Girls Involved In Scottdale YouTube Fight Found Delinquent

SCOTTDALE (KDKA) – Two girls involved in a fight that ended up on YouTube were in court.

The 16-year-old and 13-year-old, both students in the Southmoreland School District, were both found to be delinquent on a charge of disorderly conduct. That’s the equivalent of being found guilty in the adult justice system.

One of the mother’s said the girls chose to plead guilty and will each pay a $100 fine.

The 13-year-old, a middle school student, said she’s learned a valuable lesson that she’d like to share with others who are being bullied. She said that she’d tell them to ignore the people or inform someone about the situation.

The fight happened back in April at Garfield Park in Scottdale and although it’s in the past, the 13-year-old’s mother, Chassidy Stenger, says the bullying has continued.

It’s gotten so bad, Stenger says she will be taking her daughter out of the Southmoreland School District next year. It’s a move they both hope will put this whole ordeal behind them.

The ordeal may be over for the girls but it isn’t over just yet for Chassidy Stenger.

She’s due in court on June 8 on charges that she cheered her daughter on in the fight. Stenger says she’ll be pleading not guilty.

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One Comment

  1. Greg says:

    Why must you show Youtube footage of children fighting? It is obvious that KDKA will do anything for ratings… in a world when I thought that Channel 2 was different and superior I am sadly mistaken.

  2. Mike says:

    They need to start handing out some REAL punishments for these horrid children instead of this “low fine and nothing else” garbage. They’ll keep doing it if they know there are no consequences.

  3. BB says:

    What haappened to community service? That $100 won’t be coming from these kids, and it is doubtful the parents will make them earn it, since they have done such a great parenting job so far. These kids weren’t held responsible in any way.

  4. kristy says:

    kids SUCK, and their parents are WORSE. white trash at its finest, i see.

  5. Ol News says:

    Another outrage of this generation!!!!!!! Kids fighting after school!!!! I don’t remember Bill Burns or Paul Long reporting about kid fights at school/ just because its on tape doesn’t make it news

  6. Reality guy says:

    If your kid is STILL being bullied, press charges against her and her parents. Sue them in court. It’ll stop real fast. Don’t stop there. If it is going on at school STILL, sue them as well. They should kick out the filth rather than have your family pack up and move. This punk bully is probably known to every teacher the bully had since kindergarten as a bully. Surely, there is probably some type of legal protection the “child” has in the schools. Probably not one of those stellar students who did her homework every night, had stories read to her, spent time in a library, etc.

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