attacker is in a juvenile facility in Ohio. He faces felony assault charges as well as criminal mischief.

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  • laura

    Hi Micheal only a real man could keep his cool and not fight. The boy that attacked you is a future repeat offender and your ex-girlfriend who is now his ‘whatever’ is a loser who will wait for him while he goes in and out of prison in between food stamps and babies.

  • Dan

    Why is this not considered a HATE CRIME??????? If it was the other way around it would be!!!

  • Charles Bronson Kurzy

    You know what I would do to these thugs.

  • The Holy Blowfish

    Hey geniuses & future leaders of America…..First off,committing a crime is wrong……Second,if you choose to commit a crime,DON’T VIDEOGRAPH YOURSELF DOING IT !!!!!!!!!!………Maybe they could rob a bank next and the other moron could shhot the video

  • Grow up

    What happened to the old school days? Get your brother/cousin/someone to teach em a lesson instead of court, court creates repeat offenders, the streets create instances where these offenders remember what happened last time and ceases most actions…..

  • Dave

    I hope the skank is proud of herself! How pathetic to have a kid and his cronies attack a defenseless kid – what a cowardly act – all over a skank! I wonder what would have happened had the “coward” shown up by himself to fight this kid. In looking at both of them, I think the end results would have been different.

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