Horse Head Found In Washington Alley

WASHINGTON (KDKA) — Local officials are trying to get to the bottom of a mystery.

Investigators are searching for leads after a horse head was found in Washington.

The decomposed horse head was found in an alley near Third Street on Monday evening in a heavily populated residential area. It was mostly bone and had an “unbearable” stench.

Matt Staniszewski, director of public works in Washington, was called to the scene.

“I’ve been on city council for six years and I never would have imagined getting a phone call like this,” he said.

While the circumstances remind some of the famous scene in “The Godfather,” Staniszewski says officials are taking this seriously.

“I’m hoping it’s nothing like animal cruelty, heaven forbid,” Staniszewski told KDKA-TV. “Unfortunately, it could be a sick prank.”

A neighbor told Staniszewski they spotted a white pickup truck circling the block this weekend, but they did not write down the license plate number. Anyone with information is asked to call the Washington Police Department.

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One Comment

  1. walter gillis says:

    Was there any chinese resterants nearby?

    1. Kim says:

      I don’t understand why some people feel the need to make fun of sad situations.

    2. spelling police says:

      u iz a bad speller. maybe you need to put your shotgun down there tex.

  2. Elmer says:

    This has to be the work of devil worshipers……I found a raccoon head at my uncles camp and it was these weird vampire kids who killed it

  3. Carlo says:

    They took the cannoli

  4. FarmGirl says:

    Are there any farms within a reasonable distance? Perhaps they had a horse buried and some dogs dug it up and drug it there?

  5. Big Time News says:

    Hey Farm Girl great insight, why wouldn’t a news station ask that question before sending out the helicopter to the scene of something that is probably nothing?

  6. louie three rivers regetta says:

    i enjoy jour pictures very much Mr. Waltz

  7. Wilbur says:

    Johnny will never work in this town again !

  8. TIMSTER says:

    It’s a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

  9. Genna says:

    Was it really necessary to post a picture of it? If I didn’t already feel sick…

  10. Colombo says:

    That looks like a a dead horse alright

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